A Letter from the Editor:


    Summer is here, and it is almost time for the Gargoyles World Tour in Dallas, Texas.
    This issue, Avalon Mists is pleased to present the cartoons of Michael Heitz, the debut of the "Artist's Challenge" feature, and many great stories and other articles.
    The deadline for submissions for the Fall  issue is Wednesday, August 25, 1999. E-mail
them to me at vecna@eskimo.com, and be sure to check the Submission Guidelines.
    Things have been changing rapidly for me. At the beginning of June, I will be leaving Cascade Hall after having worked there for almost nine years. I'll be transferring to a facility called Harbor House, located in downtown Seattle with a nifty view of the Space Needle. It's the same night-shift hours, the same pay and benefits, for less work, a nicer environment, air conditioning, and even Internet access! Which means I'll have to learn how to use AOL as well.
    Not only a new job, but a new house as well. In July, after returning from The Gathering, we will be moving to a much larger home in Everett, about 1/2 hour (traffic permitting) north of our current little house. It's right across from a part, kitty-corner from an elementary school, has a marvellous living room, and an enormous yard.
    I also get to look forward to the joys of remodeling the entire kitchen. Country blue with little hearts just isn't me ...
    Writing-wise, I am celebrating the completion of the first draft of Black Roses, a horror novel roughly adapted from my fanfic of the same name, but of course having no gargoyles. There are a few familiar names from my stories, and a few homages here and there, but it is mostly set in the fictional Northern California town of Trinity Bay.
    I will soon be getting my second Gargoyles cel back from the frame shop. Very excited and happy with it. It's from "Eye of the Beholder," of Goliath and Elisa-as-Belle. And best of all, when I unwrapped it in the frame shop, all three of the staff enthused about how cool it was. And here I was afraid they'd give me "that look."
    To keep up with new additions and updates to my personal site, visit my New Stuff page.

Christine Morgan
May 30, 1999