Ask Lex

 Hello again, everyone! I didn't exactly get a lot of questions this time through, but it's good that you're writing. Had a couple of really good questions this time, and hopefully they'll be helpful not only to the writers, but to all the other readers out there, as well. Enjoy! :)


 Once you have written your first fanfic, how do you find someone to edit it before it's posted?

 Now THAT is a good question, Vanessa. I know that in the last issue, I recommended the use of proofreaders and editors, but I guess I neglected to mention how to find an editor. My apologies. The best method, I suppose, is to ask around. I currently have a personal editor, as do several others, which is likely why I forgot to mention this important aspect of the fanfiction writing... um... art? Try the smaller chat rooms, such as Station 8's program. (You mentioned in your letter that you have tried chat rooms, but didn't say which ones. In smaller ones people are very responsive if you start talking to them. Let them know that you are interested in finding an editor, and if anyone is available, they'll tell you. Of course, don't make that your ONLY reason for talking to them. Make friends, have fun.)

 Also, try asking writers of fanfic which you have seen as being well-written and grammatically correct. As I've said in the past, I will occasionally take on a proofreading assignment, as will others. Just ask. If anyone complains about your asking, let me know. I'll denounce them publicly here. >:) If they turn you down politely, however, don't get discouraged. Just remember that corny old saying: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

 On a side note, Vanessa, since my address has changed, and I forwarded your message to my new account, I somehow lost your address. I have an additional private reply to you pertaining to your question. Please mail me at my current address (you'll find it at the bottom of this article) with your addie so I can send it.


 Dear Lex
Any idea where I could get hold of some sheet music, or even a midi file of the theme?
--Paul Oliver

 You're a pianist, aren't you? I say that because I don't think sheet music, if it was even printed, would be available for much else. And not being a pianist myself, I've never looked for piano sheet music, so I've never seen any. I also didn't have a lot of luck on midi files specifically (although I'm sure I've seen them in the past, I didn't take note as I have no way of using them). However, I did find a few sources for sound files, and I'm sure the web has a proliferation of them. For the time being, I'll only give you the three I dug up the day after getting your letter.

 And if I ever see any piano music, or other sheet music (organ, etc.) I'll print it up in here. Hope you at least get something out of the ones above, since I didn't seem to find much this time around. If I see anything else, it'll be here. :)


 Notice to all: I've been receiving letters for this column at my account, likely because it's still at the top of my fanfic page. I rarely check this account--on the average once or twice a month--and recently lost around a dozen messages to a computer crash, before I even saw the message fields. :P My new account, being net-based, tends not to crash, and in addition will travel with me when I move within the next few months. Also, Mr. Oliver's letter was sent to Christine Morgan, rather than me. Though I'm sure Christine would forward any letter she got to me, I think she's got enough to do putting this whole thing together. (You do great work, Christine!) I'd really prefer them sent to me. Please send your questions, etc. to or (they're the same account) so I know I'll get them. And I'm already working on getting that fanfic page fixed. :)

 High winds and long nights to you all.
(And may you meet no Quarrymen!)