Hi guys ... Avalon Mists has returned!

Several months ago, I gave up Mists to Jill Morrison; at the time, I was short on time, undergoing a bunch of personal crisis, and unable to keep Mists going. Unfortunately, Jill promptly encountered significant mail problems and was incommunicado for two months -- and now has time constraints of her own.

So I'm back and this is the plan:

I'm now starting Avalon Mists version 2.0. I'm doing a webzine; it will not be distributed via mail -- I don't have the capability for that anymore. I already have two brand new stories (one by Constance Cochran, and one by myself) plus whatever else I accept between now and the twelfth of February. Version 2.0 will have the same quality of stories, plus some more features -- graphics, artwork, etc. I've already accepted some art, and I'm looking for more.

As always, fanfic must be unreleased, brand new, and it must stand alone. The same goes for artwork. (From past experience, work in Mists tends to get read and responded to because people know that it *is* both new and good.) The first issue of the Webzine will be released on or about February 14th; I'll be accepting submissions through the twelfth.

I'm hoping to revive Mists to at least the level that it was, but this isn't gonna work without you guys -- what made Avalon Mists great once was the quality of work that was submitted. It was the fanwriters who made it succeed once; I hope that we can bring it back again.

Editor, Avalon Mists