Top 30 Moments of Gargoyles

Favorite Episodes have been polled, but what about specific moments- are all our favorite events captive inside those same episodes? We took a poll of the fandom in various forums on July 21rst, 2006, asking fans for what they thought were the handful of seconds that really stood out in the show. Here are the results, in no particular order.

* When the Gargoyles wake from the spell in Awakening, part 2 and Xanatos's reaction.
* The Magus’s death scene in Avalon, part 3
* The kiss between Goliath and Elisa in Hunter's Moon, part 3
* Owen revealing himself to be Puck in The Gathering. "Heeeeere's Puck!"
* “...Gone...bye-bye! ...Sorry 'bout that.” Lexington revealed to be the evil mastermind and the cause of the clan's death in Future Tense
* “Undead” stone Demona morphing her arm into a mace and raising it for the kill in Shadows of the Past
* "The password is...Alone."
* Puck cursing Demona at the end of The Mirror, and when she realizes what he has done to her.
* Goliath holding what he believes to be Demona's remains in Awakening, part 1. "My...Angel of the Night!"
* "I've been denied everything, even my revenge!"
* Brooklyn "telling off" Maggie during Kingdom, and the expressions on her face when she realizes Brooklyn is helping her and as she lets Talon out.
* Broadway's death scene in Future Tense. "Oh...yes. The sun. Can you see it Goliath? It's beautiful..."
* Goliath assuming Dracon shot Elisa in Deadly Force- "Elisa WILL have her revenge through me!" - and Broadway confessing that it was he, not Dracon, who shot Elisa by accident while playing around with her gun.
* Demona gambling the whole world by throwing the cannister rather than surrender quietly in Hunter's Moon, part 2
* Elisa sobbing in the clocktower at the end of Metamorphosis
* When Jackal steals Anubis' powers and starts lashing out at everything and everyone around him, and the Emir's speech when he becomes Anubis's avatar in Grief
* The clan's mourning of Hudson's apparent death in The Price, especially Brooklyn, and their reaction when he shows up alive.
* Thailog's introduction to Goliath in Double Jeopardy, and how the whole thing is his plot. "You mean that creature is still out's as powerful as Goliath, and it's smarter than you?" "Owen...I think I've created a monster."


Top 30 moments of Gargoyles, cont.
* Demona speech after showing up with the blaster gun in Awakenings, part 5. "You trusted me loved me, once. We have found eachother again after a thousand years of solitude; does that mean nothing to you?
* Sevarius's "death" in Metamorphosis
* Arthur knighting Griff in Pendragon
* Elisa falling off the dam in Hunter's Moon, part 3 and Goliath failing to grab her before the falling water pulls her under.
* Demona scaling the side of the castle after the massacre, wondering where her siblings are and then finding them all dead in City of Stone, part 1
* "You mean we went through all this trouble to get the grimorum, and now i can't even take it in with me?! What am I supposed to do? Eat it?!" Avalon, Part 2
* "Pay a man enough, and he'll walk barefoot into hell." Xanatos in Awakening, part 1
* "He's been using you Goliath! He's been using you the whole time!" Elisa in Awakening, part 5
* Petros's remarks and wedding gift to his son at the end of Vows
* Fox as the were-fox seeing herself in Elisa and attacking her in Eye of the Beholder
* When Demona steps out and confronts Brooklyn in the beginning of Temptation, and convinces him to listen to her.
* "Claw marks? What could be strong enough to leave claw marks in solid stone?" and Elisa looking up at the castle in Awakening, part 1

There are just so many good moments, and so many different ones that stand out in people's minds, that we decided to include some as honorable mentions.
~ Demona and Macbeth simultaniously punching Goliath in the face during City of Stone
~ "You mean you thought I was ugly?" ... "Uh...careful, updraft!" Goliath and Elisa during The Mirror
~ "It's alive...Alive!! know, I've always wanted to say that." Xanatos in Reawakening
~ When Goliath and Elisa meet Angela in Avalon part 2. "Goliath...whose daughter is she?"
~ Hudson introduced to Angela in The Gathering, part 1 ; "We're not the last...we're not alone."
~ Demona seeing Angela for the first time in Sanctuary
~ Elisa dressed as Belle walking the streets and dancing with Goliath in Eye of the Beholder. "They should have Halloween more often."
~ Goliath's response to learning why Macbeth captured him in Enter Macbeth : laughing and saying that Demona wouldn't lift a talon to save him.
~ The sequence in which Elisa and Goliath meet in Awakening, part 3
~ Seeing adult Brooklyn in Future Tense for the first time.