A Letter from the Editor:

        Hello again, and welcome once more to Avalon Mists!
        A huge thank-you goes out to this issue's contributors! We have many stories, quite
a few pictures, several filks and poems, and plenty of other fun and interesting things.
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        I couldn't help but notice that poor Brooklyn has a hard time of it this ish. -- not one but
two of the stories feature him on his own and running into some clone troubles! ; )
        The deadline for submissions for the Summer issue is Wednesday, May 26th, 1999. E-mail
them to me at vecna@eskimo.com, and be sure to check the Submission Guidelines.
        On the personal front, this has been a very busy and exciting time for me. My novel is
officially out as of the end of February, and I have been fortunate to arrange appearances
at many local bookstores. I am also trying to make connections in the fantasy convention
        Alas, the Curse of the Shadow Beasts site went down and is in the process of moving;
if all goes well you'll be able to find it at www.magelore.com. Keep your fingers crossed for
        Those of you who knew of my furnace woes -- 18 days with a propane heater and
an electric blanket -- will be pleased to know that it is now repaired, we are warm again,
and in much better spirits. There's just something about being able to see your own breath
in your own house that is really depressing ...
        If you're still here and reading about me, what the heck are you doing? There's a
bunch of great articles and pics waiting for you!!!
        Mark your calendar:
        June 25-27, 1999, the Gargoyles World Tour in Dallas, Texas. Hope to see you there!