A Simple Mythian Meets Avalon -- Part One

A "Party on Avalon" story by Tara B. Dobbs


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     Sitting in her study room, in the middle of the night, Tyie looked around in deep thought of the past and what could happen
to her in the future.  She was a fifteen-year-old Mythian fairy with light blue-green eyes, long curly dirty brown hair, slender,
and fairly tall for her age. It was 1999 in the summer time of Mythia.
     A dark wooden desk sat next to an open window of her room, with a small cream colored candle burning low.  On the castle
wall to her left hung a cotton tapestry with a simple star design in deep burgundy and bright white.   She reached out absently
running her fingers over the soft, natural material, her fingers feeling the chill of the crystal stone beneath. Even in a Mythian
summer, crystal stone never seemed to lose its chill.
    While she touched the tapestry, Tyie could smell the sweet lavender flowers below her window, blowing in the gentle, warm
breeze. The surf of the Blue Dolphin Ocean blew in the smell of fresh salt water, but it wasn’t bitter.  It smelled very sweet.
The night sky was clear and twinkling with many stars, even some shooting stars. She looked over to her neatly made bed.  A
soft royal blue wool quilt lay folded at the foot of the bed.
    Getting up and walking to the bed she picked up the quilt and put it close to her cheek. The wool was scratchy-soft against
her cheek, and smelled faintly of dried white crystal water lilies. She found herself thinking of the years before she came to
live in the Mythian castle, things that she still has not forgotten.
     She was born into a Mythian fairy family, in the Fairy town of Bleu Oiseau. A simple town, with very interesting residents.
Tyie was a very loving child and even though her life was very simple and easy, she longed to be in higher living style. Every
day after her chores were done, Tyie would look up North to see the Mythian castle, shining in the afternoon sun.
     One night, five years ago, while looking up at the full moon outside her house, a dark green winged creature came flying
overhead.  Looking at this strange new creature with wide light blue-green eyes; she stepped back at the sight of this beast-like
being. The creature had dragon like wings and large hind clawed feet, clawed hands with four fingers, some bit of horns from its
forehead, and horned knees and elbows. Eyes as light green as sea foam, hair long, wavy and dirty brown. A simple outfit of a
light green loin cloth, short sleeved shirt, tied together with brown leather string in the front, a crystal ball ring on its left hand
middle finger. The creature landed on Tyie’s lawn and looked at her.
     “Who are you?” Tyie asked.
     The creature only stared at her, and with a sigh she spoke.  “You will come to us someday, little one.  I hope you will be
welcome there.”  Then suddenly, the dark green winged creature flew off and faded away into the darkness until Tyie could no
longer see her.
     The loud bang of Tyie’s bedroom door opening swiftly broke Tyie’s concentration. Opening her eyes quickly from the sound,
she dropped the wool quilt on the floor, and knelt down on one knee before the former Mythian Princess Ira.
     “Your Highness.” Tyie said.
     “It’s all right, Tyie. Sorry that my guard scared you. He and I mean you no harm. I just want to talk to you.” Ira replied, extending
her hand for Tyie to take.
     Tyie looked up to see a very tall and strong looking Mythian fairy guard.  His fairy wings were not showing due to magic.  He wore
silver metallic armor on his chest, not unlike a Roman warrior back on Earth, metal leg guards, and metal chain mail gloves.  No
sword was at his side, simply because of being around the Mythian Princess, he was very mannered about that part of his attire.
His unshaven face looked worn and weary with the day’s commands.  But his eyes were as warm looking as a little puppy.  The
guard smiled at Tyie as she looked at him and she just simply blushed like a little girl.
     Tyie took Ira’s hand in response and stood up. Ira turned around and nodded for her guard to leave them in the room. The man
left, closing the door behind him.
     Clearing her throat, “I have heard some things that you are wanting to go to some special place. Is this true?” Ira asked, standing
firm and still in the room.
     “Yes…but I really don’t want to leave Mythia, my lady.”
    “If you’d like, I can allow you to go to Earth for a little learning experience.” Ira suggested in a calm voice.
     “No, it’s not that. I don’t even know where I want to go. The only thing is that I feel like I need to go somewhere special. But
I don’t even know where that place is.” Tyie said putting her hand to her forehead in worry and confusion.
     Behind the door of Tyie’s room, a young woman stood listening.  Her long wavy brown hair hid her face from view of anyone. She
wore a light pink colored robe; underneath she wore a long cotton nightshirt, with velvet and fur fabric night slippers. Listening in,
she smiled and thought to herself.
     “She needs to live in another place even though she is of Mythian blood. She feels and sounds like she needs to live on Avalon.”


Meanwhile back on Avalon…

     Oberon was waiting patiently for Silvia to return from her quest. It was dark but the full moon over head brightened up the ocean
and beach nicely. The wind was blowing just enough for the trees to move slightly.
To be continued ...