Avalon Mists

Autumn 1999

Editors: Christine and Tim Morgan

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 Letter from the Editor

Table of Contents:

Party on Avalon I -- "Beth of Both Worlds," by Christine Morgan
The Minstrel's Hearth -- songs, filks and poems
Gargoyle Cartoons -- by Michael Heitz
Fiction Feature -- "Voyage" by Doug Elder
Artist's and Writer's Challenges
Artist's Challenge Results
Art Gallery -- pics by various artists
Fanfic Link -- "The Misbegotten Son Saga", by Jenna
Featured Artist -- Eva Sólveig Þrastardóttir
Character Spotlight -- Manxine Katz, by Warpmind de InzanE
Crossover Center I -- "St. George's Gift, Part 1: The King's Quest of Love" by Theresa Meyers
Crossover Center II -- "Seven Seas of Myrr, Part One," by Stephen Sobotka
Action Figures -- pics of custom creations by Michael Heitz
Gaming Link -- Feedback Wanted

Disclaimer: the characters of Gargoyles are the creation of Greg Weisman and his staff, and the property of Disney and Buena Vista Television. They are used here without permission, but with all due respect, fondness, and the spirit of fan-love. So please don't sue! Submissions and comments can be directed to the editors <vecna@eskimo.com>