Character Spotlight -- Manxine Katz

by Warpmind de InzanE


    Name: Manxine Katz
    Date of birth: June third 1976
    Place of birth: Monastery of St. Francis of Assissi, Isle of Man
    Height: 5' 10"
    Special characteristics: Tailless felinoid, dark, bluish black fur, due to a bio-entity merging
episode occuring as a freak of nature. Presumably. This merging process has rendered Manxine
sleepless, or rather, free from the need for sleep. In addition, she seems to have a rare level of
charisma. It seems indeed hard to dislike her, unless she actually causes you grief at the first
encounter. She's not likely to hold a grudge for long, save for her personal Hunt, her quest to
avenge her dead friends from her home. She is resourceful, and wields a magical sword, an 11th
century katana.
    Parents: Unknown. Special note: Manxine can be said to have four parents; there are two
personalities in some form of symbiotic arrangement within her, that of a human woman and
that of a manx cat.
    Area of expertise: Manxine is familiar with and trained in near all major groups of Martial Arts.
In addition, she has medical training, albeit no valid education beyond what she was taught in the
village where she was raised. Highly skilled in the treatment and administering of injuries. Precisely
how skilled she is has yet to be seen; however, it is believed that she is of technically high rank, or
would have been, within the martial arts.
    Current occupation: Nanny. Also plausibly a part-time bodyguard.
    Background: She was born and raised in a monastery. At the age of 9, she and her cat were
playing in a meadow when a (magical?) meteor struck, they toppled into the crater, and the energy
of the rock merged the two into one. Such an incident is previously unheard of, thus we may assume
it has a unique reason.
    In 1995, it would seem that narcotics dealers from the Quarrymen organization attacked her village,
and she was fortunate enough to be absent at the moment, but not too far away to imprint the assailants'
faces to memory. Since then she has been on the Hunt, and, seemingly, now she is done avenging her
friends, having slain all the men directly responsible. Now, she loathes the Quarrymen with all her heart,
since evidence was presented that it was indeed a Quarryman operation. Currently, she is on their hit list,
alongside with the gargoyles.

Owen Burnett
Executive Assistant