Character Spotlight --
The Characters of Invsi Xavier
and Angel of the Night

by Invsi Xavier and Angel of the Night

Invsi Xavier's Characters:
Name: Akira Sanchez
Age: 20
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Ethnicity: Hispanic-Japanese
Race: Human-Black Wolf.
Bio: Akira was born into middle-Class Manhattan Family. His Father was an Archeologist while his mother was working
for an Advertising firm. Unfortunately he did not leave in Manhattan at firs he lived with his Grandfather Serpiente in a
house in Phoenix, Arizona. While he lived in Arizona Akira was slowly getting some training from his grandfather in the
ways of magic. When he was 5 his Father landed a job with a big company and from then he moved into Manhattan. When
he first went to school he made a lot friends with his classmates. One day this black boy with long blond hair showed up i
n his classroom. He found out that his name was Sean Donovan after there first meeting Sean and Akira became quick
friends and were almost inseparable. Akira also had a very unusual lifestyle basically since his father and mother was
always busy he basically came to empty home. That is until Sean's Family adopted him (sort of) and he mainly stayed at
Sean's house for long periods of time. On Summer Vacations Akira would go to visit his Grandfather Serpiente who still
lived in Arizona. During these visits Akira would begin to learn the basics of magic from him. This is how Akira lived for
most of his life after graduating from H.S he then went to N.Y.U to study Archeology as a Major and a minor in Technology.
Recently he has found out that Sean is a werewolf and he has a gargoyle for a girlfriend from a previous relationship over
some time ago. He fully accepts Sean and thinks that it is kind of cool. He has also discovered that he can cast magic and
as of now his grandfather is training him how to use it.
Personality: Akira's personality is basically fun and easy going. Even in the heat of the toughest battles he can still let out
a one-line or 2. He basically is Jovial and will make a lot of quips for no apparent reason.
Education and other abilities: Basically Akira has a regular Education he graduated with the 2nd highest marks in his class.
Akira is intelligent likes to show it he basically excels and deciphering ancient text and the such. Akira's abilities are mix of
street fighting and Jujitsu(he learned from his mother.) That combined with his ever-growing magic skills makes him a deadly
ally to have in combat.
Armor of Nike Saga 1-3-- This is basically Akira's main appearance in my Fic Series.
The Hunt--Appears also nothing special.
Ties--Basically he gets offered to be trained by his grandfather in this Fic.
Cross-Over-- Akira's Magical powers premiere.
Blood Moon-- Basically you get a little more taste of his magical training.
Sins--His name is basically mentioned here.
Future Fic Ideas:  Akira will basically return to Avalon with newfound powers and will become a more valuable ally. Akira will
also have a love interest in the future so stay tuned.
Author's notes: 2 characters influenced Akira’s creation. Joe the Indian from the Comic book Crimson and my sister’s personal
fan fic and me character Kyo. Basically I love to write Akira cause like Sean (and many other characters.) He has so much
background to work on. I mean with his powers being so strong. I'm also going to use him to branch out the Black Wolves
Name: Celine
Age: 22
Weight: ????
Hair: Brown
Skin: Peach.
Eyes: Emerald Green.
Features: Human face. Normal Gargoyle wings, inner wing color is peach.
Clothing: Loincloth and a top.
Clan: Arizona
Bio: Like Blackwing Celine grew up in Ft. Vershna with Ignatius and Rena. She formed a bond with the 3 of them and it lasted
for quite a while that is until it was attacked by warlord and was destroyed. She and the rest of the guardians finally came to
rest at Ft. Gangrel. As time passed Celine and Ignautius grew closer together. On the night before Ft. Gangrel fell she
confessed her love to Ignautius from there he also confessed his love her. On that night they made love for the first and the
last time. Celine was then forced to leave the Ft. with the other Gargoyles leaving her lover behind to die. For the Next 6
months Celine was not alone but she found that she was with egg. Unfortunately she had to turn her command over to Blackwing
who eventually led his clan to Avalon. There is where she gave birth to her 2 children. When they were grown she decided to
bring them back to mortal plains to teach them about the real world. It was then after a year of living in Arizona she met up with
Sean who told her that he was Ignautius. After a joyous reunion with her mate she is now happy once again.
Personality: Celine is a simple levelheaded Gargess even when she is around Sean and her children she remains to keep her cool.
Education and Abilities: Basically Celine is an intelligent Gargess and was taught to read by the humans. She also learned military
strategies from both Ignatius’s father and Ignatius’s himself. She also has the knowledge of several weapons but her favorite is
the Pole Axe.
Armor of Nike 1-3 Her Fan Fic Debut
The Hunt.-- Played a small role.
Ties-- Lets you more in on her character.
Sins-- She worries about her missing Sean.
Future Fics: Basically Celine will be part of the upcoming World Tour. I'm also thinking about turning her into a human in one of
my fics. She also gets to meet Sean's parents in another Fic (sorta)
Author's notes: Basically Celine never even came into mind when I started my Fic writings. Basically when I started writing that
is until one day she pops into my mind and the rest is history. Basically I want this character see many challenges first. This
character was inspired by certain character of my sister's (can't remember who)
Name: Sean Donovan
Age: 20
weight: 285
Ethnicity: Scottish-African
Eyes: Ice-Blue
Hair: Blond
Likes: His Family, Friends, Celine
Dislikes: Bullies, Dask Bloodstone ,The Fallen Angels
Werewolf form: Grayish Silver
Bio: Sean Donovan is the first-born son of Linda and her first Husband. Unfortunately Sean never saw his real father since he
disappeared the day of his birth. When Sean was a year old his mother moved to Manhattan where she became good friends with
the Maza's and their 5yr. old Elisa. As Sean grew up he met his future stepfather John. (Who at the time Sean thought that he was
his father at the time). He also become very attached to the Elisa Maza and looked at her as an older sister than as a friend. In
School Sean was very quiet but, he was very smart and made good grades all the time. Also during his middle school years he met
Akira Sanchez (Read Akira's Bio for more info.). Sean graduated form High School and started College life at N.Y.U. Also due to
some of his Academic accomplishments he caught the eye of Xanatos and became a part of his Internship program. All of this
changed when he ran into a thief who was escaping with some stolen armor from Xanatos's digging project. Sean didn't know who
the thief was at first but when I gun was pulled on him. He knew all that he needed to know. After thrashing the thief Sean took the
case back to N.Y.U. after he opened it he saw a piece of Armor after touching it a strange surge was sent through his body. After
that incident he felt different it wasn’t until later that he found out that he was the reincarnated form of his Ancestor Ignautius
Xenotone. He also found that his mate Celine and his 2children were alive and well in Arizona. Sean went to Arizona in order to
find them. After Joyous reunion between the 2 lovers they returned to Manhattan together. As of Late Sean D. is on a personal
quest to find himself after the Blood moon Saga.
Personality: Sean is actually a nice guy and will always do the right thing and would give his last breath to his family and friends.
Education and Abilities: In early schooling Sean was an excellent student with A+ average. That is until H.S rolled along and he
was C average student. But now in College he is a B+ student. Like Linda, May, Judgement, and Eternity He can transform into
a Werewolf at will and transform back. He also is a master of several martial arts and sword techniques all from which he learned
from his mother.
Other Appearances:
Armor of Nike Saga: His Fanfic Debut.
The Hunt: Helped rescue Sing and Angela.
Family Ties: His relationship with Celine is explored slightly.
Blood moon: Leaves the Fanfic verse for a short time.
Future Fic Ideas: Basically as of right now Sean and Krystal are in there own 6-part series: Journeys. Here it will explain more
about the Xenotonian clan and Krystal's past.
Author's note: Sean was at first known as Ignautius Xenotone. My first premiere Fic was that he was a knight brought here by the
Weird Sisters. Alright, Alright it was a smut fic and I never meant to continue the fic. But when I took a look at the storyline it wasn’t
so bad. So I decided to change the story line that's how Sean and Celine came into view. I still have so many things planned for this
character so stay tuned.
Angel of the Night’s Character:
Name: Andrea Cessix
Real Name: Lamina Reindhart
Age: 435yrs. [looks 22]
Height: 6'2
Weight: 185
Eyes: Ocean blue
Hair: fiery red
Ethnicity:  Japanese
Race:  Yagami.
Bio: Andrea Cessix is the only female born of the love between the love of a Yagami and a guardian. She lived happily in its vast
forest with her brothers Orachi, Vermillion, and Xerox until the time of her oldest brother's Vermillion's brother 13th birthday.
Three men (one of them her uncle) came into their house and murdered her parents she managed to escape into the forests where
she lost track of her brothers. But, thanks to her Uncle she was rescued and was spared from her destruction. From there her uncle
trained her in the ways of her kind for the next 400yrs. When she was old enough and has learned everything that her Uncle to teach
her she left to find her brothers along her travels she found several gargoyle hatchlings who had there clans massacred by humans.
Being the kind heart she was she took them under her wing and raised them. She returned to her Uncle's dojo so he could teach them
the Yagami style of Martial arts. In 1995 Lamina and her band of Gargoyles traveled to Seattle.  While in Seattle Andrea ran into a
people working for K.E.S they knew all about her and her family and wanted to recruit them. Andrea agreed to join tem along with
her family IF they would help her find her family. K.E.S agreed and up until know there were members of the K.E.S Organization. In
between missions her "Family" as she calls it found and interest in music. It didn't take them to long to become extremely good in
their musical talent. Andrea saw it too and decided to take their talent public. By using one of the few spells that she learned form
her Uncle she not only gave her "Family" Human forms but, also the ability to walk around in these forms either in day or not. They
can also return to their Gargoyle forms anytime they want to thus "The Black Roses" were formed. By the year 2000 the group had
hit superstar status and was popular with the young crowd. When "Black Roses" wasn't working on their newest Album in their K.E.S
own and operated studios they were doing various missions around the world. But, as of late Andrea has been depressed since she
still can't find any of her siblings. That is until her "Family" was attacked by assassins while doing a concert in Central Park. Andrea
was also surprised that one of the assassins was her own brother Vermillion. Unfortunately bliss wasn't the first thing she felt just by
looking into his eyes she knew that her brother has changed. She also has heard that he is after the mystical artifacts and she must
in fact one day she will fight and kill her brother. Vermillion. There only two things that are keeping her happy and that's her family
and the fact her other brothers might be alive. As of right now she is permantley stationed in Manhattan to make sure that the Ring
of Contract does not fall into Vermillion's hands.
Education and other abilities: Basically Andrea has a normal education and is an average student. After High School she attended
College and studied Archeology and myths. Andrea is also trained in the Yagami style Martial arts. Besides limited spell casting and
her own natural Yagami traits are all that she knows of. But unknown to her that a stronger power sleeps deep inside of her that she
has to find out on her own.
Diaries of a Werewolf- Black Roses first mentioned.
Sins- Fan Fic Debut.
Sins (part 2) Her past is revealed.
Future Fic Ideas:  Andrea and her "Family" will be in action in the "Deception" series. Basically her clan will be branched out more.
Plus there will be many confrontations between her brother and herself. She will also have a relationship with Matt Bluestone.