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Gathering Forums - A place to ask questions and discuss this year's upcoming Gathering of the Gargoyles.

The Station 8 Comment and Chat Rooms - The most active fandom forum.

The Gargoyle's Saga Comment Room - Always happy to discuss the TGS fanfic project, but you can chat about pretty much anything.

Gargoyles Free Forums!

Mooncat's Gargoyles X Forum

We Live Again - A Myspace Community

Stone By Day - A Livejournal Community

Deviant Art Gargoyles Central - A Deviantart Club - German gargoyles community hub site - Gargoyles also has its own USENET newsgroup. Yet another place to get in touch with fans and talk about all things Gargoyle.

Gargoyles Fan Registry

Gargoyles Fan Artists Guild

Kaylle's Gargoyles DVD updates

The Monthly Gargoyles Fanart Contest - everyone is welcome to participate!

Avalon Mists, version 4.0 - A webzine dedicated to essays, fanfiction, art, and informative updates on many aspects of Gargoyles and the Gargoyles Fandom. (Discontinued, Archive of previous issues still available)

Gargoyles Fanfiction Archive - 500+ Authors. More gargie fic than you can shake a stick at.

Stone By Day - a smaller archive of fan-written stories. Used to be found here.

Reawakening_Gargoyles - an LJ community contact point for fans.

The Gathering of the Gargoyles - The fandom's yearly convention.

Ask Greg - Have questions about Gargoyles? Let the creator answer! (Please check the extensive FAQ and "questions already answered" archive before asking a new question, as there is currently a two-year backlog of questions waiting.)

Station 8 - Host to a number of things including the above-mentioned Ask Greg, and one of the Gargoyles' Multimedia Archives.

Avalon Archives - A repository of all things Gargoyles. Fanfic, images, movies, sounds, fan art, etc.

The Gargoyles Saga - A group project run by fans since 1997, devoted to continuing Gargoyles where "The Journey" left off, based on the information originally revealed in Greg Weisman's series bible, including the spinoff series.

Gargoyles Webcomic Site - a group of fans dedicated to creating short webcomics based on gargoyles fanfic, and promoting gargoyles outside of the fandom.

Episode List and Synopsis

Gargoyles Wiki and its forerunner, JEB's Gargoyles Encyclopedia

Slave Labor Graphics - The company that puts out the new Gargoyles comic; you can order it and other comics directly from this website.

Creature Comics - Website dedicated to the corporation formed by Greg Weisman, Greg Guler, and Marty Lund that got the new Gargoyles comic project started in the first place.

The Gargoyles Ring of Power - A list of sites that are part of one of the oldest gargoyles webrings.




Live Fan Sites
The following sites all belong to Gargoyles fans, but are not neccessarily Gargoyles fan-sites. Most have some gargoyles-related content.

site name
owner / moderator
Aimee Major, used to be found at Aimee's Studio Aimee Major Artwork and Costumes
Aldraya's Castle Aldraya Some art, a few fics
Alex Destine's Gargoyles Page Alex Destine Some fic, and "Puck's Scrapbook", a Puck shrine with screencaptures
Andrea's Art on the web Andrea Artwork and Fanfic
Andreagoyle's Page of L'il Things Andreagoyle Art
Anevern Kythera of Anevern Art
Anime Gateway . Also, a shrine to Puck found at The Puck Archives Nabiki GMYW A site devoted to several series, including Gargoyles with an image gallery, a who's who, and fanfic.
Arctic Tigress's Lair Arctic Tigress  
Art World, also see Frenzzy's Domain Frenzzy General Fan Page
Aurro's Gargoyles Page Aurro Some screencaptures and canon character information
B.R.O.C. Gargoyles    
Baby Keeta's Clan Gryphon Page Keeta a member of clan gryphon - Keeta, Nambroth, Tagar and Sandy are the only ones listed on her pages
Blaqthourne & Crimson Fury's Page Blaqthourne a Bronx shrine (and more), screencaps
Blue Wyvern Webpages Tanika (?) Previously found here
Bioheaven, used to be found here Kahreen of Steelclaw Artwork and Fanfic
Brooklyn GRIT Okami Nochi A Brooklyn shrine
Brooklyn X's Labyrinth Brooklyn X Fanfic and picture archive
Castle Labyrinth Malibu Nylkoorb Art Gallery, now (Used to be found here, when it had screenshots and fanfic as well. Can Clan still links to the old site.)
Castle Mirrorbane Breee, leader of Clan Alasen Fanfic, Canon Episode Listing, Spells from Gargoyles, and Listing of the main cast voice actors
Castle Twilight Naya Fanfic and Top Ten Lists
Cat's Cabin, moved to Faydn Cat Black and Lady Kat Fanfic, historical reenactment material
Chicago's Gargoyles World Chicago aka Latane Canon character information, screencaptures, sound clips
Chris' Gargoyles Page Christopher Mills Show information, list of spells, sound and visual clips, fanfiction, and "some silly stuff"
Christine Morgan's Page Christine Morgan Fanfic, Gathering Journals, and more.
Clan Canada: The Can Clan Wingless Webhome of the Canadian Clan - member information, fic, online "egg" adoption, chats (chats are still down)
Clan: Claw Clan Falco and LadyLove The links to most of this site no longer function. : ( (Sahara, NightWing)
Clan Demanton   Member info
Clan Emanon Stickman Member info, Fic, Art, Filk, Used to be hosted Here on gargs-fans (Can Clan still points to this old link) Lich is a member. So were MAui, Ebony, Fellanora, Kyrstiana Slinky, Jethro, and Xeira.
Clan Ky'Son Gitana Fanfic, Fanart, Audio and Video Clips, Member info
Clan of the Mind & J.G.'s Art Gala Jade Griffin  
Clan of the Outcasts Susan Ziegler  
Clan Siuslaw Sombrero  
Clan Steelclaw Flynt and Thaylog member info
Clan Stonewings, used to be here   German site
Clan: The Miniclan Lex Atello Miniclan forums and member information
Clan: The Shadow Falls Clan Dark Jade member info, Fic, Art (s8 chatters under Dark Jade. Included Candy Palmer, Siryn, Kikasut, A Fan, Portiadove, Logan, DemonSpawn, and ArcticFox)
Clan: The Tsavo Clan   Mirc Clan
Clan Valkyrie    
Coloden, used to be The Coloden Void Kya White Sapphire, aka Kelly Creighton  
Defenders of the Night   Fanfiction by Tori Guzzardi, Valerie Howson, and Aerie.
Demona's Lair Jungle A Demona shrine
Demona's Mansion CrzyDemona Fic, Art, Costumes, and photos from the Gathering 1998. See her other site,
D.Taina's Gargoyless Imagery Resource Demona Taina Huge screencap site with an emphasis on pans, backgrounds, and humorous animation mistakes.
Die Gargoyles ("The Gargoyles") Hans Joachim-Neff German-language-only fan site with character guides and episode information
Dot Text Constance Cochran, aka Eilonwy Fanfic from several genres
Dragonlord's World of Fantasy Raptor 8x art gallery
Dreamie's Hideaway Dreamie Art
Ed's Gargoyle Page Ed Reynolds Episode List, Timeline, Fanfic, Alternate TGC, Puck's Fairytales, and more.
Elisa Maza's Website   On Hiatus
Faol abh Tairneanach's Caisteal Thunder Wolf Humorous bits, a Villains Gallery, and a defunct link to the :"Ulster Cycle", and the Gargoyles Underground HQ
Firdaus' Gargoyles Cavern Mohammad Firdaus Bin Aminordin. Screencapture gallery
Fire Storm's Dimension Fire Storm  
Fleur's Homepage Fleur Rhine Fanfic, and interesting gargoyles "science"information
Galvatron's Homepage    
Gargfic Alliance Webring Angel H. "Keeping Gargoyles alive through fanfic"
Gárgolas: Guerreros de la Noche    
Gàrgolas: Heroes mitológicos    
Gargoyle's Lair    
Gargoyles Clansite Dragon  
Gargoyles: Clan Manhattan and When Clans Collide! Coyote the Bando Fanfic and Fanart. "When Clans Collide" was a group fic project instigated and overseen by Coyote, but left unfinished due to the loss of storyline notes.
Gargoyles Fortress Klaus Zebercks Fans list their reasons for loving the show, over 300 (poor quality) screencaps.
Gargoyles in Paradise , mirrored at Maeve's Paradise Maeve Information on the history and myths that the show had aspects based on, and fanfiction.
Gargoyles International, moved from here Kayka Fanfic, Art, and a small "encyclopedia" of the show
Gargoyles Legacy aka Ultimate Gargoyles VP Artwork
Gargoyles, Mythos or Monsters Trynia Merin Fanfic
Gargoyles Swimsuit Special Kristia D'alene A collection of gargoyles art with all the characters in swimsuits.
Goliath's Homepage   Permanent Hiatus
Goliath's Webpage Goliath 22 of Emanon Information on the old (Marvel) run of Gargoyles Comics, List of Gargoyles Merchandise, avatar information.
The Griffin's Lair Jessica Entis Artwork, including personal photogrpahy, cermaics, and animations
The Grotto Gargress Screencaps, fanfic, fanart, audio and visual clips
Heather's Gargoyles Page Heather Heller General fan site
Hecatomb Y2Hecate Art
Hudson's Rather Random Homepage Hudson  
Iammystery's Diversity Realm Iammystery Fan page of a number of shows, including Gargoyles
Iphesos's Homepage Iphesos German fan site
Imaginator Central Liz Chesterman, aka Sarah Berkeley Artwork
Immortal Twilight, formerly The Fox's Den bherodes, aka Arazia Art and Writing
Insain's Gargoyles Page Insain General fan site
JEB's Gargoyles Page JEB (no longer being updated; see Garg Wiki)
Jeremy's Gargoyles Page Jeremy Gargoyles and gargoyle statue info
Jessie's Alley Jessie Fanart and fanfic
Kanthara's Loft, used to be here Kanthara Artwork
Karen Galarneault's Site Karrenia Fanfic from many genres Josh "Imzadi" Wurzel  
KJay's Gargoyles Universe KJay Fanfic and Character Guide
Kris's Home Page Aingeal  
Krystal Higgins - Online Portfolio Krystal Higgins, aka Niamhgold Artwork
Lady Eowyn's Fanart Museums   Artwork
Lilac's BeLoved Gargoyles Lilac General fan site Lain, aka EM Lee artwork, and the comic Hazard Pay
Lynati's Narcissism Page Lynati Art, Fanfic, Con Planning 101
Lynati's Gargoyles Screencap Heaven Lynati A huge number of screencaps with an emphasis on character references.
Macbeth   Info on the Historical and the Shakespeare Macbeth
Macleod's Page   Info on Gargoyles, Mythology
Marlos's Den Marlos Rawlings Artwork, info on costuming and body painting
Maverick Dragon's Lair Maverick General Fan Site
Melz Place Melz Artwork, Fic, info on Sallie Richardson and Keith David
Method to the Madness Shell Screencaptures
Mia Sara's Thailog Worship Page   Thailog shrine with fic, sound, and audio files
Michael Church's Gargoyles Page Michael Church, aka Logan of Shadow Falls  
Mid-Earth Vulcan8 Art
Mikegraphics Malachi of Steelclaw art
Misbegotten Son Saga Jenna Fanfiction
Moonlight Illusions Ranitagoyle Gargoyles and Sailor Moon fanfic site (also called Ithilien) Ithil Art
Norcumi's Library Norcumi Writing and some art
Old Wolf's Tavern BrightWolfe and MiLady Destiny Fanfic
Owen's Room R. Howell  
Peanut Butter's Freaky Brain Banshea of Miniclan Fanart
Phoenix Fire Llewelyn of Steelclaw Art and Writing
Planet Jurgan Jurgan Writing
Questions by Questioner Daphne  
Rangarig's Lair Rangarig General fansite available in either German or English
Raptor Woman's Home Page, moved to The Nethersphere Raptor Woman, aka Stephanie Lostimolo Artwork
Realm of the Absurd Dezi  
Rodnoi Realm, used to be found here Thaylog and Payne a Thailog shrine
Rulok the Gargoyle Rulok Gathering 1999 journal, an amazing gargoyles costume, Fanart
Save Our Gargoyle Petition Page   Permanent Hiatus
Save the Gargoyles Kaylle A Gargoyles Promotional Site

Silver's Art Palace , also Silver's Castle

Silver Artwork. Also see her online comic, Ravenwood.
Solitare's Hiding Place Solitare General Fan Site
Studio Other Mara Cordova Fic, Art, MiSTs
Taina's Holy Temple Demona Taina Fic, Art, and "Taina's Gargoyles Imagery Resource", an amazing series of Screencaptures.
Taking Back the Night Mandolin Fanfic, CHaracter info, and Photos from several of the Gatherings (1999, 2000, and 2002)
Tenth Orbital, formerly Surrealia Krista A. Leemhuis, aka Artemis Artwork
The Aerie, aka Puck's Place; used to be located here and here Patrick Toman filks , poetry, and top ten lists.
The Alternate Universe Jeffrey Patrick Lemarr Essays and Stories, mostly Buffyverse. No longer updated. The author has a new page, Mindworks, with fic and original stories.
The Albatros Hotel Stormy Fanfiction and some art
The Black Hole Danielle Kalkofen Art
The Castle Wyvern Library Larry Davison Fafic series, and a bookshelf worth of historical and literary links, as well as documents, pages, and links about Disney's Gargoyles. 1998 Gathering Con Journal.
The Chronicles of a Starbred S.J. Ferris Fanfiction
The Clocktower Lex Wyvern Fanfic, Show Scripts, Artwork
The Crossroads, aka Alita's Sanctuary, aka: Aiyrah's Realm, moved to the Angel-1 Network Angel H. Fanfic, Fanart
The Dark Side of the Sun and Merlin's International House of Nuts Nancy Brown, aka Merline Missy Fanfic from several genres
The Dark Tower ("DreamTime") Greg Bishansky Gathering 1999 journal, rambles about gargoyles, picture archive, and a shrine to Demona
The Dreamer's Workshop and Beyond the camera's lens Siryn Art
The Fantasy Realm Nephertina Some art and some writing
The Galaxy Moon Telraven  
The Gargoyle Place Dinko Awkward rundown of the show characters, and repeated mispelling of Bronx's name.
The Gargoyle Queen's Homepage Ami Weeks (Sailor Lum) Gallery and Profiles
The Gargoyle Tours   Spanish and English versions, all sorts of show information
The Harpy's Nest Celano Permanent Hiatus
The Home of Lost Tales Aris Katsaris The Gargoyles Season 1 Bible, Info on the canon clans, Fic, and more
The Hovercraft Robyn Canmore, aka Garg Elisa, GE of the Gargoyle Tower Inne Character information on the Canmore Siblings, Fanfic
The Inside Revel Art, Writing, and Photos
The Lair Solstice Solstice was a member of the now-defunct clan Whiptail. Art page.
The Laranisal Gargoyles Page Anne Jensen Fanfic and Quotes from the show
The Lost World, used to be Redraptor's Gargoyles Page Marina, aka Redraptor  
The Midwest Clan, previously here Matt "Mer" Little Fanfiction
The Moonstone Millenium, The Gargoyles Portion of which is mirrored on Ninane's Gargoyles Page Ninane Some info on the canon characters
The Mystic Land   Permanent Hiatus
The Observatory Amber, aka Jubilee Artwork, and writing by Sonya
The Page of Bud-Clare Bud Clare A Temple to Owen and Puck, Writing and Art
The Realm of Anubis    
The Refuge Siryn and Brooklyn Magus Links to the defunct page for the Clan of the Night, the miniclan webring, the dreamer's workshop, and a broken link to their library.
The Shores of Avalon (1) Desdemona Goliath and Elisa fan page with Screencaps and Discussions on the pair by Greg Weisman.
The Shores of Avalon (2) Ariel, aka Puckette Fanfic and Fanart, and a small Puck Shrine
The Temple of Delphi Cavalier and Mercedes Fanart, amazing Fanfic series, and a load of links
The Temple of the Trio JEB Archived site. A shrine to Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lex
The World of Al =) Alison Wilgus Fanart and Original Artwork
Thundra's Castle Thundra Art
Titania's Temple Shi no Megami, aka Titania Permanent Hiatus
Tokyo Roadkill and Joudama Scriblings Jewel Faulkner Fanfic from several genres
Tribute to Goliath and Demona Ecco1980  
Vid's Space Vid The Kid  
Yami Raven's Website Yami Raven  
Ylla's Art Gallery Ylla Artwork
Zath's Lair   Art, Fanfic, and fun stuff

Gone but not forgotten
These following page is full of links harvested from a number of old pages; as you can see, many are no longer active. Some are gone, but some may have just moved - if you know of the new url or new incarnation of any of these sites, please email us and let us know!

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