Avalon Mists

Winter 2000

Editors: Christine and Tim Morgan

Brought to you by The Fifth Annual Gathering of Gargoyles

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Your chance to meet over 20 guests from the cast of Gargoyles, including:
Marina Sirtis (Demona), Brigitte Bako (Angela) and Thom Adcox (Lexington)


Table of Contents:

 Letter from the Editor
Challenge Results -- The Gargoyle Olympics!
The Minstrel's Hearth -- songs, filks and poems
Gargoyle Cartoons -- by Michael Heitz
Art Gallery -- pics by various artists
Gallery II -- pics by Demona May for an upcoming story by Jenna
Fanfic Debut -- "Demons and Archangels," by Joseph McKeever
Fanfic Debut II -- "The Surprise," by Amanda
Fanfic Debut III -- "Traditions," by Elena
Gargoyles Postcard Exchange Link -- by Kythera
Fiction Feature -- "Standard of Resemblance," by Karen Mason-Richardson
Party on Avalon -- "A Simple Mythian Meets Avalon," continued, by Mythian Maiden
Halloween Surprise -- comic strip by Demona May
Crossover Central -- "Gargoyles vs. Mighty Ducks," comic strip by Demona May
Random Gargoyle Generator, Automated! -- by Ginger
Character Spotlight -- the characters of Invsi Xavier and Angel of the Night
Artist's and Writer's Challenge -- "Travels of the Guardian"

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