A Gargoyles Musical

by E. Liddell (eliddell@puc.net) 

Quick notes from a contrite 'fic author: I know I've been out of circulation for a long time. Apologies to those who thought I had disappeared off the face of the Internet. I lost my old address at mailserv.mta.ca in Spring of 1997, and correcting the address posted at gargoyles-fans.org (or castle.net, as I believe it still was then) was not very high on my priority list as I was beginning graduate studies. My current addresse is eliddell@puc.net . I've established a webpage of sorts at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/3855/fic.htm , and I suggest that anyone trying to reach me, or anyone who's curious as to what I've been writing besides Gargoyles 'fic, check there. I will do my best to keep whatever email address I list on that page current.

This fanfic exemplifies the dangers involved in thinking about everyone's favorite show while listening to old '80s music. I don't guarantee that I took down all the lyrics correctly. Music credits are at the end.

I actually wrote this quite a while back, but never got around to posting it.

Of course, the characters don't belong to me, they belong to Disney and Buena Vista.

"The password is 'Alone'."--Demona, City of Stone, Part IV

(Goliath has just caught Elisa in the arms of Matt Bluestone.  
Feeling a little miffed, he confronts her.  Elisa's had a really 
rotten day, and tells Goliath off.  Hurt, Goliath flies off to 
find a quiet rooftop, and sits down, dangling his feet over 
the edge and staring moodily out at the nighttime Manhattan 
smog.  Behind him is a large satellite dish, blocking the view 
of the other side of the roof.)

Demona:  (Softly, from the other side of the roof, fading out 
        at times, with invisible backup singers)   
        " . . . Every now and then I get a little bit nervous 
        That the best of all the years have gone by,
        {Turn around}
        Every now and then . . ." (Fades out for a while.)
        " . . . I fall apart
        {Turn around, bright eyes}
        Every now and then, I fall apart
        And I need you now, tonight,
        And I need you more than ever,
        And if you want to hold me tight . . ."  
        (Fades out again.)
        "I don't know what to do, I'm always in the dark,
        Living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.
        I really need you tonight.
        Forever's going to start tonight . . .
        Once upon a time I was falling in love,
        But now I'm only falling apart.
        Nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart."  
        (Music fades out completely.)

Goliath:  (Stepping around satellite dish for a better look, 
        and seeing Demona sitting there with
        legs hanging over the edge of the roof, and a 
        bazooka in her lap.)
        "'Is this the train to Desert Moon?' was all she said,
        But I knew I'd heard that stranger's voice before.
        I turned and looked into her eyes, but she moved 
        She was standing in the rain, trying hard to speak my 
        They say first love never runs dry . . .
        The weight upon our memories, in their tiny cups--
        We stumble over what we long to hear . . ."  
        (Falls silent as Demona stares at him.)

Demona:  (Tentatively) 
        "Those summer nights, when we were young,
        We bragged of things we'd never done.
        We were dreamers.
        Only dreamers--
        And in our haste to grow to soon, we left . . ."  
        (Breaks off abruptly.)
        Goliath.  What are you doing here?

Goliath:  (Anguished)  
        "How can I just let you walk away?
        Just let you leave without a trace?
        When I stand here taking every breath
        With you.
        You're the only one who really knew me at all.
        So take a look at me now.
        There's just an empty space.
        There's nothing left here to remind me,
        Just the memory of your face.
        So take a look at me now,
        There's just an empty space.
        Your coming back to me is against the odds,
        And that's what I have to face . . .
        But to wait for you
        Is all I can do
        And it's a chance I've got to take . . ."

Demona:  (Raising her voice to be heard above Goliath's 
        pleading song.)
        "Listen to the wind blow.
        Down comes the night.
        Running in the shadows.
        Damn your love, damn your lies.
        Break the silence.
        Damn the dark, damn the lies.
        And if you don't love me now,
        Then you'll never love me again.
        I can still hear you saying
        We would never break--"

Goliath:  (Raising his voice even more, to the point where he 
        must be waking the entire neighborhood, and with
        the invisible background singers again)
        "If I could turn the page
        Of time, then I'd rearrange
        Just a day or two.
        {Close your} {*Close your*} {Close your eyes}
        But I couldn't find a way
        So I'll settle for one day
        To believe in you . . ."
        (Stops and sighs)

Demona:  "Although I'm not making friends
        I hope that you understand 
        There's a reason why.
        {Close my} {*Close my*} {Close my eyes}
        No more broken hearts.
        We're better off apart.
        Let's give it a try."
        (Glares at him and raises bazooka a fraction.  Goliath 
        backs away.  Demona makes as though to tighten her 
        finger on the trigger, but stops.)  I will not kill you 
        tonight, Goliath, but do not assume I'll be so 
        merciful next time.  (Spreads wings and jumps from
        roof.  Her trademark demonic scream is heard by 
        everyone who was listening to the concert on the 

Goliath:  (Jumps off roof as well, and heads in opposite 
        direction, toward Castle Wyvern.  Landing, he 
        discovers Elisa waiting for him.)

Elisa:  (Noticing his glum look) 
        "Come on, baby, dry your eyes,
        Wipe your tears.
        Never like to see you cry . . .
        Won't you please forgive me?
        I wouldn't ever try to hurt you.
        I just needed someone to hold me--
        To fill the void while you were gone,
        To fill the space of emptiness . . .
        I'm only human.
        Of flesh and blood I'm made.
        I'm only human.
        Born to make mistakes--"

Goliath:  It isn't you, Elisa.  (Hesitating.)  I saw Demona
        tonight.  Elisa, she's so lonely.

Elisa:  Don't let yourself fall for it, Goliath.  Remember 
        what she's really like.
        "That darn gold dust woman,
        Take your silver spoon,
        Dig your grave . . ."
        (Hesitates, then sees he's not convinced.)
        "Well, did she make you cry,
        Make you break down,
        Shatter your illusions of love?
        And tell me, is it over now?
        Do you know how
        To pick up the pieces and go on?"

Goliath:  (With weak smile.)  I suppose you're right.
        (Stares off into space for a moment, humming
        "Who Wants To Live Forever?" before following
        her inside.)

Music credits

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler
"Desert Moon" by Dennis deYoung (with reprise)
"Against All Odds" by Phil Collins (severely abridged)
"The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac
"Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac (with reprise)
"Human" by The Human League
"Gold Dust Woman" by Fleetwood Mac (yes, they got into this a lot)
"Who Wants To Live Forever?" by Queen (I think--they did do the soundtrack for "Highlander", right?)