A Letter from the Editor:

         Hello, and welcome once again to Avalon Mists!
         First off, for the sake of any new readers, allow me to introduce myself. I am
Christine Morgan, devoted fan of Gargoyles since the very first preview I ever saw
(on the Nightmare Before Christmas video, as it happens).
         I have an astoundingly large collection of merchandise and an equally astoundingly
large collection of fanfic -- 50 stories in my own continuous saga, which has no name
but should -- suggestions, anyone?
         I've been fortunate enough to attend both previous Gargoyles conventions, the
Gatherings 1998 and 1998 in New York, and will be attending the next one in 1999, the
Gargoyles World Tour in Dallas, Texas. Hope to see you there!
         This marks over a full year for me as editor of Avalon Mists, and I wanted to take the
opportunity to thank everyone who has made it possible. The writers and artists, of course,
for contributing the material that gives us something to read and look at, the webmasters
who host the site, the brave souls who handled this job before me, and my husband Tim
for helping me figure out all this HTML stuff.
        And, as always, the biggest thank-you goes to Greg Weisman and his staff, who created
this darkly beautiful world of Gargoyles that brought us fans together.
         In this issue, you will find several holiday-themed stories, filks, and pics. You will also
find proof of how the season rushed up on me this year with the speed of a pouncing Demona
-- I took the lazy way out and simply posted links to some features because the authors had
already done such a nice job and such hard work.
        So, three cheers for the lazy way! This has given me some extra time to catch up on other
things, like baking, shopping, cleaning, wrapping ... and to top it all off, I went and promised
that I would have my 51st story done before Christmas. Hopefully, I will be able to keep that
         The next issue of Avalon Mists will come out at the beginning of March. This time, I'm
setting the deadline a little sooner to give contributors less time and me more ; )  Therefore, all
submissions should be e-mailed to me by Wednesday, February 24, 1999, for inclusion in
the Spring issue. My e-mail is vecna@eskimo.com or talopea@hotmail.com

Submissions need to be:
         G-rated (occasionally pushing the envelope to PG is okay, but watch it with profanity,
nudity, sex, or graphic violence).
         Involving Gargoyles, either the actual characters from the show or fanfic. In the cases
of fanfic, someone else's characters must not be used without permission of that person.

Submissions should be:
         Well-written (adequate spelling and grammar).
         Interesting; be it funny, tragic, suspenseful, or romantic.

Submissions can be:
         In either .txt or HTML form for stories
         Preferably .jpg for artwork
         Snail-mailed for those who don't have a scanner; e-mail me for more details.

For those new to Avalon Mists, there are a few things that could be explained:

What, for instance, is Party on Avalon?
         That one is my fault. In my story Whirlwind, Coyote the Trickster told Beth Maza
about a party that the Children of Oberon were throwing on Avalon. The theme of the
party was BYOM, Bring Your Own Mortal. I never detailed this party in my stories,
and opened it up to give everybody a chance. Each Child of Oberon was supposed to
bring a mortal. The party is still going on; new stories are always welcome but writers
should check those that have come before them to make sure they don't double-book the
Children (and the more people who get in on this, the longer I can put off writing my part
of it <g>)

What about TGC Rewrites?
         I think this project is dead in the water. A while back, several authors got together
and decided to take the "official" description of each The Goliath Chronicles episode
off the Buena Vista site and rewrite them as we felt they should have been. Each of us
volunteered for one. But for various reasons, only three or four were ever completed. Any
writer interested in tackling a remaining episode is cheerfully invited to do so! Just check
previous issues to see what's already been done.

What is Fanfic Debut?
         This is a place for new authors, either new to the fandom or new to writing in general,
to showcase their work and get exposure and feedback.

What kinds of submissions does Avalon Mists want?
         Artwork -- of show or original characters.
         Poems, songs or filks
         Jokes / humor
         Fanfic and/or crossovers
         Essays on themes relating to the Gargoyles universe
           Character Spotlights -- fanfic characters, usually; includes a description, background,
personality profile, pictures, list of story appearances, etc.
         Game-related material -- for roleplaying games, collectible card games, etc.
         Artwork -- did I say that already? The more pics, the better!

        Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcome. In the case of some authors who
prefer not to put their e-mail addresses on their articles, send feedback to me at
vecna@eskimo.com and I will forward it along.
        Season's Greetings to all!