A Letter from the Editor:


    In last issue's letter, I was preparing to leave Cascade Hall for Harbor House. I've now been there
for three months, and what a wonderful change it has been! The facility is much nicer, the clients are
higher functioning ... but the promised Internet access was stripped from the staff the week before I
got there. After all, people shouldn't have fun while they're at work ... and I imagine if the higher-ups
ever realized that they're paying me such an obscene amount of money to sit there for ten hours and
write stories, read books, watch movies (I have finally seen Braveheart, oh, was that good!)
    We have also moved. To get a glimpse of the new house, and see what else is new on my site,
follow the links from http://www.eskimo.com/~vecna/new_stuff.html
    This issue of Avalon Mists has the most art ever! More of Michael Heitz's cartoons, our "Featured
Artist" Eva, the results of the Artist's Challenge, and a few more fun pics besides. Thank you, all who
    The downside, though, is that I got far fewer submissions from writers than I am accustomed to! But
it's made up for by the fact that the ones I did get were really good (and in the case of Doug's "Voyage,"
staggeringly long and crammed with characters, as well!).
    I realized at the last minute (the very day of the deadline, in fact) that no one had sent in a "Party
on Avalon" this time. I scrambled to throw together the one I'd been putting off for a long, long time ...
since this whole thing started, actually. I had a title and a vague idea, but that was all. So it's rushed
and not one of my best, but it's there.
    I am now undergoing the woeful process of looking for an agent for Black Roses. And because of an
infatuation with a certain young Jedi, I've expanded my fanfic repertoire. Started a chat room for adults
only. And Tim & I are looking into creating a web zine of our very own, probably to debut after the first
of the year. Busy, but in a fun, creative way.
    The next issue of Avalon Mists will come out in early December. Wednesday, November 24th (that's
Thanksgiving week, I believe) is the deadline for submissions. Send them to vecna@eskimo.com

Christine Morgan
August 26, 1999