Avalon Mists

Winter 1998

Editors: Christine and Tim Morgan 

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 Letter from the Editor

Table of Contents:

Party on Avalon -- "Raven's Humility" by Stephanie Silva
The Minstrel's Hearth -- songs and poems
Ask Lex -- advice column by Lex Wyvern
An Inquiry into the Existence of the Illuminati -- contributed by Warpmind de InzanE
Crossover Center -- "An Unexpected Visitor" by Warpmind de InzanE
Character Spotlight -- Aiden Ferguson, by Christine Morgan
Humor -- A link to "Lightbulbs" compiled by Marlos "Tony" Rawlings
Essay -- "Gargoyle Origins" by Jordan Bassior
Fanfic Debut I  -- "Soul of Stone Part One" by Robby "Mr. Noying" Bevard
Fanfic Debut II -- "Soul of Stone Part Two" by Robby "Mr. Noying" Bevard
Fiction Feature I -- a link to "Gargoyle Mysteria Part One" by Karima
Fiction Feature II -- a link to "Gargoyle Mysteria Part Two" by Karima
Vignette III -- a link to a fic by Deuce

Writer's Challenge Holiday Themes:

"A Gargoyles Christmas Special," Part I, -- a seasonal repost by Christine Morgan
Hear the Angels Sing -- a collection of filked carols by various authors
"Home for the Holidays" -- new fic by Christi Smith Hayden
Solstice Portrait -- the cast of "Home for the Holidays" by Christi Smith Hayden
Naughty or Nice? -- a pic by Daniel de Censo
Christmas Eve -- by Kaioto
"Do You Believe?" -- by Wilek Nerus
"Concrete and Steel" -- the latest installment in the DeGuy Saga by Stephen Sobotka
Happy Birthday Elisa!

Disclaimer: the characters of Gargoyles are the creation of Greg Weisman and his staff, and the property of Disney and Buena Vista Television. They are used here without permission, but with all due respect, fondness, and the spirit of fan-love. So please don't sue! Submissions and comments can be directed to the editors <vecna@eskimo.com>