by Tim Renard


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        She saw nothing, heard nothing, smelt nothing, tasted
nothing, felt nothing...

        Yet she was here...she knew not where.  What did 'she'

        Vague emotions, feelings flashed through her essence.
Anger, fear, sadness...

        Cu Chulainn...?

        What did that mean...so strange...

        And all through the surge of thoughts, came the song.

        It rolled through her, swirling, molding, shaping her
essence, her being...

        It was who she was...

        She could feel it...haunting melodic tones; gay and happy
light songs; teasing and mesmerizing pitches that could seduce
or bring pain...

        What were these concepts...?

        Cu Chulainn.

        What WAS that name?

        And for that matter...what was a name?

        It meant something...why did it make the music grow
harsh and biting, no longer pleasant...

        She shut it out, not letting herself dwell on it.

        But.....did she have a name?

        Why did she think of herself as she...

        Too many questions...conflicting, pressing, drowning out
the sound...

        She lost herself in the music again, becoming one with it,
letting herself be swept away...

        Time flowed by...

        What did that word mean? Was it a name?

        A face suddenly flashed in front of her eyes...

        But she had no eyes...

        What were eyes?

        The music became high and lilting, pleasant to hear,
bringing a smile to her lips as she watched him...

        But she had no lips...

        She liked his red hair...he had sparkling eyes...strong

        Who was that other being?

        What were these pink things?

        It also had red hair...it was different.  It had green eyes
and a sharp chin and was smaller than the Rory-thing.

        Why did it seem familiar?

        Molly...that was it's name...she liked this thing...it was like
looking at herself in a mirror...if she could remember what a
mirror was...

        Pleased with this revelation, she turned back to the Rory-
thing, studying it.

        The music was a living thing, surrounding and caressing
her, sweeping her up and never setting her down.

        It was pure joy.

        Something lurked behind those eyes...a presence.

        The music suddenly stopped.

        All was silent.


      She groped for it as if it were a physical thing, crying out in
fear, not stopping to think how she could suddenly yell...was that
her voice?

        Cu Chulainn.

        What was this name!!!  She had to know!

        Suddenly a bright light flashed and she drew back,
shading her face...

        She had a face...?

        She blinked once reflexively.  It delighted her so much
she did it again, slowly, forgetting for one delightful second that
the music had stopped.

        The light hurt her eyes...but she forced herself to stare.

        It was a stick.

        She was afraid of a stick?

        What was a stick anyway?

        No...not a stick...it was pointed on one end...

        The word came to her.  A spear.  A spear of light.

        She drew back from it.

        It blinded her...hurt her skin...

        If only the music would come back...she was
disappearing... dispersing....she cried out in fear and rage with
the last of her new-found voice...summoning the song

        The music began again, the song filling her head, driving
away the hurting light.  She smiled in relief.

        It protected her. Cocooned her...

        If only she could control it...so nothing could hurt her

        Who was Cu Chulainn....

        She sensed he was an enemy....

        Her ancient foe...

        What did that mean?

        As the hated face filled her being, the music seethed and
boiled, becoming harsh and biting once more, angry, wanting to
lash out like a living thing...

        Experimentally, she released some, sensing something
would happen.

        Music and song churned out like a unstoppable tidal
wave, rolling around her, snapping and biting, unshaped,


        She fought to bring it to her will, focusing all her energies
on it...
        She thought it would consume her, she would be lost
forever in it...lost in the beautiful intricacy of the song...

        She wondered if that was such a bad thing...

        Then that thought was swept away as well, the music
quieting to a dull echo in the back of her mind.

        Finally the music was muted, controlled...shaped to her

        Her form coalesced finally, crackling with newfound

        The grey blur coalesced into a grey solid shape,
surrounded by other similar shapes.  Her...she found herself
calling them ears ... heard nothing but insect noises amid the
void of silence.

        Suddenly she found herself inhaling, a reflex of some

        The dank air weighed heavily on her tongue, settled into
her nostrils like a living thing.

        She smiled.

        She had the music back.

        Had herself back.

        She stared around at where she was.

        A desolate cavern, it seemed...rocks bigger than her
entire body twined with roots from trees above.

        Her mind seemed to be filling with information even as
she tried to fathom what all these strange things where.  Like
filling a bottle.

        She brushed this one of many new mysteries to the back
of her mind and concentrated on the situation.  The cave had no
exit.  How had she gotten here?

        She lifted her white, slim hand. It had a greenish cast,
she noted. Long nails.

        She looked down at her bare feet and realized with a
gasp that she was floating...

        What magic was this?


        That word sent a ring though her, not as her music did...

        ...but similar.

        Her hair and tattered clothing rippled and snapped
around her, though there was no wind...

        Who was she?

        Her mind failed to enlighten her...but favored her with
several choice bits...

        Cu Chulainn....Gae Bolga...Crom Cruach...

        These meant something to her. She was certain of it.

        She widened her newly formed eyes that glowed
yellow...flashes of memories...

        A great beast...creatures with wings...

        ...another darker Rory-thing...hair almost like hers...

        An golden-armored figure...brandishing a spear of light...

        She sank down to the ground in fear, not knowing why
she felt such terror...angry at herself and at the light-thing.

        The music was uncertain, faltering...full of mistakes...

        She moaned in fear and gritted her teeth.

        Why can't I remember?

        She had to get out.

        She pressed against the walls, and screamed in
frustration when none gave.

        The force of it shattered the rock face.

        Dirt and rubble slid down past her feet and she blinked
and closed her mouth.

        Had she done that?

        She tried it again, this time changing the pitch of her tone
so it was higher, sharper.

        The music laughed, enjoying such play.  A narrow
cylinder of rock in front of her simply dissolved like a drill had
gone through it.
        She smiled.  Such power, she had...

        But little tricks weren't going to get her out of here...

        ...weren't going to get her the answers...

        Cu Chulainn...

        Why did that name keep haunting her!

        Perhaps the music could help...yes...it would sustain

        She eyed the ceiling and began to sing.

        A slight, quick, fleeting tune...

        It raised her up off her feet and her body flushed with the
sensation of air all around...

        The music swirled around her, sending her body
tingling...inside and out.

        In the span of a few seconds, she became translucent...

        She spun around in ecstasy, the music flowing through
her like it was liquid, and she vanished entirely.

        Her one thought before she became one with it was that
she wanted out...

        She appeared in a flash of light and song above a cairn
of stones.

        Happily, she let out a keening wail of triumph, the music
surged joyously in having so much of it be set free.  She grinned
foolishly at all the animal barking that followed it's end.  Turning
in a circle in mid-air, she searched, taking in everything.

        She no longer needed to physically make the music
come alive to float, she noticed...merely wish it.

        She heard the sounds of the night, a music unto itself.

        Every sound came to her, a cricket chirping, an owl
singing, a frog croaking for it's mate.

        She knew not how she knew these things...but she was
glad they came to her when needed...

        If only she could remember her name...

        Irritated, she focused on grass and leaves rustling in the

        Then she focused on the wind itself...the air swirling
about her as her music did within...

        She marveled at the giant orb overhead, or what all the
tiny lights were surrounding it...much like sprites.


        She wracked her mind for the meaning of that word...it
was familiar.
        She felt the feeling of belonging as she thought of the

        But so many things were elusive...she couldn't

        So many things to explore...perhaps she would find her
answers soon.

        Just what Cu Chulainn was...

        What that light spear was...

        Who SHE was...

        With that, she hummed under her breath and the music
brought her skyward.

        She flew over the landscape, admiring the trees,
mountains in the distance, even the smelly bogs of peat that
dotted the ground...

        After a while, going into a random direction, she saw
strange lights in square structures and flew down for a closer

        Her eyes widened as she realized there were some of
the pink things down there! Perhaps the Rory was waiting...he
would tell her...give her answers.

        Landing in the midst of many of the odd square caves,
she scanned the crowd for Rory.  As an afterthought, she looked
for that other person he always seemed to be with in the vision.
        Please let him be here...

        She searched each face, the one she sought imprinted
upon her mind.

        The music hummed ominously, waiting in anticipation for
him to appear...but he did not.

        Something hit her in the side and fell to the ground.  She
looked down in irritation.

        It was a rather large stone.  She looked up in the
direction it had been thrown from.

        One of the things was backing away from her with a
fearful look on his face...

        What was wrong?

        She whirled around, thinking the threat to be behind her.

        Perhaps Cu Chulainn was there...that blinding harsh

        But there was only a few more of the things...they too
seemed afraid...a few seemed angry.
        Rory, where are you!

        Another stone flew from the crowd and knocked her
backward slightly.  It didn't hurt, but served to drive a new thought
into her mind.

        They were afraid of her!

        Why?! She had done no harm...she just wanted to find

        The crowd circled her and began advancing...she looked
around hurriedly like a trapped animal.  No!

        Several of them brandished things in their hands...were
they going to hurt her?

        She wouldn't let them!

        The music grew harsh and grating within, and she
whirled around with a quick shout, and suddenly the wind grew
so fast that the weapons were swept out of the peoples hands.

        They seemed startled, a few clapped their hands to their
ears.  They shook their heads to clear them, then started forward
again, looks of anger evident.

        "Rory..." she said softly.  In an instant, she realized she
had spoken a word...it sounded strange, she decided.  Her mind
deduced more words in another instant and she curled up in a
ball as the things approached her.

        "Please..." she hissed out as blows began raining down
on her.  She began to feel slight pain, irritation...

        The music begged for release, swirled around inside her,
seeking a way out...
        She saw another, older one push his way through,
brandishing another weapon.  It glittered dark and cold, and hurt
her eyes to look at it.  He shouted something about this stopping
the creature, and she raised one hand to ward off the blow.

        A fire so cold it burned took her breath way as the
weapon pierced her side.  Pain wracked her body and she felt
the music flare in response and she opened her mouth to

        The weapon fell out of her side as the music exploded
forth in a cacophany of sound.  Eyes and form glowing hotly, she
shot upward to float above the crowd, wailing in pain and fury...

        She stared down at them, still singing, the song biting
and hissing, and the pink-things ran around in agony, shrieking,
liquid pouring from the sides of their heads.

        Their screams only added to the music and she soared
upward, reveling in the music, letting it flow around and through
her, wishing nothing but to hurt the beings that had caused her
such pain.

        I just wanted to find him!  I want to know who I am!

        "RORY!" she shrieked.

        And they all fell unconscious to the ground, like the
cutting of a puppet's strings.

        She drew the music back into her. It snarled and
snapped like a caged animal, begging release so soon after
being forced back into her.

        She looked around and blanched slightly at the scene.
She had done this.  Her and the music...

        But they had attacked her!  They deserved it!

        Didn't they?

        She hoped one of them wasn't Rory...

        She sensed a prescence...a tingling in the back of her
mind.  The music grew taut and binding...

        An instant later, a Gaelic war cry rang through her ears,
and as she whirled in mid-air a blinding yellow light knocked her
backwards onto the ground.

        She never even had time to scream.

        Her mind instead screamed a single name.

        Cu Chulainn!

        With a groan she pushed herself up on her elbows, the
music sad and moaning in tandem with her.

        They were hurt.

        She watched fearfully, eyes yellow slits, hair scraggly as
the hated light spear flew back and settled into the gauntleted
hand of her foe.

        "So my ancient enemy, it begins again!" the mustached
mouth spoke menacingly.  "Know that I shall end your evil song
before it keens once more!"

        She cringed at his words, terror snaked around her heart
and held it fast and the music flared in response even as she
buried her face in her hands.

        With that, he threw the Spear at her once more.
Instinctively, she flung her arms aside  and opened her mouth
wide, singing without care for precision.  A wall of pure sound
coalesced before her, lacking shape and direction, not
straightforward.  The spear was absorbed.

        The music laughed in delight and so did she, discovering
that she would not be helpless against the one who had
frightened her so.

        "You!" she said harshly, rising herself off the ground,
trying to project some anger into her voice, but to her, she just
sounded scared. "You are Cu Chulainn!"

        "Your words speak true, fey!" yelled the
black-eyed man harshly.


        The word suddenly evoked images in her mind.  In a
single second, she recalled an island...many strange and
wonderful creatures...she had no names for them...it was
paradise...it was home.

        She shook away the memories. She couldn't deal with
this now. The Spear had re-materialized in Cu Chulainn's hand.

        "Who are you!?" she shrieked in frustration.
        "I am your death!" the man returned, hurling it at her,
which she dodged.

        "Why do you hunt me so!"

        "You know our feud as well as I do, witch!"

        She ground her teeth.  What in Oberon's name was he
talking about?


        Where had that come from...

        She had images of a regal, arrogant man, narrow in face
and in mind...

        "What feud, you fool!" she shrieked.  "I have no quarrel
with you!"

        She flew down, grabbing him up by his armor, flinging
him into the side of one of the structures.

        She lashed out with her music, and the song responded
eagerly, striking him dead center in the chest, making him grunt
in pain.

        She rather enjoyed it.

        The music eagerly boiled up, nearly causing her to loose
control. It wanted this Cu Chulainn, wanted him with every note in
its song...

        She pushed it back down. She needed answers.

        She hovered in front of him.  "Do you know where Rory
is?" she asked bluntly.

        He blinked, then laughed harshly. "Is this a trick, my foe?
Not one of your better jests..."

        She snarled in frustration.  "No trick! You don't
understand...I 'need' to find him!"

        "Then look no further, siren!" he hissed, and suddenly
the spear of light was in his hands and thrust upward into her.

        She screamed in agonizing pain.  It was as if liquid glass
had been poured into her essence, the light was everywhere.
Filling her up, drowning out the music, bursting forth from her

        She was flung away into the dirt and lay there, pain
wracking her body, she shuddered.

        The music was gone.

        The silence was unbearable.

        Too quiet...

        "No..." she said softly, more to hear the sound of her own

        To hear anything.

        "One more should do it, sidhe..."

        She opened her eyes slightly, and looked upward at the
looming golden figure, with spear raised in both hands, poised to
deliver the fatal blow.

        "I...I don't understand..." she whispered beneath her

        She watched as the Gae Bolga was thrust down.

        And watched as Cu Chulainn was hurtled away into the
side of a structure with a flash of green light.

        She felt herself being lifted up by three pairs of gentle

        Her eyes opened slightly, and she found herself staring
at a classically beautiful face, framed by long white hair.

        "Fear not, sister." the musical voice said. It was much
like her own.

        "This creature shall not harm you further." said another

        "Are you well?" another asked.

        Her head lolled around on her neck, barely able to stand,
but she was still aware enough to let out a gasp as she beheld
her rescuers.

        She was in the middle of a trio of identical women, one
with white hair, one with dark hair, and one with blonde locks...

        "Wha...?" was all she could stammer out.

        "She is wounded by the creature's attack, but she shall
heal in time." said one woman to another.

        "It may be powerful enough to shake off our attack."
directed the silver-haired one.  "See to it's restraints."

        The other two walked...no...floated slightly off the ground,
she noticed.  Floated over to the battered form of Cu Chulainn
and encased him in a ball of green energy, hands weaving
intricate patterns.

        "Why..." She coughed.  "Why have you saved me?  Who
ARE you?"

        The woman blinked.  "You are our sister...why would we

        "Sister?!" she said wonderingly.  "Do you know who I
        The woman's eyes grew sad.  "By Titania, not again..."
she cursed.

        The other two floated back over.  "The thing shall not
awaken for some time." said the blonde.

        "How fares she?" said the ebony-tressed woman.  "Is
she well enough for transport to the Gathering?"

        The Gathering?

        "I fear she has been dispersed recently, sisters." said the
silver-haired one.      

        "What do you mean?" she said.  She didn't like the
sound of that.

        Deep inside her, she heard a single harmonious note.
Her music was back!

        "Do you hear it!" she said wondrously.

        They each shook their heads at her in sorrow.

        "I do hope her memories return soon..." stated the dark-
haired one.

        "They should, in time..." nodded the blonde.

        "Until then, the safest place for her is on Avalon, where
she can be treated and nursed back to health." said the silver-

        Their eyes flashed in unison and they each turned to her
in a straight line.

        "What are you talking about?!" she said.  She suddenly
felt fear from these things...her sisters? And what was Avalon?
"What do you mean! Who are you!"

        They all sighed in exasperation.  "I am Luna." said the
silver-haired one.  "This is Phoebe, and Seline."  she indicated
the blonde and dark-haired ones respectively.  "We have come
to take you home."


        "Is Rory there...?" she said warily.  The music was weak,
but she could hear it.  Slowly growing in volume, regaining

        She watched as they all looked at each other, not a hint
of recognition passing between them.  They eyed her again.

        "Yes, he is, sister." said Phoebe. "If you come with us we
shall take him to you."

        No. He was not there.

        "No." she stated, backing away.  "I have to find him."

        "Please..." said Luna, stepping forward.  "We promise."

        "No!" she said more harshly. "You just want me to stay
like this!  I don't know who I am, or what I am, or where Rory is,
and every time I want to know, or think I'm close to answers,
everybody just attacks me!"

        The Sisters eyes widened as she felt her body rise up in
response to her song gaining life once more. Her eyes flashed,
her hair whipped around in a frenzy.

        "You can't take me away from him!" she shrieked and
pure rage burst forth from her mouth in a keening wail that
brought the three women to their knees, holding their heads and
shrieking in agony.

        She blinked in astonishment as a translucent shield
formed in front of them and they stood back up, eyes glowing a
hellish green.

        "Indeed you have earned the name Banshee, sister."
Luna shouted over the wail.

        "But we have our mission from Lord Oberon." yelled

        "If you do not come willingly to the Gathering...then we
shall take you by force." spoke Seline harshly.

        "With, or without your memories!" they stated in unison.


        THAT was her name!

        The music sang joyously, becoming light and lilting for a
few seconds and all was well for what seemed to her, eons.

        Then she snapped back to reality.

        "So, I am called the Banshee!" she shrieked.  "If that is
my name, then so be it! I shall not let you, nor anyone else keep
me from what I want!"

        They would suffer for trying to keep her from Rory!

        She lashed out brutally, dodging and twisting against
their magical bolts, the song strong and flowing in and around
her, deflecting any stray fire.  The music insinuated itself into
their minds and twisted harshly, the keen bringing them to their
knees, holding their heads in agony.

        But it was so hard, dividing it among these things! She
sensed that she had little control...soon it would falter...

        NO! Nothing would keep her from Rory...she needed
him...had to stop him from doing something...

        ...he had to be with her...she knew not why.

        The music faltered, lowered in volume. It needed her!
What was she doing?!

        She tried to concentrate, banish the questions, but to no
avail.  The song ceased without her mind to control it.

        She moaned in fear as the trio looked up from their
prone positions.

        "We will make you be silent!" hissed the three witches in
unison, standing up.

        They disappeared in a flash of green light and
reappeared on every side of her.  They latched on to her like
leeches, grabbing her arms and back, sending surges of magical
energy through her.

        "Aeeeiiahhhh!" she screamed each time the pain pulsed
through her. She couldn't concentrate, couldn't bring forth the

        It hissed in pain at the treatment, sending out harsh,
discordant notes with no true power behind them.

        She was going to lose any chance to find Rory! To know
what she was!

        "RELEASE ME!" she shrieked, putting all her softening
music behind it.
        They absorbed the attack with nary a flutter of their
thrice-colored hair.

        "Say farewell to the mortal realm, Banshee." said Luna

        "For soon you shall once again grace the shores of our
beloved island paradise." said Phoebe from behind her.

        "Where you shall heal and remain for all time."
whispered Seline.

        "NO!" she shrieked in fury and dismay.  "Not eternally!"

        "This is for your own good." they said unison.

        Her eyes widened in horror and she twisted wildly as she
felt the now familiar tingle signaling she was about to be
teleported elsewhere. The music lashed out, soaring skyward in
a white hot, searingly loud blast in a last futile attempt at release.


        And they disappeared.

        Time passed...

        Cu Chulainn's form awoke from his unconsciousness.
Instantly, his gaze flared around, searching for his ancient
enemy, or that trio of witches that had suddenly appeared.
Finding neither, he growled in frustration.  Gae Bolga suddenly
appeared in his hands at his command and he pierced the
magical ball that encased him, popping it, setting him free.

        With no threat in sight, he reverted to the lanky youth by
the name of Rory Dugan.

        He leaned on his walking stick as he slowly glanced
around the now silent town square. He brushed back stray red
hair from his eyes.

        As he turned to walk away, he thought he heard
someone call his name.

        It sounded far, far away, almost at the limit of his
        A sad, frightened voice, lost and alone.

        He strained his ears once more, seeking a sign.

        But there was nothing.

        Frowning, he shrugged and walked away from the
battlefield, heading home.  The people would wake up soon, and
someone would call the police.

        The wind swirled through the empty clearing.  If one
listened, one would swear they could hear something carried
upon the wind.  Something not usual to the forest, something that
poked and prodded at the barest limits of the senses.  A hint of
music that barely caught one's ear...

        But there.