Top Ten Things That You Shoulder Never Do in the Gargoyles Universe
by Todd Jensen

10. Fall off a skyscraper in the daytime.

9. Ask Dominique Destine if she's interested in making a financial contribution to the Quarrymen.

8. Tell Jackal, Hyena, or Wolf (especially post-"Upgrade") that you really hated "The Pack" and were glad when it was taken off the air.

7. Make fun of Sevarius's middle name (Bartholomew).

6. Say "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty" to any of the Mutates.

5. Invite Broadway to dinner (unless you have enough food in the house to feed the entire population of western Europe).

4. Try to treat Puck as a piece of hockey equipment.

3. Do anything horrible to Angela (after which the only question will be whether Goliath or Demona will get to you first).

2. Stick your hand in a strange cauldron.

1. Try to outbid Xanatos on something, anything.

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