Avalon Mists
Version 2.0
February 2/18/97
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Letter from the returning editor


Children of Stone, Daughter of Eve
By Constance Cochran
Illustrations by Lady Gwenivere

A Day in the Life of Elisa Maza
By Leva Mevis


The Day the "Gargoyles" Died
We Don't Want Another Hero
By Melissa "Merlin Missy" Wilson

Editor's Note: Missy made me cry with The Day the "Gargoyles" Died.

Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That You Shoulder Never Do in the Gargoyles Univers
By Todd Jensen

Top 10 Ways to tell if your Neighbours are Quarrymen
By Stormy

David Xanatos' Top Ten Nightmares
Top Ten REAL Reasons That David Xanatos Wants To Be Immortal:
By Diana R. Flynn "The Dark Eyed"

The Ten Fanfic Commandments
Compiled by Nancy Brown

Editor's Note: The Ten Fanfic Commandments is not specifically a gargoyles list, but it's a relevant piece for anyone who writes fanfic or is thinking of writing fanfic.


Avery and Brooklyn from the "Daddy's Girl" series by Christi Smith Hayden
Carbonear of Clan Newfie written by Dylan Blacquiere

Art by Christi Smith Hayden

Contest! Avalon Mists needs a banner and/or a logo. I'll accept submissions for both between now and March 31st 1996, and the winner will be announced (and artwork utilized) in Webzine #2. Submissions must be in .gif format, under 100K, and sent to my leva@primenet.com address. Bonus points for matching buttons and bars!

Editor's Notes

Apologies to everyone, and the contributors in particular, for the lateness of this issue. Life, the universe and everything interfered. This issue is also not nearly as "pretty" as I had hoped; my computer steadfastly refuses to deal with graphics. Hopefully, that'll be fixed for issue #2.

I'm now taking contributions for issue #2 of the webzine; the deadline is March 31, 1997 and hopefully, I'll be able to send the new issue to Chris sometime during the following week. (I'll try to get all stories illustrated, by the way, but the odds are better the earlier fanfic is submitted.)

I'm especially interested in finding illustrators for Avalon Mists fanfic. If you would like to illustrate stories, let me know!

And as always, feedback is encouraged, desired, and begged for. Please tell the contributors what you thought of their work!

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Please send questions, comments and general feedback to Leva Mevis at this address: levam@juno.com

Please send submissions to this address: leva@primenet.com

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Clean fanfic

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Avalon Mists prints only "socially responsible" PG or milder fanfic; all work must be previously unreleased and must not be reposted for one week following the date of the issue in which it appears. Submissions must be in ascii or Windows Write format for text files and .jpg or .gif files for art; artwork must be under 250K. For any further questions, please contact Leva at LevaM@Juno.com