Writer's and Artist's Challenge:
If They Mated ...

Greetings, writers and artists, and welcome to your next Challenge!
The topic this time is "if they mated," which means we want to see your
speculations on what the children of various pairs might be like.

Set aside for a moment the difficulties of crossbreeding ... set aside the
personality conflicts between various characters ... have fun, and let
your imagination run wild!

Results can be anything from the canonically reasonable
(pairs we've already seen in the show, like Broadway and Angela) to
the unlikely (secret love child from the past of Elisa and Tony Dracon?)
to the downright bizarre (Titania and Nokkar). Anything goes.

With artwork, please include a short explanation of who the parents are.

    E-mail your pics and stories to christine@sabledrake.com by Wednesday,
November 28th, for inclusion in the Winter 2001 issue.