The Gear of Gargoyles
by RPG Goliath

Cyberbiotics Inc:

C-biotics guards from the "Awakenings" are using two types of weapons.

1. Handgun looking like modified and upgraded (new, modern-looking barrel, enlonged clip) version of classic german-production 9mm
Parabellum Mauser pistol (first model developed in 1896!). Vinnie's gun.

2. Some kind of full-automatic assualt rifle, designer propably has been inspiritated by both French 5.56 FA-MAS and US standard issue
M-16 construction. Interesting thing is there's no magazine visible.

Xanathos Corps:

Both Xan Corp security guards like special forces are equiped with Israeli 9mm UZI submachine guns, with some cosmetic changes and
somewhat low fire rate. Commandos' weaponry also includes non-frag and CS gas handgrenades, unidentified light sideguns and combat
bowie knives.

Xanathos' personal gun from "The Kingdom" *may* be Parker-Hale IDW MkIII machine pistol.

New York Police Dept:

Elisa's gun is some 9mm semi-auto. Sorry, but 75% of handuns are looking exactly like these presented in series...Hmmmm, maybe Beretta?
I really don't know.

SWAT troopers from "Reawakening" is equiped with...the police shotguns (a whole team!)


A biker gang leader's revolver is police issue a S&W'38 Magnum (from the "Temptations").

One of the Dracon's men who kidnapped detective Bluestone in beginning of "The Silver Falcon" episode was armed with a military version of
Remington 12'gauge pump-action shotgun.


The Pack's helicopter from the "Her Brother's Keeper" is mix of Russian Mi-24, heavy attack/transport chopper, and US RAH-66 Commanche
stealth gunship...Damn cool machine by the way! :)

MacBeth's mercenaries airplanes from "In the Sea of Time" is simply British Areospace AV-8B Super Harrier "Jump Jets" with a laser weapons
systems installed. His 'UFO' anti-grav aircraft from City of Stone looks like these early 'reports' on the Aurora, USAF top-secret
experimental stealth VTOL spy(?) plane (now it's believed as rather triangle-shaped).

The Luftwaffe warplanes from scene of night raid over London in "MIA" were Messerschitt Me-109s (however, they weren't a night fighters:
FockeWulf FW-190s should be, instead).

To be contiued! ^_^