The Surprise

by Amanda

Disclaimer: Gargoyles belong to Disney. Elena belongs to me. Don't use her without my permission. Thanks to
Christine Morgan for helping me along the way.


    It was a dark, cool night in Manhattan as Angela flew towards Castle Wyvern. A lot was on her mind. It had been months since
Broadway had kissed her in the library. She was feeling really happy, except she was alone. She was the only female in the clan. She
often grew lonesome for her rookery sisters back on Avalon.
    "I wish I could talk to them about everything happening with Broadway and the clan." Her father, Goliath, had told her that she could
visit any time she wished, but she had her reasons not for going. For one thing, she knew that Broadway might think she was trying to
see her rookery brother, Gabriel. Broadway believed Angela had some type of romance with him, but that wasn't true. Angela wanted
to see all her rookery siblings, especially her rookery sister, Elena.
    Elena had always been the one Angela went to when she needed to talk to someone. Elena had also been one of the more attractive
of her sisters: her hair was about the same shade as Fox's, but a little bit curly, light brown skin, three long brow ridges on either side of
her head, long elbow ridges and spikes on the outer part of her wings. Even though she had spikes and long, sharp-looking ridges, Elena
had always been quiet and not much of a warrior. Except for the long ridges she had, Angela thought Elena resembled Hudson.
     Angela noticed a figure lurking in the shadows of a warehouse. The figure had wings.
    "It must be Demona."  Angela's mother hadn't been seen in many months, ever since the Hunter John Canmore had pursued her from
St. Damien's Cathedral.
   Angela landed on the roof where the gargoyle was standing, looking around like she was lost. "Mother?" asked Angela tentivally, for
she wasn't sure how she would react if it were Demona.
    "Angela, sister, is that you?" The figure stepped out of the shadows to reveal herself. Angela recognized her immediately.
    "Elena! What are you doing here?" Angela was surprised to see her in New York. Elena had never been much of an explorer, preferring
to talk with Princess Katherine and Tom than going on adventures with the rest of the hatchlings.
    "I came to see ye sister, what else would I be doing so far away from Avalon?" Elena brushed her hair from her face and smiled, "We
were worried about ye and decided to send one of us to find ye and make sure nothing was amiss with your journey."
    "How did you get chosen, you never seemed like the one to drop everything and do something dangerous."
    "I missed ye terribly and decided to come, to explore the world that had lured you away."
    Angela was so happy. Avalon had sent Elena were she need to be. To Angela so she wouldn't be the only female in the clan.
    "You have to come with me to the castle, meet the clan and everything. I have so much to show you. How long are you staying?" Angela
was ecstatic, firing off questions and planning out the whole rest of the night.
    Elena smiled, "Verra well, sister, show me this city."

Meanwhile at Castle Wyvern:

    Goliath was watching the sky, wondering where his daughter was. It wasn't at all like her to go on extra long patrols. "Maybe she's hurt,
or in danger."
    Elisa came walking up to him. Seeing the look on his face, she asked what was wrong.
    "Just wondering what is taking Angela so long."
    "She's a teenage gargoyle, she's just off on some type of adventure or something. Don't worry, Goliath. Hey, there she is!"
    Goliath looked up, noticing she wasn't alone. "Yes, but who is that with her?"
    Angela and Elena landed gracefully on parapet. Elena noticed Goliath staring at her and he didn't look pleased.
    "Angela, what have we told you about bringing strangers to the castle? Who is this?"
    "Father, she is no stranger. This is Elena; she is one of my rookery sisters from Avalon."
    Goliath got a closer look at the strange female standing next to his daughter. Elena stood tall, not wanting to show the mighty gargoyle that
she was terrified of his presence.
    "Wait, I remember you. You were one of the wounded." Elisa's voice came up out of nowhere, surprising them.
    "Elisa, aye, I remember ye as well. I see ye have been doing well."
    Goliath seemed to relax now. "Welcome to our clan, Elena. Forgive me for being suspicious. New York is very dangerous for gargoyles,
although it has gotten better."
     The other gargoyles came out, and introductions began. Elena thought Goliath had quite a clan: his second-in-command, Brooklyn, Lex,
the most adapted to the 20th century (Elena thought they were very cute), Hudson, the elder member who seemed very happy, but slightly
shy, to see her, Bronx, who lapped at her face a great deal, Broadway, Angela's mate, and finally, the Xanatos family and Owen, who was
also Puck, one of Oberon's children. After introductions, the Trio and Angela decided to take Elena on a tour of the city.
    Goliath, Elisa, the Xanatos family, and Hudson were left at the castle as the younger gargoyles flew off, describing what they were to show
    David looked at Hudson and smiled,  "Well, Hudson, I'd say that your daughter is going to be in for the time of her life."
    "What?! Hudson's daughter?" No one knew what to say. They looked at Hudson.
    "Old friend, is it true? Is Elena really your daughter?" Goliath had seen the way Hudson had looked at Elena, a sense of pride shining in his
    Hudson looked down at his feet, finally replying, "Aye, she is."
    "Well, I noticed the resemblance right away, the skin color, the brow ridges, hers were a little longer, though, didn't anyone else?" Fox had
been studying Elena intently ever since the young gargoyle had come to the castle, and had just now said something about her.
    Everyone began to think. It was obvious, they did look alike.
    "Does Elena know?" Elisa asked.
    "I doubt it, I think that you should tell her, Hudson." David had a point.
    "I will tell her, when they return."
    Owen looked up noticing the figures approaching the building. "Well, sir, I believe you'll have your chance."
    The younger gargoyles landed on the towers and made their way down to the others.
    Hudson looked nervous as he walked up to Elena, "Lass, may I speak to ye privately?"
    Elena nodded and walked with Hudson inside the castle. When they got to the gargoyles quarters, Hudson told her to sit down. Hudson felt
like he was about to fall over. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly and began.
    "Lass, do ye know of your heritage, like Angela?"
    "You mean, know who my parents are? Nay Hudson. I would like to, for it would be nice to hear what they looked like and such." Elena
looked up at him. "Did ye know them? Please tell me what they were like."
    When Hudson saw the hope in her eyes, he almost didn't tell her. "Lass, I'm your father. Your mother died right after she laid your egg. I hope
ye aren't disappointed that your father is as old as myself."
    Elena was silent for a long time. She looked at the old gargoyle. He looked sad in the soft light of the room, so alone. Elena saw a mirror across
the room and saw Hudson and herself in it. The same light brown skin, the same type brow ridges, even the same accent. She knew that he was
her father.
    She looked up at him and smiled. She took her claw in his and said, "I am verra honored to have ye as my father. I hope that you will allow me
to call you as such."
    Hudson looked surprised; he didn't expect her to accept it so soon. He hugged her to him and told her how happy he was, and that she could
call him father. They walked out into the hallway, and hearing the others in the kitchen, decided to join them. When they walked in, arms linked,
everyone noticed and congratulated them.
    Angela then realized that Avalon had sent Elena to Manhattan for another reason, to find out about her heritage.
    Over a fantastic dinner of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, three different types of beans, rolls, and a delicious desert made up of three different
types of cheese cake, Elena told them she was staying. While Angela was hugging his daughter, Hudson noticed Lexington and Brooklyn staring
at Elena with dreamy expressions on their faces. When Brooklyn saw Lexington looking at her, he let out a snarl, eyes glowing. Lexington hissed
back. They were going to compete for her.
    He hoped Elena would be prepared. She had a lot to learn.