David Xanatos' Top Ten Nightmares
By Diana R. Flynn "The Dark Eyed"

10. He gets the heating bill for Castle Wyvern.

9. He's trapped in a world where people notice and prosecute large robot parts falling out of the sky and onto their windshields.

8. The Power Rangers get cloned. (But wouldn't that make ANYONE wake up in a cold sweat?)

7. Owen, long gone to insanity by the inability to use his powers, jumps into Xanatos' office weilding a sledgehammer and screaming, "THIS IS FOR ALL THOSE TIMES YOU SENT ME FOR COFFEE!!"

6. He gets Lex's Internet bill.

5. It's the night of the big Illuminati reunion, and Broadway has cleaned out the fridge.

4. OWEN: Alright now little Alex, I want you to picture a large, interactive purple dinosaur named "Barney." (NOOOOOOO!!)

3. The stock in his company takes a dive, and he's forced into a job that involves wearing a paper hat and telling people to have a nice day.

2. The laws of physics, having been on vacation since season one, kick in while he's two thousand feet up in his exo-suit.

And the Number One Reason that Davey X. is Gonna Wake Up Screaming:

1. He hears someone calling "Commander!" and realizes that this, the wealth and the power, the beautiful wife & kid, the great hair and total inability to gain weight, has all been one big holodeck program, and he must go back to working for that bald guy who WONT STOP CALLING HIM NUMBER ONE!! HE FEELS LIKE HE'S IN A SONG BY BLONDIE!!

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