Top 10 Ways to tell if your Neighbours are Quarrymen
By Stormy

10. They spend an unusual amount of time in hospital but refuse to explain the injuries.

9. They involuntarily throw sharp objects at the TV screen whenever a picture of a gargoyle comes on.

8. They throw late-night parties, and all the arriving guests wear black.

7. There's a 'Q' on their door or mailbox, yet none of them are named Quincy.

6. You'd swear they were home, but you can never find them when you want to borrow a cup of's like they vanish into thin air.

5. PIT members refuse to meet at your house.

4. Anti-aircraft artillery in their garage.

3. All the stone statues in their garden have the heads missing.

2. Black hoods on the wash line.

1. They're constantly asking if they can borrow a hammer.

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