Character Profile -- "Jericho"

by Christine Morgan

Name: Jericho Clan: formerly Avalon, now Demona's. Bloodline: son of Goliath and Demona; Angela's brother. Status: formerly Gabriel's second-in-command, now Demona's. Description:         Jericho has Demona's sharp features and coloring. His red hair often falls rakishly over one eye. He has his father's build and wingspan, though before he left Avalon he hadn't quite finished filling out. He carries a gold-hilted dagger. Background:         Jericho was Gabriel's second-in-command on Avalon. The rest of his brothers and sisters worried that he might someday challenge or cause trouble for Gabriel. This tension grew when the clan approached their first breeding season, when a female named Tourmaline tried to win Jericho as a consolation prize when she couldn't have Gabriel.         Jericho was also dissatisfied with his own and his clan's performance as warriors, especially in the wake of the attack by the Archmage. Jericho himself was injured by MacBeth during that battle.         Demona, once she remembered that she had laid two eggs that final breeding season, convinced Titania to take her to Avalon. She quickly discovered Jericho's restlessness and convinced him to return to the outer world with her. Personality:         Jericho suffers from a severe Oedipal conflict, hating Goliath and desiring Demona. She is aware of this and manipulates him to strengthen her hold on his loyalty. He has a quick temper and has gladly accepted Demona's outlook on the world and the humans. He was once only a dissatisfied and bitter youth, but is shaping up into a xenophobic killing machine. He believes that Goliath deliberately turned Angela against their mother and would try to do the same to him. Apprearances:         Jericho's first appearance was in "Angela's Awakening," in which he was introduced as Gabriel's second-in-command and their sister Ruth remarks that he's liable to be trouble someday.         Lexington and Aiden time-travel in "Future Imperfect," where they learn that in that future, Hudson, Elisa and her unborn child died at the hands of a rogue Avalon gargoyle, Demona's son. A dream, or a prophecy?         In "Mother's Day," Demona travels to Avalon and finds her son, mad at the world in general and Goliath in particular. She promises to take him home with her and give her the warrior training he craves.         In "Fallen Angels," Jericho's unhealthy attraction to Demona manifests as unquestioning loyalty, leading him to cold- bloodedly murder several humans and help her capture Thailog (or, as he is otherwise known, Ebon of the rock band Scarlet Angel).         In "Playing God," Jericho teams up with Anton and Gustav Sevarius to steal and brainwash the clones from the Labyrinth, leaving a trail of destruction and injured mutates in their wake. A Glimpse of Upcoming Appearances:         After working himself half-to-death making warriors of the clones, Jericho is in need of a vacation. And what better place than "Club Gung-Ho," the complete commando-training vacation experience?         Unbeknownst to Jericho, his sister Elektra has left Avalon in search of him, hoping that her love can bring him back from evil. He'll be forced to choose between "The Pure and the Profane." Pictures:         Jericho has proved to be a captivating character, inspiring the work of several artists. These can all be found in the Gallery.         Even his creator has taken a stab at drawing him. See Christine's Feeble Attempts at Artwork. Other:         Jericho also appears in the stories of Stephen Sobotka.