Winter Dream

by Jeanette Watt

Rating: G
Disclaimers: All Gargoyles and Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles Characters here within this story are Copyright to The Walt Disney Company/Buena Vista Television. No infringement of these Copyrights is intended, and are used here without permission. All new characters are the creation of the author. Summary: Demona's a clothing designer.

The standing ovation, every designer's Dream, surrounded Demona as she stood in stunned surprise.

Accepting the applause with a smile, she wondered how she, after year of trying, had succeeded.  Her flowing lines, Autumn Colours were the theme of her winters dream. Showing each set off was the distinctive sharp white hat that each model had worn.

Such daring, when others for the last two seasons had been showing the compact boxy look with pale pastel colours that were quite washed looking.

People came up to Demona. "Lovely style darling." Whispered Countess La Za. While a lisped, "How daring." Came from Alex.

Demona stood smiling, but inside she wondered why was this happening to her. She had tried for years now to break into this market, and was amazed that it had happened now.

Goliath slipped up, startling her. Why had he come to this? She silently asked. He took her hand in his and kissed it. "Wonderful! Superb! Such elegance!" He said in his deep baritone. "How did you come by this style?"

Demona sighed, why did Goliath always question her. Always doubting her. Putting effort into keeping a smile on her face, Demona replied, "I thought of the line last Winter, and as it's always been a dream of mine to do a line of clothing, I called it Winter Dream."

Goliath pulled Demona close and gave her a hug and whispered for her to hear only, "I knew you could do it, sweetie."

Demona's eyes widened, 'Sweetie? What! Man is this weird,' she thought, 'What's going on here?' "Thank-you." She managed to get out, "It's nice to have friends here today. Did Elisa come?" Demona asked, giving a slight shudder, "I expect it might not be her thing but I know you two are a couple, so I thought you might have brought her."

Goliath chuckled, replying with humour, "Meow. Being a bit catty, I see. Well, never mind, Elisa had another engagement, but she said she would arrive later on."

Just then, Broadway rushed up, "Hey, De Mona, way to go there. Real cool clothes. Where's the food…?"

Demona smiled as Broadway rushed in the direction she had pointed, 'Some things never changed, thank goodness. Not like Goliath.' She pondered as she glanced his way.

But, she was soon side tracked by the arrival of the press.

10:30 pm

Demona gave a sigh of relief as the crowd started leaving, another fifteen minutes, and she could go home to bed. A disturbance at the door caught her attention just as Hudson started calling her, "Demona, Demona, Demona!" Suddenly she grew rigid, it was her. Elisa. Why oh why did she have to turn up? "Demona." 'Oh no, she's coming towards me, I…' "Demona," It's just too much, why did that, "Demona," that thing, have to turn up? "Demona!" No, it's too much to accept her, Demona to put up with trash like Elisa turning up
when everyone, "Demona!" knew that gargoyles should not, "DEMONA!"

Demona's eyes opened from her sleep, she sat up straight in the armchair, "What, what?" She breathed, "Oh, it was just a dream. Thank goodness for that." She sighed.

*Bang* *Bang*

There was someone knocking at the door, a thundering voice hollering from the other side. Demona rose from the comfortable armchair to answer the door. Pausing half way there, she chuckled, 'The dream was so vivid and real, but… he he he… imagine Elisa being a
gargoyle.' She continued chuckling as she went to the door, opening it.