by Karima Hall

Note: This fanfic "Medical Report" is partly based on the animated series "GARGOYLES" which belongs to Disney
and is not mine in any way. Some of the characters in this report might be from "Gargoyles" and are not mine in any
way.Note #2:This report is fictional, and is not based on real life facts, or real medical testimony. But of course you
knew that:)

                                CONFIDENTIAL REPORT
                        TO THE MEMBERS OF THE HIGH COUNCIL

FROM:    Micrahla Thorgan under the command of Danzuhal Dragnok. 
FILE #: 2967 
PLANET OF CONQUEST: Earth, 3rd planet of solar system MS5 in Galaxy27
COUNCIL'S COMPLAINT: Failure to conquer Earth in the time allowed

                SUMMARY OF EVENTS
        Honored members of the High Council, we are sending you this report to explain why we 
haven't yet conquered Earth. As you may know, the war with our ancient enemies the Sarfnars 
is escalating. Every section of space we can take will help us defeat them. A few years back, 
our allies discovered a primitive space probe. On it was two metallic disks, with 
information on it about the alien species who made it. From what we found out, this species 
was obviously primitive, both physically and techlogincally.Also, at the same time our allies 
discovered another alien race about 4.3 light years away from the first. From the 
information we received the planet the alien race lived on was rich in natural resources that
would finally push the war in our favor! But there was a problem. The planet was too far 
from the home world to attack directly, and we didn't have any bases of conquered planets in 
that galaxy. So then we looked at solar system MS5, where the primitive probe came from. It 
came from the third planet of the solar system which we found out was called "Earth" by the 
species living there called "Humans".
        From the available data it was decided that Earth was to be conquered by infiltration, 
until we can send out enough troops and weapons for a direct attack. So Dragnok and myself 
went to earth. By using the DNA bounding process,we were able to "blend" in with the humans. 
Dragnok and I took on the human names Michael Thorgan and Daniel Dragnok. We used our 
superior computer technology to steal millions of dollars from bank accounts. Once we had 
the money we formed an industrial company. Our work was unlike anything anyone seen before.
Soon we became a well known company. During this time, we learnt everything we needed to 
know about the humans, their history, culture, technology, and physiology. We blended in so 
well that Dragnok and I were made members of a global wide secret human society and learnt 
even more. We did this all in eight Earth years. 
        When troops finally began arriving Dragnok had to support them. Living expensives were 
too high. At that time business was slow. Dragnok was reduced to the level of stealing food. 
And that's when by an odd coincidence Dragnok ran into Chante, that half human female that 
cause us so many of our Tazis in the war. Her sudden appearance was shocking. We all 
believed that she died 15 years ago. Just about that same time, Dragnok fought a creature 
that looked just like a Sarfnar but smaller. At first we assumed that the Sarfnars came to 
earth, but our sensors didn't detect any Sarfnar ships. It turned out that the creature 
Dragnok fought was native to earth. The creature was a member of a sentient race know as 
Gargoyles. We didn't expect them to be a problem. But we were wrong. As we feared, Chante 
allied herself with these Gargoyles and they have been foiling our plans ever since.
                PROFILE DETAILS
        Chante's Militia mainly consist of eight "Gargoyles" and four humans. The Gargoyles 
don't live out in the open because they are feared by the humans. They reside with David 
Xanatos, a wealthy industrialist. It seems that the Gargoyles have other enemies besides us. 
This has often been used to our advantage.  
        The Gargoyles resemblance to the Sarfnars is too shocking to be a coincidence. From 
limited blood and DNA samples gathered from the Gargoyles during battles, tests were done. 
There were no other species on earth that came close to the physical make up of the 
Gargoyles. So I concluded that the Gargoyles werenít a native earth species. 
        APPEARANCE: The Gargoyles height ranges from five to seven feet tall. They have 
appendages for flying that are attached to their backs at the shoulder blades, and are 
varied in appearance. The Gargoyles vary in color and size. They are bipedal and have four 
clawed digits on each hand, and three clawed toes on each foot with a back claw on the heel. 
The Gargoyles also have augmented ear lobes, canine teeth, and brow ridges. The Gargoyles 
have very little body hair except for the head and face. Some Gargoyles have no hair on them 
at all.
        WINGS: The flying appendages on the Gargoyles vary and design and appears to be based 
on body type and size. One appendage type seems to be modified digits with a thin membrane 
skin between them. Another type is like the wings of a Ahk back on the home world. The third 
is not really a wing but a membrane of skin attached between the arms and the upper thigh. I 
believe that this appendage type is rare and is mostly found on light framed Gargoyles.
        Even though the Gargoyles have wings, they canít truly fly. Their wings arenít strong 
enough to give their bodies enough lift from the ground, so they glide from high places. 
This proves to be a disadvantage for them when there arenít any strong updrafts. 
        SKELETAL/MUSCULAR STRUCTURE: The Gargoyles are ten times stronger than the humans on 
earth. They have ability to claw through stone and iron alloy up to about 5 feet thick. 
Unlike most species on earth, I believe that the modified nails on the Gargoyles are ploy 
carbon silicone based instead of protein based. This letís the Gargoyles use their claws to 
climb more efficiently without having them breaking.  The Gargoyles muscular strength is 
mainly used to help them climb up high places to jump off from for gliding and for operating 
the wing muscles once airborne. If the Gargoyles are not oringinally native to earth, their
muscular strength might also be an evolutionary by product from living on a planet with high 
atomspheric pressures. This effect is commonly seen when you travel from a high pressured 
atomsphere to a low pressured one. You seem "stronger" because your musuclar system is 
adapted to the weight of living on a planet with a high pressure atomsphere. This also might
explain why the Gargoyles can't fly. Their wing muscles might of grown weak from the lack
of real usage.
        The physical demands from the muscles must cause the Gargoyles to consume about five 
times their weight in food a day. Measuring the available food resources, it would be 
impossible for the Gargoyles to survive. From information obtained through the secret 
society called the Illuminati, I found out that the Gargoyles turn to stone during the day. 
From this stone state the Gargoyles get the energy they need that they couldnít get from 
ingesting food alone. 
        The Gargoyles are biquadpedzoids. They mostly walk on two legs but can walk on all 
fours when extra speed is needed. Like most biquads the Gargoyles have features of both 
bipeds and quadpeds. The Gargoyles have medium length legs, long feet with heels off the 
ground, and a tail for balance. There are a subspecies of Gargoyle that is beast like in 
nature and are totally quadpedal.
        SENSATORY SYSTEMS: The Gargoyles optic systems are strong in night vision, and depth 
perception. The Gargoyles are also slightly farsighted. This is to help them see objects far 
away when airborne. Like many nocturnal species, Gargoyles have a reflective membrane on the 
back of the eye. Sometimes this membrane glows and gives off itís own light. Iím not exactly 
sure how this glowing occurs, but I think itís linked to bioluminance, a process that I 
discovered in a few earth insect and aqua species. In certain deep ocean species they glow 
to blind would be predators. I think the reflective membrane in the Gargoyles eyes react to 
adrenaline, which might explain why their eyes glow mostly when they are angry, frightened, 
or in pain. The male Gargoyles eyes glow white or light blue while the females glow bright 
red. Why this is so is not understood. 
        The Gargoyles Auricle systems can detect sounds three octaves higher and lower than 
humans. The Gargoyles outer ear is large and pointed, and has mobility. This helps them to 
funnel sounds towards the inner ear. 
        Vocal- The vocal sounds the Gargoyles make range from normal talking to roaring. 
Gargoyle roaring is a result of the vocals being set at an sharper angle down towards the 
chest. When air is forcefully expelled through the chest and throat (such as in roaring or 
yawning), air rushing through the vocal cords causes mostly the chest and throat area to 
vibrate causing a deep rumbling sound (males), or a high pitched sound (females). This is 
impossible in humans since their vocal tracts are set higher than Gargoyles, causing sound 
vibrations to focus mainly in the upper chest, throat, and head area.
        Knowing the limits of the Olfactory sense of the Gargoyles has very little use to us. 
Their sense of smell might be just slightly above humans and might be used for detecting 
reproductive readiness of the females by the males.
        SKIN: The sensatory system of the Gargoyles might be on an average level. They have a 
thicker horny layer of skin which protects them from extreme cold temperatures. This might 
prove to be a disadvantage in humid hot weather. The Gargoyles can withstand electrolaser 
blasts up to level five and particle laser beam blasts up to level three before flesh burns 
are present. Knives and sharp weapons cause no cuts unless they are forcefully sliced into 
the skin. Weapons that fire high-velocity projectiles causes injury instantly. 
        Gargoyle skin contains a alkaline based protein that is very similar to concrete. 
Gargoyle skin also contains a nitrate that reacts to sunlight. I think it is this protein 
chemical that causes the Gargoyles to turn to a stone like state in sunlight. This chemical 
is also present in their blood. During this stone state solar energy is stored, and all 
cuts, bruises, abrasions, and broken bones are healed. However if a body part is amputated, 
it canít grow back. If a Gargoyle receives a very deep cut, stone sleep will heal the cut 
but a scar might remain. During stone sleep, a Gargoyle is total helpless. Destroying a 
Gargoyleís vital body part (such as the head) will result in death. This vulnerability will 
be a great help to us later on.
        RECENT FINDINGS/ CONCLUSION:  Dragnok and I recently discovered a cave that had ancient 
writings and drawing of ancient Gargoyles. They have a shocking resemblance to the ancient 
Gargnars, who are the ones who banished our ancestors to the barren planet that is now 
our home world all those hundreds of thousands of years ago. This was the discovery that 
confirmed my findings, that the Gargoyles were the ancient Gargnars. Chante and the 
Gargoyles took the stone slabs away from us that had some of the ancient writings on it. But 
fortunately, Photostatic copies were made. We will send these copies via computer download 
to the home world and hope that the scientist there can translate them. By now, Chante has 
told the Gargoyles about their origins. When the Gargoyles find out the truth, they will 
fiercely try to stop us. If the Sarfnars find out that their ancient ancestors survived 
they will rush to earth to defend it. Their protective nature requires them to do so. 
The Gargoyles have a lot of weaknesses that we can use to destroy them. But a lack of 
resources has prevent us to do so. All we need is more time and weapons and we will have