Character Spotlight -- Sarah Adams

by Mandi Ohlin

Name: Sarah Adams
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5' 8"
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Place of birth: Sydney, Australia
Siblings: Jeremy and Horatio (Dingo) Adams
Parents: Henry and Martha Adams
Current residence: New York City
Current employment: Technical assistant to Fox Xanatos, computer security for Eyrie Building
Education: Completing BS in Computer Science
Fanfics she's appeared in: "Good to Be Back," "Minor Adjustments," "Weekend Off," "Monday
Night Blues," "Relatively Speaking," "Moving On Up," "Relatively Speaking," "Night Shift."

Dingo was not the only member of his family to fall into the wrong crowd. No one has been able to
sum up the three troublesome Adams siblings better than Sarah to Dingo at Christmas: "You, me,
and Jeremy - the Packer, the hacker, and the slacker."

At the age of thirteen, Sarah started messing around with computers, and soon ended up hanging out
with a bunch of hackers. She turned out to be fairly skilled at what she did, and the small group of
friends stuck to clever but generally harmless pranks at first. When the fun and games turned serious,
Sarah decided she wanted out. She managed to trick her former friends into getting caught breaking
into a bank's computer system, and gave up pranks in favor of getting a college degree at the University
of Melbourne.

That all changed when Dingo and the Matrix showed up in need of a favor; on the trail of an arms dealer,
they needed someone to decrypt some files to find out where the operation was based. Much to Dingo's
chagrin, his sister tagged along to Manhattan as well. When she subsequently figured out the real culprit
and saved Dingo from walking into a trap - and destroyed a prototype e-frame from Xanatos Enterprises
while she was at it - Sarah wound up getting a job offer from Fox.

She moved to Manhattan, rented an apartment with an old friend, and became great friends with most
of the Manhattan Clan, getting involved with Lex. Their relationship, however, is not all that serious,
and the two of them are notorious partners in crime making mischief in the castle. Sarah is unbelievably
addicted to coffee, to the point that she drinks seven cups a day - despite Lex's attempts to get her to cut

Unlike her best friend Callista, Sarah has no magical ability, no clothes sense - her standard uniform is
jeans, a T-shirt, and an old camouflage jacket - and very little patience. She generally says what she thinks
regardless of diplomacy or tact. Sarah is definitely her brother's sister, and can and will fight her way out
of something if she has to; she spars with Fox occasionally, although she almost always hits the mat.

Much to Xanatos' irritation, Sarah is technically on Fox's payroll, so she does not have to answer to him.
Fox has her working on several projects as well as monitoring computer security in the Eyrie building - the
rationale being that it takes a hacker to catch one. Sarah knows all the tricks, and among other things, has
thwarted an attempt by Demona to infiltrate Xanatos' systems.

Lex convinced Sarah to attempt to go cold turkey on coffee, but knowing her, that may not last long...