"Gargoyles...yeah, I remember that show- I loved that show!"

Is that your reaction when someone mentions the show to you? Are you a die-hard fan who has only now realized there is still a large fandom out there, or an old-timer who thought no one else cared anymore? Have you ever wished that something could be done to bring back the level of interest that existed a decade ago, back when the show was in its first run?

Don't just wish it, DO something about it! Yes, YOU! You can make a difference. The websites and conventions aren't run by Disney or industry professionals, they are made by fans just like you. It took ten years of poking by the fans to get any of the episodes on DVD, and without a dedicated fan base making their interest in the show known Gargoyles would never have made it onto DVD, let alone been THE FIRST Disney animated series to be released.


"But how could I possibly help?"

As show co-creator Greg Weisman keeps reminding us, the best thing you can do to help Gargoyles stay alive is to Spread The Word. Don't preach to the choir; let your friends in other places know about the show. Many don't know that the first thirty-nine episodes are out on DVD, or that there is a new comic book being released through Slave Labor Graphics. Most don't know about The Gathering of the Gargoyles, the annual convention that roves around the country.

Show your support for Gargoyles; declare it in your forum signature linking back to your favorite fansite, put up a banner on your website or blog. Go to comic book stores or anime conventions and pass out promotional fliers. Sponsor an advertisement on your favorite webcomic for a day or two or more. Just talk to fellow fans and let them know you still enjoy the show - or write to Disney and let them know there are still people out there waiting for the second half of season two on DVD! You can also attend our yearly Gathering, or buy merchandise to help support the convention.

And to make things even easier for you, here's a page of support banners and fliers for you to use, although you should feel free to make up one of your own; you can even post it to us so we can put it up for other people to use. : D


"So...I'm not alone?"

Of course not! There are a number of Gargoyles-based fan communities and websites out there, many of which are also trying to rally interest and support. We're trying for a complete listing here, so if you know of a site we have missed, drop us a line and let us know. You can also sign our guestbook.


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