Avalon Mists

Winter 2001

Editor: Christine Morgan

Deadline for next issue:
Friday, February 23

The Spring 2002 issue will be Christine's final one; a new editor will be announced then. Click here for more info.

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Table of Contents:

Letter from the Editor -- important announcement!
Gargoyles Cartoons -- by Michael Heitz
Article -- "Getting Biblical" by Kimberly T.
Art Gallery -- pics by various artists
Challenge Results -- "If They Mated"
Fanfic Debut -- "Control" by Nicholas Troy
Fanfic Debut II -- "Secrets" by Demonskrye
Minstrel's Hearth -- poems, songs, and filks by various authors
Crossover Center -- "Partners" by Christine Morgan
Writer's and Artist's Challenge -- Jumping on the Harry Potter bandwagon
The Gaming Corner -- "Fang and Wing: Gargoyles for D&D3E" by Johnathan
A Gargoyles Maze -- by Epantiras
Fiction Feature -- "Broadway's Biscuits" by Kimberly T.
Fiction Feature II -- "Winter Dream" by Jeanette Watt
Fiction Feature III -- "Gargoyle Tails II and III" by Desslock
Fiction Feature IV -- "In His Eyes, Part I" by Jenigoyle

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