Avalon Mists Submission Guidelines:

by Christine, your friendly editor


Send all submissions to:
        Christine Morgan at christine@sabledrake.com

Submissions need to be:
         Preferably G or PG-rated (warning labels may be needed for profanity, nudity, sex, or
graphic violence).
         Involving Gargoyles, either the actual characters from the show or fanfic. In the cases
of fanfic, someone else's characters must not be used without permission of that person.

Submissions should be:
         Well-written (adequate spelling and grammar).
         Interesting; be it funny, tragic, suspenseful, or romantic.

Submissions can be:
         In either .txt, .doc or HTML form for stories
         Preferably .jpg for artwork
         Snail-mailed for those who don't have a scanner; e-mail me for more details.

What is Fanfic Debut?
         This is a place for new authors, either new to the fandom or new to writing in general,
to showcase their work and get exposure and feedback.

What is the Writers and Artists Challenge?
            A themed project inviting contributors to participate; past themes have included The
Gargoyle Olympics, The Swimsuit Issue, etc.

What kinds of submissions does Avalon Mists need?
         Artwork -- of show or original characters.
         Poems, songs or filks.
         Jokes / humor.
         Fanfic and/or crossover stories.
         Essays or articles relating to the Gargoyles universe or ficverse.
          Character Spotlights -- fanfic characters, usually; includes a description, background,
personality profile, pictures, list of story appearances, etc.
         Game-related material -- for roleplaying games, collectible card games, etc.
         Artwork -- did I say that already? The more pics, the better!

        Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcome. In the case of some contributors who
prefer not to put their e-mail addresses on their stories or pics, send feedback to me at
christine@sabledrake.com and I will forward it along.