Artists and Writers Challenge:
Travels of the Guardian

    "Elisa, I thought ye understood ... Avalon doesna send ye where ye want t' go ...
Avalon sends ye where ye need t' be!" -- Tom, Avalon III

    Spoken by the man who'd know from personal experience ... the man who left
the safety of Avalon at periodic intervals to see if the castle had risen above the
clouds and Goliath's stone-sleeping clan had yet awakened.
    Tom, Guardian of the Eggs. He started off as a peasant boy, and ended up the
lover of a princess and father-figure to a few dozen hatchlings. He also made
several trips into the outside world, and that is the Challenge for next issue.
    Write a story, or draw a picture, showing Guardian Tom on one of his journeys.
Where would Avalon send him, and why? And when ... you have whole centuries
to play with!

    E-mail your submissions to by the last week in
February for inclusion in the Spring 2001 issue.

Note -- extended until the end of May! Don't miss out!