Avalon Mists Update

The future is in your hands!

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It's official. Avalon Mists will be turned over to a new editor. The Spring 2002 issue will be the last that I'll be handling, my farewell issue of what has been a great, fun, and enjoyable stint.

Who'll take over? Well, as it happens, the two who were offered first dibs have both vehemently declined. Which means the post is now open to other interested parties. Which could include you, loyal reader.

Here's the deal: anyone who would like to apply for the job of editor, please send me an e-mail including the following information, by January 15th, 2002. 

Name or screen name:
e-mail address:
Why do you want to be editor?
What would your submission guidelines be?
What changes might readers expect to see?
Please include a brief description of your background, experience in the fandom, qualifications, and what Gargoyles and Avalon Mists means to you (the essay test). 

The results will be posted here, and then the readers and contributors of Avalon Mists will be invited to vote for their choices. The voting period will run through February with the new editor to be announced in the next issue. 

Thanks, all, for your time and attention. Avalon Mists deserves to be carried on. 

Christine Morgan
December 17th, 2001