A Simple Mythian Meets Avalon -- Part Two

A "Party on Avalon" story by Tara B. Dobbs


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On Avalon ...

    Suddenly, a roar out from the ocean caught Oberon’s ear. Turning around, a dark greened female gargoyle named Silvia landed
behind him.
    “My lord,” she said bowing before him.
    “What have you found out?” Oberon asked as Silvia stood up.
    “I believe it is time for Tyie to come home.”
    “How are you to do this?”
    “Just like the rules say to do,” she replied as she turned back into her original form of Sara Anderson, the new Mythian Princess.
She was dressed in a long velvet white dress, with a silver breaded belt that hung low around her waste, long sleeves hung low to her
arms with silver silk trim around the edges.
    “Did anyone see you or figure out what was going on?”
    “No, not that I know of, but Ira does know what’s going on. But Tyie has no idea. Thank goodness.”
    “For one thing, what took you so long to come back to Avalon?”
    “I had to make sure she was eligible to come to the party, and she has all the requirements to live here, too.” Sara replied as Oberon
waved his hand to make both of them appear at the viewing pool.
    “But how are you going to get her here?” Oberon said as he sat down on one of the chairs.
    “That is being taken care of as we speak. Ira has already offered to Tyie to go out to Earth for a ‘learning experience’. Don’t worry,
she’ll be here soon.”

Back on the Mythian planet…

    “Do you or do you not want to go to Earth, Tyie?” Ira asked in a motherly voice, as she put her arm around her shoulders.
    “I don’t know what I want, here I am, in high living of the Mythian court, that I’ve always wanted, and now I feel like I don’t belong
here either,” she replied as tears began to welt up in her eyes. “I think I’m just afraid of what could be out there.”
    Ira looked away from Tyie for a moment and saw a vision of Sara and Oberon at the viewing pool on Avalon.
    “Tyie, you need to get out there, if you feel you have to. I can sense that you feel like you’re a caged animal in here, and here it is,
someone is going to let you out of this cage and let you be free. And you are afraid of this? How can this be, when you came here, your
mother was so proud that you were excepted, that she could see great new things for you, and yet she has not been able to see that at all,
cause of her early death, just a few weeks ago.” Ira hung her head, to remember Tyie’s mother. “I miss her too, Tyie, but your mother
would want you to go out into the world. I want you to go out into the world.”
    Tyie looked up at the ceiling of her room, as a single tear fell from her eye.
    “Will the people on Earth hate me?”
    “They better not, or they’ll be at war with me and Mythia for it, I swear to you, Tyie.”
    Tyie laughed at the thought of Earth beings, being at war with Mythia. Not one enemy had won a battle or even a war from Mythia, it
was even hard to do evil in Mythia in the first place, with all the laws, rules, and regulations that were kept in the Anora book.
    “Sleep now, you must make up your mind by tomorrow.” Ira said as she walked to the door. “A gift of opportunity has been offered to
you, you must say that you accept this gift or say no and be here not knowing much what is out there.”
    “I will Ira, I will give you my answer tomorrow. Good night, my lady.” Tyie said as she bowed to Ira.
    Ira nodded her head in response and walked out the door and closed it behind her.

That morning…

    The sun rose over the Mythian Kingdom, with great warmth and new beginnings. A little pink-feathered songbird landed on Tyie’s window
seal and began to sing its morning song. Tyie woke up with a moan and rolled over to see the bird. Smiling, she got out of bed and started to
get dressed. She put on a brown button up shirt, brown jean shorts, and brown leather sandals. Running out the door, Tyie found her way to
the castle’s kitchen. There she found the cook already preparing breakfast for her.
    “Mmmm…smells good. What is it for today, Bruno?”
    “Poached eggs, toast, double filled pancakes with cream and strawberries inside, milk, and orange juice.” Bruno replied as he finished up
with the pancakes.
    Tyie found her seat at one of the counters in the kitchen and waited. Bruno walked over with her breakfast on a tray and set it down before her.
    “Thank you, Bruno, and good morning to you.”
    “Your welcome, child.” With that he left the kitchen and closed the door behind him.
    Eating her breakfast, Ira appeared out of nowhere in the kitchen. Tyie nodded in response of her appearing.
    “Tyie, have you decided yet?”
    Chewing her food and then swallowing, “I’d like it if you would let me eat first. I’ll tell you my answer, don’t worry.”
    “All right then.” Ira smiled.
    “You know you are as bad as Sara at doing things like that.”
    “I know, it’s just so much fun to bug you sometimes.” With that Ira left the kitchen the way she had entered, smiling to herself.
    After breakfast, Tyie went to the Southern courtyard to think some more. Sitting underneath a yew tree, on a bench, she thought long and
hard. The things that she went though just to get to where she is now, boggled her mind.
    “Do I want to stay here?” she asked herself softly, where no one could hear her. “What can I do just living here?” A single tear ran down
her face as these thoughts went though her mind.

Back on Avalon…
     Watching from the viewing pool, Oberon and Sara looked at each other and smiled.
     “She is ready, my lord. She is just about to bloosm into what she really is. May I go and watch her from a far in the court yard?”
     Oberon nodded his response just as Sara disappeared back to Mythia, to the Southern Courtyard to watch Tyie.
     Crying, Tyie felt sick to her stomach for just a bit. She got up and walked a while to get rid of this sickness. Sara finally appeared up in the
yew tree watching. She was not in spirit form of watching her, but in full flesh and blood. She smiled at Tyie, but felt her pain and oddness of her
change of herself.
     Whispering to herself, “It will begin soon, you will know and I will be here for you, and just for you. I will not leave your side, for I will help
     Suddenly, Tyie fell to the ground, clutching her chest and stomach. She screamed out, as tears fell from her eyes in streams of wetness.
     “What’s happening to me?” she cried out, not knowing that someone of great power and abilities was watching over her every expirence.
Slowly, very slowly standing up, Tyie stood for only a few seconds then fell again, this time blacked out by the shock of her body of what was
going on inside her. Her eyes closed and rolled back, showing the whites. Sara jumped down from the yew tree and just as she hit the ground
she transeformed into four separate beings. Her heart, soul, mind, and body forms came out of her. All taking their own ways of look of what
they were and always had been.
     Her soul walked over to Tyie only a few feet in front of her, wearing a very long white velvet and silk dress, sleeves dragging on the ground,
wearing a round crystal around her neck, her hair wavy light bright brown color, her eyes light brown almost tan colored, and her skin pale white,
but still had the hints of being flesh toned. She looked upon Tyie with simi calmness, Tyie’s soul was so confused, it almost made Soul cry.
     Her heart, walked to the opposite side of Soul. Wearing all red, red velvet long sleeved shirt, red velvet pants, a velvet pouch at her side, red
velvet elf looking boots. Her hair wavy deep reddish brown, almost a Indian red, one bread made up on her right side, her eyes reddish brown, but
mostly brown in its deepness, her skin light brown in color, almost that of an Indian. Putting her hand to her chest, of were her own heart would be,
she felt Tyie’s beating heart, she smiled at her as she looked on.
     Her body, stood in between Heart and Soul. Wearing all black, but almost a look of deep royal purple. Wearing a trench coat, dragging to the
ground, it shimmered in the morning sunlight of deep royal purple, leather pants, with a strip of velvet on the legs down front, boots looking like
cowboy boots, soft leather all the way to the toe, with silver tips on them, a simple ring upon her right hand middle finger of deep silver. Her eyes as
dark as night, but shined in the sun as deep brown, almost not able to see her pupils. Her hair long and wavy dark brown, her skin normal shade
of flesh tone. She stood there looking at Tyie with sadness in her eyes. She could feel Tyie in pain.
     Her mind, stood in between Heart and Soul on the other side, in front of Body. She wearing all dark green velvet. Green long sleeved shirt, and
pants. Elf looking boots upon her feet, with tied laces on the back in a bow, a brown leather pouch hung at her side of her belt loop, brown leather
braided belt, hooded dark green velvet cloak, tied around her neck in a double knot, it draped over her so gently, flowing gently in the breeze of the
morning. A deep green jade stone oval like ring on her right hand ring finger. Her hair wavy brown, brown colored of the brownest oak tree, but
still dark brown by its original way, eyes as simple brown as they can ever come, skin as fleshed toned as being very normal. Putting down her hood
to her cloak of her face, she looked at Tyie with sadness in her eyes, feeling Tyie’s thoughts of confusion.
     Without knowing it Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body made a true circle around Tyie. She still laying there unconscious to all who saw her. Suddenly,
Ira appeared in spirit form, in the center of the circle, looking down on Tyie, not to break Sara’s spiritual bond of herself that she has and always had
long before her own birth.

To be continued ...