A Letter from the Editor:

    Welcome to another issue of Avalon Mists! Lots of great things are in store for you, from some
terrific fiction to many wonderful pics. I was especially gratified by the reponse to the Challenge,
which resulted in the Titania's Secret Catalog. Oddly but perhaps amusingly, Thailog was rather
well-represented. Just a word of caution, though -- some of the pics are saucy, and the Catalog also
includes fiction by myself and the delightfully notorious Madame Destine (her story has more action
in it; mine's just a whimsical little shopping trip).
    For myself, quite a bit has gone on since the last issue was posted. I have two new books out. The
3rd in the MageLore trilogy, Archmage of the Universe, debuted at the Gathering in Los Angeles (the
best con yet; check out my essay and photo album). And just a couple of weeks ago, my author
copies of Silversilk, the first of the follow-up ElfLore trilogy, arrived from Renaissance Alliance Publishing.
Also, my short story "Dawn of the Living-Impaired" will be in the upcoming anthology The Book of All
Flesh, coming from Eden Studios.
    I will be leaving on Thursday for DragonCon, which is why I had to rush to get this issue of Avalon
Mists posted a little early. Wanted to have it done in time. This will be the biggest convention I've ever
been to, with oodles of famous guests. If luck and patience are with me, I hope to come home with a
MacBeth card signed by John Rhys-Davies.

Christine Morgan
August 27, 2001