Avalon Mists

Winter 1997


Editor: Christine Morgan (vecna@eskimo.com)

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Table of Contents:

TGC Rewrites -- "Broadway Goes to Hollywood: The Musical" by Melissa "Merlin Missy" Wilson

The Minstrel's Hearth -- poems and songs

The Jester's Corner -- humor

Limerick Contest Entries

Fanfiction -- "Fugue" by Tim Reynard

Art Gallery -- "Hope" by Jay Sprenkle

Survey -- "Villains: Who's The Best at Being Worst?" by Noel Leas

Character Spotlight -- "Jericho" by Christine Morgan

The Party on Avalon -- "Cocktail Hour" by Christi Smith-Hayden

Ask Lex -- advice column by Lex Wyvern

Writer's Challenge

Disclaimer: the characters of Gargoyles are the property of Disney and are used here without their knowledge or consent.  Special thanks to Greg Weisman and his wonderful staff of writers, artists, and actors. Please don't sue!