Avalon Mists

Fall 1998

Editors: Christine and Tim Morgan <vecna@eskimo.com>

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Table of Contents:

Writer's Challenge -- Results of "Let's Get Personal"

New Challenge - Writers and Artists!

Fanart Gallery

Limerick Contest -- late entry

Fanfic Debut -- "Reunion," by Gray

Character Spotlight -- Rosanna, by The Coyote Bando

Survey Results -- by Noel Leas

Alterniverses -- "What Never Was," by Karima (Kjay)

Crossover Center -- "Power and Honor," by Stephen Sobotka

Party on Avalon -- "Party Crasher" by Mary Pletsch

The Game Table I -- Gargoyles for GURPS, by Christine Morgan

The Game Table II -- Gargoyles for Shadowrun, by Bull

The Minstrel's Hearth -- "Katherine at 36," by Merlin Missy

Disclaimer: the characters of Gargoyles are the creation of Greg Weisman and his staff, and the property of Disney and Buena Vista Television. They are used here without permission, but with all due respect, fondness, and the spirit of fan-love. So please don't sue! Submissions and comments can be directed to the editors <vecna@eskimo.com>