Avalon Mists

Summer 2000

Editors: Christine and Tim Morgan

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Table of Contents:

 Letter from the Editor
Challenge Results -- The Avalon Mists Swimsuit Edition!
The Minstrel's Hearth -- songs, filks and poems
Gargoyle Cartoons -- by Michael Heitz
Art Gallery -- pics by various artists
Featured Artist -- Tana
Party on Avalon -- "A Simple Mythian Meets Avalon," by Mythian Maiden
Fanfic Debut -- "Lost Ones" by Wavelength
Fanfic Debut 2 -- "A Midblizzard Night's Story" by Kathy Lowe
Fiction Feature -- "Midsummer Dreams, and Consequences" by Jessi Brimer
Fiction Feature 2 -- "The Trouble With Garg-Girls" by Stephen Sobotka
Crossover Center 1 -- "Past Returns, Present Imperfections, and Future Tense" by Trynia Merin
Crossover Center 2 -- "Sunnydale Interlude" by Donald E. Fleming
Science Files -- "Gargoyle Origins" by Karima Hall
The Game Table -- Villains and Vigilantes Character Conversions by Mike Straus
Character Spotlight 1 -- Sarah Adams, by Mandi Ohlin
Challenge -- Random Gargoyle Generator by Christine Morgan

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