A Letter from the Editor:


    Wow, what is it with the Halloween stuff? I guess the quarterly release of ol' AvMists didn't quite line
up right for the inspiration that struck several of our contributors this time, but I'm delighted to bring you
this issue packed with great scary-themed stuff just in time for the warm cozy loving holiday season! ; )
We've got a behind-the-scenes look at the events in "Eye of the Beholder." We've got a Halloween comic
strip. We've got Demona in Hell. I love it!
    In addition, we have some fantastic stories, cartoons, artwork, and creativity busting out all over! This
issue includes several Fanfic Debuts, adding some new talent to the fandom's writing circle. Last issue's
Challenge of the Gargoyle Olympics produced some fun and interesting submissions.
    On a more personal note, I'm in the midst of a rather exhausting autumn that has been plagued with stress
and disappointments. My daughter Becca began kindergarten, turned six, had only one kid show up for her
party, and had that kid, her best friend, leave the next week when his mom was transferred. She also got a
Habitrail setup for her birthday and is now the proud owner of two dwarf hamsters, Scooter and Frisky, and
I must say that dwarf hamsters are about the cutest damn critters I ever did see ... they're small as mice, but
without the tail, have hardly any legs at all but just naked little feet sticking out from under their furry egg-
shaped bods, and when excited they stand on their hind feet and look like they're doing the hamsterdance
from the maddening dot-com of the same name ; )
    After much intensive hard work, I completed the first draft of my new horror novel. Called "The Gifted,"
it is about a sinister plan by a group of mad scientists to develop psychic powers in unsuspecting children ...
like "Black Roses," this is an idea I explored first a bit in my fanfic, and many familiar characters have moved
from one corner of my imaginary universe to the other. Aiden is there now, as are Judge and Inge, and Dr.
Gustav Sevarius appears under a new name. Even Birdie is mentioned, and I have a feeling she'll have more
of a part to play in the next one ("Changeling Moon," which I'll start after I write "Basilisk Knight").
    Things are going fairly well in the MageLore area ... in December, I will begin final revisions on the third
book, "Archmage of the Universe." The cover is being done by our fandom's own talented Brian Vigue,
and I will begin angling for an introduction soon (in keeping with the tradition of having cool folks from the
gaming industry write the intros, I've got just the guy in mind!). Watch the MageLore site for updates on this,
including a sneak peek coming soon of the first chapter!
    As I write this, I'm actually doing things a little early for a change ... it's still almost two weeks before the
deadline. But Becca and I are leaving Sunday to spend Thanksgiving at Grandma's house (and also to make
an appearance at Loscon in Burbank, where I'll be both pushing my book and joining Greg Weisman and
members of the Gathering 2001 team to present and advertise what is going to be the biggest and best
Gathering yet.
    Speaking of which, if you haven't heard the latest, the one and only MARINA SIRTIS has been added as
a guest of honor! You don't want to miss this one, folks ... head over to the Gathering 2001 website and
register today!
    But first, take a look at Avalon Mists, and feel free any time to start sending in submissions for the Spring
2001 issue! It's never too soon, and as after tearing up the house and realizing I don't have a 2001 calendar
anywhere (even the one in my check register ends in 2000; did they expect society to collapse?), I can't say
just yet when the deadline will be!

Christine Morgan
November 17, 2000