For more than 57 years I have studied an unmentionable pile of papers, notes,
rumors and other sources who prefer to remain anonymous. Alas, I have found
no courage to publish this small work, the sum of my lifetime, to let the
world know that a secretive, uncomfortably efficient organization called the
Illuminati exists.

        The information I have acquired over the years indicate the Illuminati
Headquarters are located near some sort of boarding school, but I have not
been able to narrow it down further. It is also indicated that the Illuminati
were originally founded by a Knight Templar, to guard The Holy Grail and other
religious artifacts. In one article, there was even hinted that the very man
who founded the Illuminati centuries ago, still lives today. This may very
well be due to the legendary Healing powers of the Holy Grail.

        From being a small, secluded organization, only there for the safekeeping of
the aforementioned various relics, the Illuminati quickly grew into a large,
secluded organization, concerned with holding back information from the people
of the world, the organization covering other organizations like the
so-called MIB, or even keeping a leash on the FBI and other investigative

        I am led to believe the Illuminati have a concentric hierarchy, divided into
23 circles, where the fifth circle today makes the important decicions. The
aforementioned Knight Templar may well be the only living member of the
Illuminati left above the fifth circle.

        The Illuminati are also rumored to have some involvement with high-class
assassins, and with almost every military conflict worldwide for the last
century. It is also possible they possess items of magical nature, tomes of
sorcery, and even have contacts with Gargoyles. If all of this is true, then
maybe even the rumors of Gargoyles are true, too. If only I had been strong
enough to learn more. The cancer is eating away at me, like a fire within is
slowly turning a house into a ruin. All I hope is that someone will find these
notes, and publicize them after I am gone...

                                                                                            H. M. Rowell

[Found in a hospital deathbed]