Character Spotlight -- Blood Ties Character List
By  Anthony  ‘Rodlox’  Docimo

The following is a list of some characters which I have invented for the series Blood Ties, which is a crossover with Brimstone, Gargoyles,
Angel, Men In Black, X-Men the movie, and several others. {‘dammed soul’ refers to a Brimstone-based character}.

Series: Blood Ties.
Species: Gargoyle.
Class: Dammed Soul.
    But Ceala only perked up when she saw one of the men she was supposed to fight. Tall and thick, almost feral-looking. Not surprising,
it is a gargoyle. Another dammed soul -- and this one’s one of the carriers of plague. The last time she’d seen him, he’d wiped out most
of a gargoyle rookery.
    One of the eggs, she’d made sure, got to a Caesar’s hands. “That one’s mine,” she told the gladiators on either side of her, pointing to
her target.
    The dammed one she’d chosen to fight was muscular and noble-looking, an odd shade of purple.
    But when one reached the wings, it changed: instead of gargoyle wings, he just had stubs covered in scabs. The plague that he carried
would rot off a gargoyle’s wing, but have no more effect on a human than a slight itch.
Author’s note:
    The egg that was saved, it did hatch and grow -- and greeted Brooklyn on his initial timedance. Yes: Primus. With the height and
musculature of Goliath -- which nearly cost the clan leader his life -- Plague prefers the use of force rather than subtlety, and he was like
that even before he had died.
    When a gargoyle disease stripped him of his wings, he became bitter at the clan which threw him out; he returned to their rookery, and
allowed the hatchlings to catch his disease, which wiped out all the gargoyles from Knossos -- for that purposefull act, he was dammed. In
the year 129 AD, Plague escaped from Hell, along with a hundred other of the dammed. Only the efforts of the hellcop Ceala was he
returned to Hell, shot through both eyes. And there he remained, untill the next great escape, in 1996 AD.
    In August of 2002, Plague forged an alliance with Castaway, to rid Manhattan of gargoyles. Lex and Graeme were the first afflicted with
the wingrot disease.
Medical update, July 2004:
    Lex has regrown his rear wing membranes, though the spur-limbs which stick out from his sides naturally show no signs of ever
regrowing, nor are his front membranes. He is being trained in the art of rear-wing flight by Nuev, a tenative ally of the Manhattan
Clan. Graeme’s wings have regrown splendidly, though without any membranes to allow for gliding or flight. He has given up hope
of being reunited with his sister Ariana.

Series: Blood Ties.
Species: Gargoyle.
Class: Living.
    Graeme watched the movements of this wary gargress. Though a foot shorter than his mother Sata, she made up for the lost length with
her tail. As she trotted along, the movements of her long slender legs revealed great folds of wing membrane -- on her back legs!
    Her body was, in addition to supple and lithe, muted shades of brown-green, randomly-placed spotches all over her body. Brilliant orange
eyes even when she wasn’t angry. A corner of Graeme’s mind wondered if the light orange fuzz on the rear of her head was very soft.
    The gargress sat still on one of the massive stone heads, one which would never awaken. If Graeme’d just arrived, he knew, she’d just
blend right into the background: another cluster of plants, here, in Ankor Wat.
Author’s notes:
    Neuv’s body type is extremely rare in the present day; the animal morphology she most resembles is the Sharovipteryx of the Late Triassic,
a slender lizard which had long gliding legs rather than gliding or flying arms. Her midlimbs are arms -- shorter copies of the set at her narrow
shoulders. Neuv is a creature of the wilderness, still nervous about the bustle of human civilization after several Timedances with Graeme. Shy
and quick to startle, she does defend the land which she swears to, though in her own way -- and several pickpockets have found themselves
in various traps throughout Manhattan thanks to her, though mostly in the park and zoo. Even with all this, she still does not trust humans; a
psychologist might guess that it is because the humans of her ancestral protectorate died off....but that’s not the whole reason.
    Neuv belongs to an informal category of gargoyle which have become known as “the blending ones” for their stone habit of camoflage; in
Neuv, her stone form looks like a pile of shattered stones -- a broken garg statue. For metabolic reasons, “blending” gargoyles also spend one
night a week in stone sleep -- resulting in a sight which certainly scared the gargs from TGS canon.

Series: Blood Ties.
Species: Fae.
Class: Outcast.
    “Tune scias latine,” it was repeated. “Not everyone speaks that tongue, Brooklyn,” the red gargoyle was informed by a second woman’s
voice, just to his left. He turned his head and saw her, a vision of lovliness. Long black hair, braided all the way down, as crisp as her clothes,
though cleaner. Her clothes looked like they hadn’t been given a thorough washing in a while, covered with dust, with stains on her sleeves.
Author’s notes:
    Sigyn, wife of Loki. One blue eye, one brown eye. Travels - when not in the Phoenix Gate - as a long-haired human woman. While her
facial features are northern European, her skin tone is closer to Greek, mirroring just how far south her Vikings went. In terms of clothing,
she wears somber browns and grey, a match for the cave she has spent so much time in that “at times, it is like a second home for us.”
    In the Timedancer stories, Brooklyn eventually had learned that it was Loki who was imprisoned within the Pheonix Gate. But he first meets
with Sigyn when she is ejected from the Gate, and tries to get back inside.
    At first, Brooklyn is wary of her, not knowing who she is. Later, knowing who Sigyn is, and where she’s been, he tries to convince her to
cherish her freedom from Loki, and that she’s better off on the outside. She tells Brooklyn that his words are kind, but she must be reunited
with her husband Loki -- if for no other reason than to allow Brooklyn to Timedance: without her to ease Loki’s pain, his suffering would be
constant, and thus no great spasms, which are the cause of the Gate flaring up.
    Sigyn simply smiled at him. “Your concern is touching, Brooklyn, but my loyalty is not misplaced any more than yours is for Sata.” She
paused, sizing him up. “Or Maggie. What you know of her shows great nobility for the both of you.”

Series: Blood Ties.
Species: Gargoyle.
Class: Living.
    Ane flexed her wings once, twice, then folded them back up. They had healed superbly, thanks to her long stone sleep. She unfolded one
wing, then curled it around, so she could rub her knuckle against the short, soft fur which coated her wings, shielding the tender membranes
from the harshness of cold. There were two gargoyles here with wings like hers: Brooklyn and Angela, though neither of them enjoyed her
    None here - save for Fox, the wife of Xanatos, who owned the castle she had awoken at - had the flame-coloured hair that Ane did. Her
hair, cut to a length that was proper for a girl her age, was more the shade of Brooklyn’s skin. {brick}.
Author’s notes:
    This woman gargoyle, with soft brown eyes and a soothing song-voice, was placed into a magical was the rest of her clan, more
than seven hundred years ago.
    Though it took her many months after reawakening in Manhattan, Ane took up watching and learning from the tourists -- after finding out
what her old job now involved in this city of steel and glass.
    Ane, like the rest of her clan, has been horribly scarred inside their minds, now fearing crowds, loud noises, and other things which remind
them of the mob that assaulted them before the Byzantine lawmen sliced open their wings and cast a spell upon the chained-down gargoyles.
Like pre-Timedancing Sata, the simple fact that Ane was a gargoyle widened the potential careers.
    Ane chose the art of paper manufacture. {historical note: the Khazars were making paper in the 10th contrast, Spain and Italy
would take two more centuries before they could do likewise}.
    No, her people were the sons and daughters of Abraham. Her clan hailed from Esau, son of Isaac.
    Her people were gargoyles, as they had wings; but also were of the Jewry, the proper faith.
    “Four,” Davi answered with no pride in his voice. “And of them, Mava will never fly again: her wings were broken off. The others - Yona,
Gideon, and Thaddeus - are in better shape, with our wings healed from what those shatter-happy Byzantines did to us.”
    Ane knew what he meant. Before the spell was cast, their bodies were chained down, and a dagger run through the middle of each of their
wings. Time and sleep had healed the physical damage, but the mind was harder to soothe.
    While they did indeed have wings, they found it more comfortable to walk. An old habit, perhaps, but a tradition nonetheless. It was also a
kindness on Mava’s wingless condition. And whenever Mava stumbled, Gideon was there to support her back up.

Series: Blood Ties.
Species: Gargoyle.
Class: Living.
    A bowl of stew was pushed under Sata’s saddened face, causing her to look up, even if for no other reason than to avoid the steam stinging
her eyes. But she still stayed sitting on the boulder. She saw that the bowl was being held out by the steady hand of the tan-bodied checker-
winged gargoyle.
    Sata demanded, quickly thereafter knowing that she was not being respectfull, but then -- in her mind -- why should she be polite to those
who were about to invade her homeland?
    “You should eat, even if you refuse to fight,” the cook’s helper told her. “Come now, it’s good food. We’re not like the barbarians who poison
food,” with a chuckle; stories of the kings’ courts of the far west were often amusing to simple folk like him.
Author’s notes:
    Ora was a gargoyle in the service of the Golden Horde. When Sata Timedanced in, he the band he was in -- mostly human -- were preparing
to launch boats and rule Nippon. {aka, Japan}. Sata was understandably upset at that Ora is, and always has been, loyal to his superiors, and
most importantly, to the Great Khan Loyalty to this gargoyle means a willingness to live, fight, and die all at the Khan’s word. With a code of honor
just as complex as Sata’s, they butted heads several times during her stay there.

Series: Blood Ties.
Species: Gargoyle.
Class: Living.
    A flash went off, somebody’s camera taking a picture of the swimming garg-beast. *That* got it’s attention, the body flicking to aim the head
at the glass. The eyes lit up, releasing a light like a dozen flashes.
    Seconds later, the light dimmed in Elisa and the cameraman’s eyes, though little black dots danced in their vision for a while afterwards. The
cameraman moved on, looking for something safer to photograph.
    Elisa turned to ask Goliath if he wanted to stay at this exhibit a little longer -- and touched his stone arm! She stepped away, more shocked
than horrified.
Author’s notes:
    Fluke was the name given to this gargress by the workers at the Manhattan Aquarium. The rough intelligence of Bronx, she was accidentally
trapped in in a deep-water net, and hauled up with the rest of the catch. Owing to a development with her breathing system, she began to choke
as soon as she was brought out of the water.
    Fluke’s wings and arms are shaped much like the ‘wings’ of a sea lion -- though they do have claws at the tips of each wingfin. Her body is as
sleek as a sea lion, and her tail is more diamond-shaped like a manatee. Many creatures which live in the perpetual darkness of the ocean depths
have developed bioluminesence -- the ability to glow. Fluke’s kind use their glowing eyes to stun prey and predators alike....including a larger,
more aggressive species of aquatic gargoyle!
    In the words of one of the keepers in charge of Fluke at the aquarium, “she’s easy to get along with, well-mannered, and likes a belly-rub as
much as our whales and dolphins do.” fly again: her wings were broken off. The others - Yona, Gideon, and Thaddeus.