Titania's Secret Catalog -- Article
The Largest Thing

Written by: Rodlox
Note: I'm using both data from the series, as well as what fanfic I've read, for this.  any ommissions are entirely my own.

Scene:  Manhattan, New York, USA:
 The contestants in the swimsuit competition step out from behind the curtain, one by one.  Their suits range from skimpy two-pieces to gracefull 
one-pieces.  They cover the chest, the hips, and the wings.  As the judges deliberate -

"Wait" you're saying.  "Wings?  Why are wings under a bathing suit?"

It's a good question.  And one that gives a sour answer; sour because to learn why wings might be covered, we must remind ourselves what wings are . . .

An old riddle asks "What is the largest organ in the human body?"The answer - "Skin."

Now we have a new question: "What are the three largest organs of a gargoyle?"

The answer, in my opinion:  "Skin, wings, tail."   Although some of them might add 'and beak.'  :)

In a number of flying species, wings are used for courtship.  This can range from bright colours, to intricate dances and waves; ostriches do this as 
well.  Birds and bats alike use their wings for more than just flying -- for example, wings can be used for hunting and scooping up prey, as a blanket for the young, and even a way to decieve enemies [the kildeer does this, pretending to be injured].

If modern flying animals can do this, argue paleontologists, so too could pterosaurs, which could in all likelyhood, also see colour.

We don't know in canon how gargoyles see at night  --  if it's a form of built-in night vision goggles, or ultraviolet/infrared, achromatic, or some 
other means  --  but surely it would affect them in ways we can only dream of.   Perhaps this is why all the gargoyles I can remember  are one-colour over their entire body  [even Leo and Una adhere to that].

Could we not envision that, as the breeding season approaches, the wings begin to change colour?   Even if nothing more than one spot on each wing -- how many reasons would something of gargoyle size require 'eyespots'?   Perhaps to provide contrasts - a silver dot on an otherwise dark wing - to attract a mate.

Note that, while a few writers have given gargoyles a special reaction to being rubbed between the wings, the topic of the wings themselves has been untouched.  Even the tail gets more attention - figuratively and literally - than their fellow appendages.

Why is this?   Do people despair of finding a fabric that is both comfortable *and* does not interfere with the gliding-flight of gargoyles?

I admit, this is a hurdle; one I myself could not cross.  I hope it is not a hurdle to many for much longer.

In ending, I leave you with something that I would have sent here, had I been able to complete it.  From Angela's perspective, this is what inspired 
this sorta-essay:

I swoop down and land on the roof of this elderly warehouse.  As I had approached it, there hadn't been any lights on, no cars or trucks outside, 
no activity beyond a few pigeons fluttering about.

A perfect place for me to hide and wait it out.

My wings are already paling.  Yesterday evening, I spied a silver streak on one wing; a small one, barely noticable, but still.

That was when I ran - glided - away from home, away from my clan._

and remember: these are only ideas.  thoughts, not commands.

The End 

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