Bonds of Love

by Morgana Fae

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Bonds of Love

He awakes and sheds his skin of stone
All the while his eyes a flash of white shone
With a stretch, he hops down from his high perch
Where he sees his love in the corner, in the lurch

Greetings came then from he and his clan
He takes her into his hold ever like the proper gentleman
A smile then appears upon her wine colored lips
In response with grace his head slowly dips

Their hearts do beat to the tune of love
While they alone feel what resembles the wings of a dove
That made their stomachs and hearts flutter like so
All the while their relationship and love does truly grow

They stand entwined watching out over their city
Their relationship has sired many emotions but never pity
Though thoughts and questions burn from deep within
They know they weathered it all to take that one step forward to begin

A bond they share has been tested may a time before
Enemies they had and those anew they can not ignore
They together are bound by a shared and believed cause
And as a team they keep the enemy from breaking any laws

Feelings they carry for one another are so familiar
Yet for these two they are completely so similar
Memories they both do cherish and remember
All the while their secret emotions knowingly stir

From the setting and rising of the golden sun
Times and moments they wish will never be undone
Fears and worries do hang in the balance of their world
While evil's plans are always ready to be unfurled

Standing above the city they can not help but reminisce
About that fateful day not so long ago when they first did kiss
Truly a moment so special it is something they will always cherish
Never having to fear that that this treasured memory will perish

His loyalty, her grace do create a special spark
While this love does created an everlasting mark
In their kind and open hearts they both do posses
While the feeling and love they both do confess

* *