In Her Eyes: Awakenings

by MidnightzStorm

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Dear Journal,

I can’t really believe what happened tonight, so I have decided to write it all. I was on patrol tonight when on my radio there was call that the Eyrie Building has debris falling from castle on top of the building and lasers firing.

I of course turned my Fairlane around and made my way to the building. When I finally made my destination Morgan an officer that just transferred to the 23rd prescient was already there. People were there were close to the building as the stonewalls of the castle fell upon the street, and laser fire could be heard from above. “Get back!” I yelled, “Or you'll wind up street pizza.”  And they said curiosity killed the cat; I say it killed the average New York citizen. 

I pressed myself against apiece debris of stone, to find claw marks. What could be strong enough to make claw marks on solid stone? Little did I know I would find out. 

Then it stopped. Morgan asked “What do you figure that was all about, Detective?” I could only answer looking up at the castle “I don't know, but I'm going to find out.” I told the other officers, I would go, we don’t need to send out a whole squad. I was very determined to find out what happened. 

I made my way inside a huge building, where I met a security guard, and waved my badge. And I said I would like to talk to Mr. Xanatos. I have found the only way to getting answers is going to the source. The guard looked at me for minute almost in shock, then he called up and said that Mr. Burnett (Xanatos’ assistant) would be coming.  

My first question was “What happened up?”  Burnett said in a very monotone voice, which reminded me of an old teacher that’s class I use to fall asleep.  That it was an accident. One of their newly installed generators in the castle exploded. Exploding generators, yeah right. I interrupted him saying that I had I heard automatic weapons firing up there. And that they could let me look the place over, or I can come back with a warrant and a lot more cops. 

That was when David Xanatos came in. I had seen him on TV before; he always acted cocky, self assured, and full of it. He is even more so in person.  He said that he had just called the Mayor to give his apologies. I got right down to business. And ask again what happen here, and told him not to tell me that it was an exploding generator. He said that was for the press. Ah, the journalist wouldn’t they just love to get their unclean hands on what I found. 

What Xanatos told almost made me laugh, and remember almost. “The truth is that my men repelled an invasion by a rival corporation trying to steal some of our new technology.” Ha, he sounds like he’s a general in some kind of cold war. I could only answer, “Repelled an invasion? You're a private citizen, Xanatos, not a country.” He of course made the remark of saying that he is the owner of a multinational corporation, which is bigger than many countries I could name. I could only silently say ‘Try me’. 

We came outside where there was stone rubble all around; the laser firing I heard on the ground could only make it. I questioned him for a few minutes. Trying to see the truth in any of what he was saying. Then his assistant Owen came and said their guests were having some trouble in the kitchen. Then he left me to have Owen show me out. 

I looked around the castle; it was so majestic, like it belonged to a fairy tale not to the New York skyline.  And on the archway I saw a gargoyle that swore I thought I saw move. When Owen asked what was wrong I told him. He said, “Yes. This old place is rather spooky at night. I've thought the same thing more than once,” with smile that wasn’t meant to be on his face.

We said our goodnights as I got in elevator, however I knew that they were holding something back. I stopped the elevator, and said to the air “Sorry pal, but this investigation isn't over yet.” A good detective trusts no one. Even if I weren’t a cop I wouldn’t trust Xanatos to do my laundry.  

The castle was very spooky and dark. So I brought out my flashlight that was in my jacket. I muttered to myself as I thought something or someone was following “A good laugh would be worth a lot of money right about now.” Speaking of speaking to myself I need to stop that, people will think I am crazy. 

I climbed a few stairs and made my way up to a ledge. I was at the highest point on Earth, the view was great, but I didn’t get much time to think about that. When I had a growl. I turned a press my back to the wall, and took out my gun and pointed it at the darkness of the shadows. I said, “Okay, pal! Let me see ya, nice and easy.” When this strange beast came out and growled more at me. I admit it; I was going to shoot it. I didn’t if he was going to attack me, well I didn’t know what he was when. 

Then as I was walking back, I ran into a huge figure that took my gun and smashed it before my very eyes. In all my years as a cop, I have never been so scared. I started backing up to edge of the castle and I started to fall. Never have I ever felt like that. Knowing the pain that was going to come, and the darkness. I could barely think when the creature flew down and caught me; I reached up into his arms hardly breathing. 

We then came to a ledge. I saw him for really the first time. He was over seven feet long, stood on his toes of his feet. He had a lavender shade of skin, and a very muscular body. His face was sad, and his eyes showed age beyond his years. He was handsome, however alien to me. I said “Okay, okay, just take it easy.” Not sure if I was saying it to him or me.

“What were you doing in my castle?” he asked me. His voice was deep and seemed it could be used to be soothing or threatening. I was shocked at first I didn’t think he could talk, and said so out loud. I then asked him “Who-What are you?” He said that his kind, had no names, but the humans called him Goliath. I could clearly see why. “Your kind? You mean there's more than one of you?” I asked again. He seemed sadden as he sighed and said “Barely.” He was about to leave, when I said, “Please don’t go.” We needed to get down to the street or back up to the castle. And I said, “Since you can fly.” However interrupted me and said that he couldn’t fly. He could only glide on currents of wind. And there were none strong enough there to lift us back up. Then I asked if we were stuck here. He then sigh once more, and grabbed me and put me to his back and said “Hold on.” As I watch his claws go right through the stone, I couldn’t help but to gasp and tighten my hands that were around his neck. He said, “Trust me.”   

After awhile we got to the castle. I had been holding my breath the whole so I started to pant. Then all of a sudden the same creature that had been following me came back, growling even more at me. Goliath said that he wouldn’t hurt. Then again he asked me what am I doing here, and said, “And, please, don't fall off the building this time.” Ha, and seemed like the person, uh gargoyle who didn’t make jokes. I couldn’t help but to smirk. 

Okay this is what I found out. Originally he and his clan lived in Scotland, till they were attacked and betrayed by the only human the trusted. (It seems that it will be hard to gain his trust, if that is even possible.) Then the Magus (a type of wizard) put a spell on the remaining gargoyles. The spell was that they would be frozen in stone till the castle rose above the cloud. And it has, in Manhattan. And now they all woke up a thousand years later. 

Goliath seemed very brief in this entire story. He asked if I would keep this to myself. I swore I would, and kept the word trust out of it. I then questioned if anyone else new of him. He told me, “Only the man called Xanatos. He brought us here.” Then the clan came. There were only four others. The red one who was a little shorter then me with a beak sniffed me. And inquired if I were a new friend. I could only murmur “Boy, I hope so.” 

Goliath then introduced me, “This is Elisa Maza.” I then pulled out my badge and said “Second class, NYPD.” I don’t thing they had any idea of what I had just said. Then the older one asked, “What exactly does a detective do, lass?”  He had a strong Scottish accent unlike the others. One of his eyes had been scared and I do believe that he can’t see. He carried a sword also unlike the others who had no weapons. (But I bet none of them needed them with those muscles.) I was very unsure how to answer his question since I had never been asked it before. I said something like when someone does something wrong I find them and I arrest them. Goliath said in an almost angry “Who decides what’s wrong?” I then talked about the justice system and laws that the people decided. He then corrected me by saying, “The humans decided.” I almost took that offensively.

He then got worried and told me to go. I asked him if I could see him again, I wanted to know more about him. And then said that he saved my life I owed him. Goliath thought about then said if they were to defend the castle, they need to be prepared for whatever is out there. I suggested that we met in the afternoon, but he interrupted me. And said after dark. Why was I not surprised? Then I said I would meet him after dark here. But then he pointed to a building across the sky, and said, “No, not here. There.” I asked why, and he said, “Why were you sneaking into the castle?” I simply told him, what I have told a lot of people, “A good detective trusts no one.” After that he said that was one thing that we have in common. When left I heard the older one say “It seems that much has changed from what we knew.” He had no idea. 

When I got to the station, it was past my work hours, but still I had fill out a report. I put out everything that I knew, expect for the gargoyle part. If I did the Captain would have me committed. And Goliath would take my throat out. I wonder what would be worse?

On my way out, Gary Collins, another detective, stopped me. “So what are you doing tomorrow, darling?” Ugh, he used the pet names ever since he saw that it got on my nerves when Dracon kept calling me ‘sugar’ the whole time I busted him last year for stealing. “I am showing a friend around the city. He’s new to it.” I told him as I put his hand off my shoulder. “He? What’s is he like?” Collins questioned. I thought about for a minute, then answered, “He’s tall, dark, and handsome,” as I walked to my car. 

Ha, Goliath is. Whoa, look at the time, I better password this, lock it up, and hide it. Who would know what would happen if someone found it. 


Elisa A. Maza


Dear Journal,

Right now I am in the middle of Central Park, babysitting a piece of lawn furniture. Since I don’t have my computer with me, I decided to write everything down on my notepad that I always have with me. Okay let me start at the beginning.

I made my way to the building that Goliath had which happen to be a hotel. I had to sneak my way in, though I had my badge ready just in case. When I made my way to the top no one was there. I called out, when Goliath came around the corner, and scared me to death. I asked what he was doing hiding there. He said he was making sure that I was alone. Someone doesn’t trust me (not that I don’t blame him). I told him that he could handle a whole SWAT team. I don’t think he knew what that was. 

Then the elder came, Goliath looked surprised at this and asked, “What are you doing here?” He had come to make sure Goliath ‘didn’t get ambushed.’ I told them that they were paranoid even for New York. I asked what should I call him. I remember this conversation exactly it is hard to forget. He said, “Must you humans name everything? Nothing's real to you till you've named it, given it limits.” I told him that wasn’t true; things just need names. Then he asked, “Does the sky need a name? Does the river?” I said the “The river’s called the Hudson.” He walked right into that one. The elder looked at me to Goliath, then sighed and said “Fine lass, I will be the Hudson as well.” Thank goodness we weren’t looking at Queens.

I then brought the problem of having people seeing Goliath on the ‘tour’. He said it was simple; we would stay on the rooftops. Yeah, me without my hang glider. I told him “Easy for you with those wings, but what about me?” Without a word, he scooped me up, as I gasped. I said “Well, that answers that question,” as I put my arms around his neck, and smiled. That is when we both felt Hudson’s eyes (or eye) upon us. I remember that look so well; my father had given to me many times. 

Goliath coughed (or at least I think he did) and said, “Coming…Hudson?” Hudson said no; that the city was too bright, loud, and big. He just wanted to make sure Goliath was all right. I asked Goliath what he wanted to see. He told me that he wanted to see the dangers that threaten his clan. I told him to lighten up, he was bringing me down and I was a cop. 

Then we came to the edge of the building, I looked down and took a deep breath. Then we took off. There is not a feeling like that. We were almost like flying. I haven’t seen this side of the city before, if you count the helicopter chases that my brother and I have had to go on. The wind was in my face, and blew through my hair. I admit I tighten my grip on him, when we started to fly higher. And he asked “Don’t you trust me?” and I came with “Do you trust me?” That silenced him.

Goliath asked about the weapon I was carrying with me the last night. Oh, what Captain asked when I told her I lost my gun. I told him what it was for. He looked down at the city for a moment with sadness in his eyes. “It is just another way for humans to kill each other.” I was going to argue when he asked about the lights. I went into a little lesson about electricity (boy, do I wish I listened more in science class). I pointed out most of the major sites; Madison Square Gardens, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and a lot more. 

When we stopped, I asked him what he thought of the city. He said that they have been so many ‘amazing changes’ to world well they slept, and, “Stone streets. Finer than those the Romans built. Towers of glass and iron.” I never thought the city that way. I have lived here all my 26 years. Goliath then asked why there weren’t any walls to guard the city, and protect it from invaders. I told him that our biggest worries aren’t from the outside; they are from the inside. Goliath said that he knew of that all too well. 

We started flying when I say a small gang about to mug a man out on the street. Goliath took us down to the alley near by, and said “Bring them to me.” I looked at him and nodded. I came out and asked them, “Aren't you boys late for your 4H club meeting?” I love that line. One of the gang said this keeps getting better and better. They had no idea about how wrong they were. I then brought out my badge, didn’t work. I told them I was warning them, but they thought I was bluffing. And last I said, “Have it your way.” And I walked into the dark alley. 

When I said Goliath could take on a whole SWAT team I was right. He threw them out with the garbage where they belong, literarily. As we heard the couple that he just save scream he asked, “Human gratitude?” I told him I guessed. Then said that he might be the best thing to happen to the city in along time. 

And then I went to call it in. Goliath waited on the rooftops as the police arrived. Morgan whistled when he saw the knocked out thugs. “You did all this?” he questioned me. I told him I have a lot of help, from a concerned citizen.   

“There is one more place I want you to go to,” I told him. As we took off once more, and I lead him to the most peaceful place in the city. Central Park. I joked saying that we were the only couple in the park, that didn’t have to be worried about being mugged. Goliath took it the wrong way and said that this world is just savage as the one that he remembers. I told him that the city might have an ugly face, but there is more to it, there is beauty. 

That is when Goliath heard a rustles in the bushes. And then a dart gun emerged from the bush, and fired at Goliath’s shoulder. Then a bunch of comic book rejected commandos came out. I brought my gun out, just for it to be kick away. One of them grabbed me behind my arms, as I asked what they wanted. The leader said that he was tying up lose ends. Ugh, the jerk. He then said with a smile that once Goliath was out of the way they would hunt down those others ones. Goliath the protested saying “I won’t let you.” The leader then said that he didn’t have a choice. I then stomped on the commando that was holding me, and then throw myself out at the leader, and he took a fall. Then Goliath regained his energy and began to fight. After that he picked me up and started to run, a got a little air on a hill. 

We made our way to a bridge so Goliath could rest. He asked what was wrong with him. I told that they pumped him full of something. And looked at his shoulder to find a tracking device of some kind. Goliath called it a form of magic (that’s one way of putting it). There was a manufacturer’s logo on it, its looks familiar but I can’t recognize it. Then I put the transmitter on a stray dog that was near by. 

“Come on, let’s get out of here.” I told him, as I took he’s arm and place it around my shoulder. He kept saying it was too late, and he was helpless during the day that he had no defense. I asked him what happens at sunrise, he said you’ll see, and I did. The CBRG (comic book reject group) had come, and I told Goliath that we have to move. But when I turned to him, I found him, what’s the word, stoned (well, that’s how most of my dates end.) And I knew I couldn’t let the CBRG get to him, so I made sure they saw me, so they would follow me.

And so they did. I ran strait into a picnic ground where I use to have lunch with my friends, when we were younger. I hid behind on of the tables in the middle and waited. They are idiots, but I couldn’t take them all down by myself, so I would have to take them out one by one. So I waited till one of them came near my table, I tripped him and knocked him down. And then took he’s gun. The CBRG started firing, and I fired back, taking one out. And I began to run again. I ran till I made my way into a boathouse. I check my gun it was empty. I couldn’t help, but to mutter damn. Then the firing started again, and nearly got me if I hadn’t of ducked. Then I noticed that I was kneeling right next to many cans of leaking gasoline. I jump into the water, right as the boathouse exploded. I swam till I was underneath a dock. One of the CBRG was skimming the edge till; she came right beneath where I was. I pulled her leg, and she fell into the lake. And I jumped out. Four down, one to go, and it was the leader. I ran as fast I as I could till I came to a stream with many rocks on the other side of it, I could go no father. I could hear his footsteps near by, so I thought fast. And took my jacket off, and placed it on a branch. When the came leader he said “It's over lady. Don't get me wrong I admire you. You and that freak-job took out four of my people.” Ha, he fell for it, once he saw it was only my jacket he knew he was in trouble. I knocked he’s gun into the water, and flipped him over. 

Once I caught my breath I made my way to check on Goliath, then I made a phone call to the police station. When they arrived I was nearly going to pass out of my feet, I was so tired. They asked where the CBRG, I could only tell and point at the five different places. They arrested them on accounts of disturbing the peace and shooting at an officer. 

Now, I am sitting here next to a frozen Goliath wondering when he is going to wake up. I think I am going to get some more sleep. 


Elisa Maza


Dear Journal, 

Another strange night! Let me go to when I left off last time. I was in the park still; waiting (and hoping) that Goliath would wake up, or become flesh again. Many people had came by and every time I was ready to attack (well, if I was awake.)  However it seems that the goons’ squad wasn’t coming back. 

Dust was coming, and I watched the sun surrender to the night. It is one of my most favorite times of the day. That was when I heard some cracking from Goliath, I turned to him, as he stood up, his wings spread apart and the stone broke away to show his flesh. There are only two words to describe it, breathe taking. 

I asked once he turned to me, “Are you alright?” He answered “Of coarse,” as if I was supposed to know that he was all right. He said that sleep rejuvenates gargoyles. He then asked if I stayed with him the whole day. I said modestly yes, I didn’t know if those jerks were going to come back. He thanked me, and said that I possibly saved his life. Well now we are even. Goliath took my hand in his, as if to say thank you. He was about to leave, when I asked if we could meet. He smiled and nodded, and we both left the park.

I took a taxi to get my car, and then made my way to my apartment to change quickly.  And then hurried to 23rd. I had to do paperwork. I became a cop to not do paperwork (though that is not the only one). I started typing on the computer remembering the mass database, then recalling the tracking device on Goliath, and quickly began to search for it. Okay get this, Xanatos sent the goons and planted the tracking bug on Goliath, he probably even did it himself. I knew there was something wrong with that guy. Now I thought about what would be he’s plan, he would want to use the gargoyles but how. 

That was when Captain told me to get in her office. There she told me that two CyberBiotics disks had been stolen from what the employees said were winged monster. It couldn’t be Goliath and the clan. They wouldn’t, wouldn’t they? She told me that the third disk was at an Air Fortress that was flying over the Brooklyn River. I was out of there faster then I knew. 

When I came, I found the Fortress destroy and sinking into the river, people jumping out for their lives. And two gargoyles flying into the sky. I could only question out loud “Goliath?” I don’t know, I was very confused for a second, almost hurt as if I was betrayed. I thought of it for a second, this was Xanatos’ plan; he wanted the disk from his rival company and he used the gargoyles to get them. 

After the rest of the police came, and was finished, I rushed to find Goliath. I looked up and down the town. I looked at the tops of the buildings so much people probably thought I was a tourist; before I gave up hope I went to Goliath and mine meeting point. A few minutes later there he was. I asked him where he was, my voice sounding to my terror like my mother’s. 

We compared notes; he said that the attack on the castle was by the same group that attacked us in the park. The attack was staged, to make the gargoyles think that the disks were stolen. I told him that Xanatos was using him, he turned his head away. I felt terrible for him right there, humans betrayed his clan and destroyed it, know a thousand years later another human that he might have trusted betrayal him. Without thinking I pulled his head back to face me. I told him that we haven't known each other very long, and I knew he didn’t have any good reason to trust humans. But he had to trust somebody in this world, and I thought he’d be better off with me than Xanatos. He looked at me; I do believe we had a ‘moment’. He then made a fist with his hand. He then hurried to make sure that his clan was all right. 

I then ran out that building as fast as I could. Made a call to the Captain saying that I know where the disks were, and asked for backup. She said that I had no proof, but still she called backup, which was going to wait outside. I went quickly to the Eyrie building flashed my badge at the guard. I was going up with or without a warrant. 

When I found them I saw a female gargoyle with a bazooka pointed at Goliath. She was said, “Humanity is a poison that must be purged from this planet.” Whoa, that was a major insult. I waited to find out what was happening. Xanatos was knocked out; the clan was just watching trying to figure out what was happening. During this the female continued her monologue, saying to Goliath that he trusted her once, and he loved her once. I don’t known what kind of emotion came through me, but it wasn’t a pleasant one. Was I jealous? Well never mind that. Goliath was not agreeing with her thoughts on humans, so she then said, “If you are not my alley then you are my enemy.” And she pointed her gun at him, and said that she had a name too, Demona. Demon, it suited her. 

She was about to shoot Goliath and he didn’t seem like he was going to move, I rushed in and tackled her. The bazooka went off and brought a tower coming down, which took off the part that both Demona and I were standing on. And we both started to fall to the ground. I tried to grab the edge of the wall, but I failed. I was not sure what was going to happen, and then Goliath reached and took my hand, and saved me again. 

Goliath looked down to where Demona had fallen (rocks had hit her and she couldn’t seem to get any wind to glide). I felt almost guilty; he saved me instead of her.

Xanatos had wakened up; Goliath walked over and grabbed him by the neck, threatening to drop him to the city streets below.  “She wanted me to destroy humanity! I think I'll start with you!” I was right; he was very scary when being threatening. Xanatos could only say calmly go head, without him the clan would still be stoned. I really hate this guy, but I couldn’t let Goliath kill him. Being a murderer can eat you up from the inside. And also this is just what Demona wanted. And I told Goliath so. Hudson agreed with me, asking Goliath if this is what he wanted. He growled no; Hudson told him that he had done the right thing. 

Xanatos was about to walk away when I stopped him. “You are under arrest,” I told him. And brought my handcuffs and told him his rights as I brought him downstairs. It’s going to be an open and shut case, the evidence is all there. 

I went back up to find the gargoyles getting ready for dawn, and I met Goliath on the highest tower. “It's nice to know I have at least one human friend in this new world,” he told me. I said I hoped he would have lots more, but whether he did or didn’t I would always be his friend. And asked him “Same time tomorrow night?” He said he wouldn’t miss it. I told him good maybe we could catch a Giant’s game. “Giants?” he questioned, and his face stayed frozen that way as dawn came. 

I wonder if this is ready for them? But I guess I’ll find out. I have a feeling that my life at least my nightlife is going to get stranger. 


Elisa Maza