Writer's Challenge

Greetings, writers!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to expose the "unseen footage" of your favorite episode.
These excerpts must be rated G or PG. Please include the title of the episode.
These can be as short or long as you think necessary.
All submissions will be presented in the next issue of Avalon Mists.


An unseen excerpt from "Mirror" --
          (dinnertime at Castle Wyvern)
    Owen: "More tea, Mr. Xanatos?"
    Xanatos: "Yes, thank you, Owen."
    **POOF** (Owen vanishes)
          (slowmo shot of a silver teapot upending in midair)
    Xanatos: "AAAAIIIIIIIGH!!!!"

Send all submissions to vecna@eskimo.com by February 15th, 1998.