Villains: Who's the Best at Being the Worst?

A Survey by Noel Leas

I have here an intriguing survey for you, for our next Gathering: which
of the many "Gargoyles" villains would make the "Top Ten", and how would
different people rank them?

For instance:

1. Demona
2. David Xanatos
3. Thailog
4. MacBeth
5. Tony Dracon
6. Tomaj Brode
7. Xanatos's Commando Grunts
8. Fox
9. Wolf
10. Hyena and Jackal
11. Dingo
12. Matrix
13. Fang
14. Yama
15. Taro
16. Hakon
17. The Archmage
18. Prince Duncan (from "City of Stone")
19. Prince Canmore
20. Robyn Canmore, the Hunter
21. Jason Canmore?
22. John Castaway and the Quarrymen
23. Steel Clan Robots
24. Coyote (in all his incarnations)
25. Lord Oberon

... and any others that come to mind.

Send your thoughts to: