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This issue featuring: Rowan

Created by: Tara O'Shea

Burnett, Rowan AKA: Fionnualla ni Aine, Jackie Rowan Sex: Female Age: 1371 Height: 5'1" Weight: 103 Hair: Black Eyes: Grey

Born Fionnuala ni Aine, (Fionnuala, daughter of Aine) the jack called Rowan was given into the Queen's service by Lord Oberon shortly after her mother's death. First, however, she was trained by Oberon's Puck. The teacher and student developed a romantic relationship in 975 CE that survived their exile from Avalon and was rekindled in 1996 ("The Butler's Tale") when she was sent by Titania to fetch back her Mirror. Apparently some time after returning the mirror (yes, my dates are buggered--I'm working on it) Rowan returned to Manhattan, ostensibly to pixy-lead Brookklyn and Matthew Bluestone in the form of Fionnuala, a gargoyle, and Jackie, a human runaway, respectively. However the true purpose of her visit was to find out what Owen planned to do about the impending end of their exile. She became embroiled in the machinations of Gregory Marlowe, a rogue member of the secret organisation known as the Illuminati, and escaped only with the aid of the gargoyles, Matt, and Owen. To date, she owes Brooklyn a boon to repay him for his part in her rescue as well. June 21st, 1996, the Weird Sisters were dispatched to return all of the wayward fay to Avalon. They attacked Rowan in her home, and abducted her. However, with the aid of Titania, Rowan was able to return to Manhattan, however, bound in mortal form unless fulfilling a boon. There is, to date, no way around this geas. Rowan took a position as Alexander Xanatos' nanny, and shortly after, she and Owen Burnett were wed. It was revealed that she is Oberon's bastard (not that that actually carries any kind of actual stigma in anyone's mind other than *Rowan's*), a fact which she had always known but had no inkling that Owen also knew. Everyone else found out when Oberon crashed the wedding. Although Rowan is well over 1000 years old, and has taken the form of a 15 year old runaway human girl, and a 32 year old gargoyle, her current (and permanent form) as a mortal physcially she appears to be in her mid 20s. We do not yet know if she and Owen, bound in mortal form, will age. Only time will tell.... What's planned for the future: Brooklyn's boon involves a trip to Avalon for Rowan, Nin, and himself to meet the Eggs. Small problem... the Sister's effect a coup d'etat, Oberon gets bound in mortal form and exhiled (I'm thinking derelict in Central Park, thrown into the drunk tank. Who, me? Torture? bastard deserves it...), and Rowan, Brooklyn, and Nin are trapped on Avalon when the Sisters seal the borders. So Oberon goes to Xanatos for help. Gee, I have no idea why he'd think a man whose only son he tried to *steal* might be less than willing to help him retake the island....
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images: Rowan's true form Rowan as Jackie (with Owen from the model sheet) Rowan as Fionualla the gargoyle Wedding portrait (B&W)

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