A Letter from the Editor:


    As anticipated, it's been a nerve-wracking summer.
    But a great one!
    Dark of the Elvenwood, my second novel, arrived just in time for the Gathering 2000 in Orlando. With
introduction by John Kovalic of Dork Tower fame, and cover and interior art by our fandom's own Christi
Smith Hayden, plus an even better story than the first in the MageLore series, overall I am exceedingly pleased
with the way it came out. I also started a Yahoo club, Sabledrake Hall, for fun and talk about my books.
    So don't delay, order your signed copy today! Perfect for any reader on your holiday shopping list! Help
support a struggling author who spends far too much time writing fanfic for free when she should be working
on getting published! ; ) When all else fails, try the guilt ...
    The big event of the summer for the Morgan family was our trip to Florida for the Gathering. Read all about
it and view many photos in my traditional Gathering Essay!
    We have another fun issue of Avalon Mists for you! The results from the last Challenge, the Random Gargoyle
Generator, came flooding in! I think the grand total was 25 pics, several with multiple random gargs, and a few
that came without pics, as write-ups only. I've heard, though, that some have found the Generator to be a tad
addictive; might have to step in and do a couple interventions!
    The deadline for submissions to the Winter issue is Wednesday November 22. This is a week early, but as it's
right before Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season, I thought it best to try and get things done ahead of
time. E-mail submissions or contact me for any questions!
    Not much else to say, so read and enjoy! And register now for the 5th Annual Gathering of Gargoyles, to be held
next June in Los Angeles!
    Oh, yeah, and buy my books!

Christine Morgan
August 31, 2000