The Goliath Chronicles -- Revisited

Introduction, or, how it came to be --

     Way back when The Goliath Chronicles first aired, some fans found it to be a tad on the disappointing side. Several authors got together and decided to try their hands at rewriting the episodes. Using only the "official synopses" off the Buena Vista site for their guidelines, each of them took on a different episode. Avalon Mists is proud to present (in no particular order), the results of that decision.

Disclaimer --

     The characters of Gargoyles are the property of Disney and Buena Vista, used without their knowledge or permission, in the spirit of fan-love and a desire to see the characters lead full and interesting lives. No offense is meant to the writers of the original episodes, who did the best they could in the absence of the man who first breathed life into the stone, Greg Weisman. These stories, though they will in all likelihood never read them, are dedicated to Greg and the rest of the Gargoyles team.

This Issue's Episode --

     For It May Come True, by Christine Morgan

     This story was previously only available on the mailing list, and was read aloud by the author at the Gathering 1997 to a small but receptive audience.     

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