Gargoyles Characters for Villians and Vigilantes

By Mike Straus

Macbeth --

Identity: Macbeth                             Real Name:
Level: 15                                         Experience points:
Current Training:                             Past trainings: Are you kidding

P: Immortality: The character does not age and is immune to poison and disease as well as being able to heal at an incredible
rate. The character can still be damaged and can still die, it¹s just very hard to kill him.
   *Does not age.
   *Immune to all forums of disease and sickness.
   *Immune to all forums of toxin, venoms and poisons including radiation poisoning. Immune to gases, the effects of drugs (including
the good ones) and even food poisoning.
   *The characters natural healing rate is doubled. He can recover from damage up to below  negative ENDURANCE hit points as
long as his body is still in one piece. This does NOT include regeneration.*Immune to Death Touch.See his weakness also.

S: Heightened Expertise:+4 to hit with everything.

S: Natural Weaponry:+3 to hit in hand to hand combat. +6 to damage in HTH combat.Special. Macbeth has studied over a hundred
styles of martial arts over the years and can easily adapt to almost any fighting style. On a successful INT roll Macbeth can adapt to
his opponents fighting style and come up with an appropriate defense.With the exception of a few rare individuals (Hoyce Gracy, Ken
Shamrock) there is probably no one that can defeat him in a straight on HTH fight.

S: Willpower A: PR=1 per use/Hour.

S: +3 to all rolls when fighting Demona due to his intense hatred for her.

S: Wealth , resources and contacts. Over the centuries Macbeth has accumulated a vast fortune.He has contacts all over the world in
all walks of life. He can speak a dozen languages, knows hundreds of customs and life styles and has assess to state of the art technology
and paranormal  objects and individuals.

Weakness #1: Macbeth shares a psychic link with the gargoyle Demona. When she feels pain, he feels pain and visa versa. Over the
centuries this link has faded but if the two are within 10 miles of each other they know it and the link clicks on.

Weakness #2: Macbeth is overconfident and his goals are often Macavelian in nature.

Weakness #3: Powerful enemy. Besides having Demona as a on again/off again enemy, Macbeth has also earned the anger of the Weird
Sister of Avalon, Goliath and the other Gargoyles and several others.
Weight:220          Basic Hits:5         Agility mod:
Strength:22          Endurance:24
Agility :28            Intelligence:20
Charisma:30        Good: -5       Evil:+/-5            Others: -5
Hit mod (1.8    )(  3  )( 1.3   )( 2.8   ) = Total Hit Points:  98
Damage mod:+4  Healing rate: =7
Accuracy:+5   Total Power:  94
Carrying capacity:1436  Basic HTH damage:1d10
Movement rate:74 ground
Detect hidden %:14  Detect danger %:18
Inventing points:30  Inventing %:80
Wealth:Filthy Rich   Profession:Mercenary
Modified HTH:15  Total HTH Damage:1d10+11
Blaster Pistol R=22 14< D=2d8 15 charges/Clip
Net Gun R=12 13< D=projects a SR 15 net that entangles an opponent unless they make a successful AGILE check. 4 charges/Clip
Armored suit Suit provides 12 points of Invulnerability vs all types of damage except Psionic and air based gas attacks.On a AGILE
check he can slip out of his overcoat.
Gas Bombs R=15 11< D=fills a 1 hex sphere with sleep gas. All in area must make an END check or fall asleep for 2d8 rounds.

Motivation: Originally Macbeth sought to kill Demona and thus end his Immortality, then for a long time he waged a war with all the
gargoyles as he looked for ways to increase his own power. After an encounter with King Arthur he was humbled and began to seek
a new life. But his overconfidence got the best of him and he is most likely back to his old ways by now.

Real Name:  Macbeth

Origin and Background:
Macbeth's origin is well documented in the play by the same name. Additional information on Macbeths immortality and life can be seen
every weekday on the Disney channel on the Gargoyles cartoon.
Combat Tactics/M.O.:
Macbeth will attempt to make a through study of any opponent he feels he may encounter before going in to a battle. He will equip
himself as he feels is best for said opponents and will even try to rig the area ahead of time with booby traps. When encountering an
unknown opponent he will spend his first action on evasion and then study how his opponent fights. If Macbeth recognizes his opponent's
combat style he will use his years of training (see above) to adapt. Macbeth has no qualms about running from a fight if outgunned. Macbeth
tries to avoid confrontations with Paranormals unless he feels he can use them for his own ends.  He has a long history of conflict with the
Gargoyles, especial Demona.

Personality/Character Traits:
The classic Scottish rogue.Macbeth is a former king and is sued to getting his way and getting what he wants and he usually lets others know
that. He is overconfident due to his former position and the fact that his YEARS of training makes him in his mind an unbeatable foe. Macbeth's
goals are often confusing. He used to seek his own death, then he sought to increase his own power and now he seems to be acting as a
mercenary for hire.

Other then his immortality, Macbeth powers come from his century of training and combat.

Macbeth appears to be a Scotsmen of about 50 years old. He has silver gray hair and a silver gray mustache and goatee. He favors long
black trenchcoats and a gray armored body suit.

Goliath --

Identity: Goliath                Real Name:Unknown
Level: 8                            Experience points:
Current Training: Int         Past trainings:Stats

 P: Armor A: 65 ADR . Regrows at 21 ADR a night

 P: Animal powers - Mammal.
  * Glider Wings.(+3 agility) Glides at a rate of 90² per turn normally or 180² if launched from very high building.When not in use his Wings fold
around him like a cape.
  *Natural weaponry: +3 to hit in HTH combat .+6 to HTH damage. Special: Can climb stone at his 1/2 movement rate by using his claws.
  *Heightened Strength A+15
  *Heightened Endurance A+12
  *Body power: Extra limb. Tail.

P: Willpower B:Rage. +40 to current power score when in fury.
P: Body power: As a mystical creature he is immune to normal disease and poison and ages at a very slow rate.

Weakness #1: Oath bound to protect mankind, even when mankind seeks to destroy him and his kind. Especially overprotective of Elisa.

Weakness #2: Turns in to stone in daylight, during this time he ³rests² and ³heals² but he is vulnerable. Should you attack him in his stone state
and shatter him.He is dead.

Weakness #3: For some unknown reason Gargoyles are extremely vulnerable to air based gas attacks.

Weight:300              Basic Hits:6             Agility mod:-2
Strength:12(30)        Endurance:12(24)
Agility :18                Intelligence:15
Charisma:21            Good:  +4      Evil:  -4          Others: -4
Hit mod ( 2.2   )( 3   )( 1.2   )(1.9    ) = Total Hit Points:  91
Damage mod:+3                      Healing rate: .7=4.2
Accuracy:+3                           Total Power:  87(127 when in rage)
Carrying capacity:4410           Basic HTH damage:2d8
Movement rate:72
Detect hidden %:12                 Detect danger %:16
Inventing points:12                  Inventing %:45
Wealth:NA                             Profession:NA
Modified HTH:12                  Total HTH Damage:2d8+3
Tail 8< D=2d8

Motivation: Oath Bound to protect humanity

Real Name: Unknown

Origin and Background:
Goliath's origin and background has been well documented on the Disney Channel cartoon show Gargoyles. It is unknown why such a
Nobel hero was named after a villain from the Bible, but in most customs Goliath does mean huge and he is that ?
Combat Tactics/M.O.:
Goliath does try to reason things out and use his brains but for the most part he is of the strike first and ask questions latter school of
combat. He tries to stay air born while in a fight but has no qualms about getting down and dirty and in some ones face. He rarely uses
weapons and has never shown any knowledge of any formal hand to hand style. He relies on his strength and ferocity to get him through
a fight. Against normals this has worked but sooner or latter he is going to go about against someone a LOT stronger then him, and then
perhaps he will learn the value of tactics.

Personality/Character Traits:
Think of Goliath as a Batman type. He tries to be carrying and calm but he also seems to enjoy being the aloof mystery man type. He uses
his fearsome visage to its best advantage and has problems with others who can lead better then him. He only shows his caring side to Elisa,
even with the other gargoyles he keeps apart.

All his powers come from the fact that he is a gargoyle, though he does seem to posses a fair share of good luck also.

Tall, lavender, big wings, glowing eyes.