Father and Son

by Warpmind de InzanE


DISCLAIMER: I have created but one character mentioned in this story.
That character be Jason Evermore, 12th century Paladin. The others belong to
the Disney Corporation or Christine Morgan (used by permission -- ed.). Enjoy.
Special thanks to H.R. Giger, Sam Raimi & Bruce Campbell.

Voice over - Aiden Ferguson - "Previously on Gargoyles:"
    A young man in a trenchcoat and an old hat arrives at the Aerie building.
Jason Evermore: "My name is Jason Evermore, and I was slain in the Third
    Fox Xanatos: "David, he looks just like Preston did back on my father's
    Jason Evermore: "No, do not tell him, please. Some thing are not meant to be."
Voice over - Hudson - "The lad promised Lexington and Aiden to visit again a
couple of days later."

    "New York. Muggers, inefficient street lamps, and an insufficient police force
to patrol the streets. You just gotta love this city." Robyn Canmore grumbled,
complained to the stars above (though they couldn't be seen from street level)
as she walked to her date with Preston Vogel.
    As she passed a dark alley, she heard somebody ask "Got a bus fare, lady?"
    She started running, but three youngsters were hot on the trail. As she turned
a corner, she collided heavily with what apparently was another homeless, though
she briefly noticed that he seemed to clean and fresh-shaven for that. He swiftly
clutched her wrist when she tipped backwards as the three muggers turned the
corner, knives at the ready.
    "OK, you lovers, fork over the dough, and we might let you leave without a scratch."

    The man Robyn had crashed into gently shoved her behind himself.
"If you seek our money by force, so be it. But let me not hear you say I never
gave you a chance to leave unscathed." The three punks made an uncertain laugh
at this.

    Then, in a blur, the young stranger had discarded hat and trenchcoat, now
standing between the muggers and Robyn with sword unsheathed, in a warrior's
stance, wearing a battered, old chainmail that had seen better days.
    As the three muggers were running away at velocities indicating hyperspace
capability, the stranger slowly picked up hat and coat. "Are you feeling
alright, miss?" Robyn just stared at his face. "Preston...?" And then Robyn
Canmore, female sum of generations of Hunters, passed out.

    Jason Evermore barely managed to keep her from falling. "What should I do with
this woman?" The question was directed toward himself, but sounded rather
rhetorical. As he brushed a few strands of hair from her face, he sensed she
knew of... no, she knew the Gargoyles. Swiftly, he scooped her up and
carried her to the Aerie building.

    "Why on God's green Earth did you bring the Canmore girl here?" David Xanatos
still had trouble believing his senses. "Surely, there was a hospital you
could bring her to?"
    The twelfth century Paladin frowned. "Naturally. Now that would of course
run smoothly." Jason started leading both sides of a dialogue.
    "Sir, may I have your social security number?"
    "Sorry, miss, we didn't get those 800 years ago, when I was born."
    "I see, sir, if you please follow the two gentlemen in the white coats over
there, we'll get one for you."
    At the end of the acted dialogue, Jason made a loud grunt of disgust.
    "Growing a wee bit cynical on yer elder days, lad?" Hudson smiled as he shook
some bread crumbs out of his beard, completely ignoring the scathing look
from Fox as the crumbs fell on the carpet.
    "No, not really." The tone of voice clearly stated that the subject should not be
discussed further.
    Either way, Robyn awoke, banishing any thoughts of further talking.
    "Wh... where am I? What time is it?"
    Elisa sat down beside her.
    "Take it easy, Robyn, you're at the castle, and it's just past eleven P.M."
    Robyn seemed terrified. "Eleven??? I should have met with Preston more than
two hours ago, I... whoa, time out, how did I get here?"
    Jason stepped up in front of her. "I carried you, after you passed out, and I
couldn't take you to any hospital."
    Robyn looked at his face, she seemed to be getting bits and pieces together. "You
look like..." Then she went up like a fireball. "Why that dirty, rotten, no-good... I'll
neuter him! You look too much alike him not to be his son. Oh, that Vogel guy, he'll
be lucky to manage to walk home after I'm done with him."
    The Xanatoses, Owen and Jason looked at each other, and nodded.
    "Explaining this is going to take a long time."

    As was expected, it had taken a while to convince Robyn of Jason's identity.
    Actually, it had taken about four hours, with Robyn fainting every now and
then. At the same time, Broadway and Elektra had managed to locate Preston in
a cheap, seedy bar in downtown Manhattan. "But, Broadway, are you sure it will
be safe for us to enter here? If we are seen by humans, they're likely to flee
in terror at the sight of us."
    Broadway placed his arm around her. "Relax, honey, I know the guy who owns
this place, and believe me, people will under no circumstances admit seeing us
    As they stepped inside, Elektra coughed lightly as she inhaled the unfamiliar
smoke from the thousands of cigarettes that had been smoked in the
establishment since opening day. Broadway went straight up to the bar and
signaled the bartender to come over. "Ah, Broadway, we meet again. How long
has it been? When you klemte... er... crushed that shotgun barrel that was
threatening to destroy my bar? Imagine, 17 years since I left Norway for good,
and still there are words that first come out in Norwegian. Embarassing."
    "Great seeing you too, Teddy, but, listen, we gotta borrow a customer of yours
for a while. Preston Vogel, mid forties, well dressed, looking like he's
supposed to be on a date."
    "Ah, he's down in that corner, second table from the wall." Teddy pointed to
the darkest corner in the room. "But say, who's the adorable female
accompanying you?"
    "Oh, sorry. Teddy, Elektra. Elektra, Teddy. Elektra is one of the Gargoyles
who hatched on Avalon. Teddy is an immigrant who arrived here with a suitcase
of clothes and contempt of his motherland. But he still makes a delicious
    Elektra looked puzzled at this new word. "What's lutefisk?"
    Teddy looked at the to, smiling. "Better not know, as mr. Miyagi so
brilliantly put it. Anyway, didn't you two have a pick-up to do?"
    Slightly embarassed, the two gargoyles went over to pick up Preston.
    He looked dully up at them, eyes swimming. "Oh, hi. She shtood me up. Can you
imagine? Me? Shtood up?"
    Elektra grabbed him by the shoulder. "Worry not, she was hindered by events
beyond her control. She's waiting patiently at the castle."
    As Broadway aided the unsteady Romeo to his feet, Elektra walked
around in the room, enjoying the faces of the people who avoided seeing her at
all costs. Just before they stepped outside, Preston suddenly became ten times
as sober and remembered something.
    "Hold it, guysh, I jusht hafta gonna pay." He picked out a 50-dollar bill and
squinted at it, then gave it to Teddy. "Keep the shange, shon."
    Teddy shouted jolly after them "See ya anytime, fellers."
    The Gargoyles half guided, half carried the drunken Preston up on a rooftop.
    "Hold him tightly, Elektra, we don't want to make a new brand of pizza before

    A winged figure approached the two cargo-carrying Gargoyles.
    Winged... female... Demona. "Broadway, Elektra, STOP! I wanted to speak with
you two. I'd like to ask permission to run a few tests on Elektra, to see
the full extent of the effects of her Human-Gargoyle hybrid genes. I'm sure
you would both be able to profit greatly from it."
    Broadway took a protective `stanceï before Elektra. "No, you've proven you
can't be trusted."
    Demona's eyes became narrow as she picked something out of her pouch.
"It wasn't much of a choice, really."
    As she held out a black stone towards Elektra, a black beam of light barely
missed the Gargoyles, and hit the intoxicated Preston. Demona hissed and flew
away, while Elektra and Broadway carried their passenger at even greater speed
towards safety... towards castle Wyvern.

    Everybody in the castle, human and gargoyle alike, were standing on the
balcony as Elektra and Broadway landed before them. Robyn yelled "PRESTON!!!"
and rushed forward to hug the love of her life, as he slumped to the floor.
    Jason was next, "For the love of all that is holy, NO!!!" and started
examining Preston in an efficient, medic-style manner.
    Elektra stepped backwards as Jason turned toward her and Broadway. "Who did
this? Who cast this spell on my son?" Broadway started stuttering "Well, we
met Demona, she waved some black rock at us."
    "That was what I feared. The eighth stone is accounted for."
    Everyone looked at him quizzically. "Huh?"
    "It's a long story, and time is running short! Xanatos, I'll need your fastest
car, quickly."
    Xanatos looked mildly offended. "Now, pal, I'm not about to lend out a car to
the first guy who asks. I'll need to know where to, and whether or not you can
    "Very well, then you drive me. I must retrieve an item I have placed in
the Hall of Antiquities Arc..."
    Xanatos interrupted "OK, there's a faster way than by car. Just let me suit up
and we'll fly there."

    "What kind of artifact is it you require?"
    Xanatos' voice had an edge of dismay over the lack of information.
    "I need the Holy Grail, its powers are the only ones capable of undoing the
Black Fade. And you be careful, before I decide it's time to pull rank."
    "Yeah, that brings up another question..."
    "Which you don't have to ask. I'm in the First Circle. The last one there. In
fact, one of the few still living members above the Fifth Circle."
    "Uh, that conjures..."
    "Another question, I know. We get quarterly reports from the Grandmasters.
That is, of course, in addition to extraordinary events."
    "Extraordinary, such as...?"
    "A police detective marrying the exchange student from Hades. Now if you
please concentrate on getting to the mansion instead of asking all these
questions, I'd be a bit calmer. Falling a couple thousand feet without a
parachute isn't exactly on top of my To Do-list."
    "Point taken. And there I can see the Sterling Academy."

    Xanatos knocked on the door and went straight inside, after having removed the
bodyarmor. The Grandmaster was baffled at this obvious lack of respect.
    "My apologies, Grandmaster, but I couldn't wait for your reply. I was ordered
to just go inside without delay." The Grandmaster looked suspiciously at him.
    "Of all people, I'd guess you to know better than that, you're answering to me
and me alone."
    A voice emanated from the corridor. "And you ought to have a bit respect for
your own superiors. I've seen an increasing lack of respect in your quarterly
reports." Jason stepped through the doorway. "Hello, Moth."
    A brief flare of anger over the nickname, then utter shock covered the
Grandmaster's face. "But... you... why... where... how... when... Xanatos,
how did you meet him?"
    "He visited the castle unannounced a couple of days ago. He decided to
retrieve an item from the Hall of Antiquities Arcanum."
    "You know who this man is?"
    Evermore interrupted them. "Yes, he knows I was born in 1169, and yadayadayada
I'm still around, but I'm here for the Grail, and it's urgent."
    Xanatos started explaining to the Grandmaster. "You see, Preston Vogel was
struck by some evil magic... mmph!"
    To prevent more information from being spilled, Jason covered Xanatos mouth
with his bare hand. "What is important, Moth, is that I get the Grail for the
night or so. It's extraordinarily urgent. Xanatos, you keep quiet."
    The Grandmaster pondered the situation for a moment. "You know I can't deny
you anything, Evermore, unless I wish to weaken my position in our dear, old
hierarchy. But I believe I cannot turn off the security system in that one
single room."
    "Excellent. You two, follow me. It's been a few years since I was last here."
    As they arrived outside the Hall of Antiquities Arcanum, Jason picked out an
old crucifix from the (seemingly endless) pocket of his trenchcoat, held it up
and mumbled something. Then he stepped inside. With a no-nonsense attitude, he
went straight to the pedestal where the Grail was, lifted off the glass casing
and picked up the wooden cup. Nothing happened. Both the Grandmaster and
Xanatos were baffled at the lack of illusions and holograms. "How did you do
that?" Jason smiled at them. "Ever played AD&D? That little prayer I mumbled
was the equivalient to True Seeing. Now, this is only a duplicate of the real
Grail. The real one is in a room no living person has ever seen before. You
will be the first ones."
    And so he guided them into the library. He stepped straight up to one specific
shelf and picked out an old book that rested there. "The first printed copy of
The Bible. Printed by Johann Gutenberg himself." He then reached into the slot
where the book had been standing and pushed a button, flipped a switch, it was
impossible to tell which. The Grandmaster paled. "That room isn't on any of
the blueprints."
    Jason just smiled and waved them over. "Relax, and welcome to my humble abode,
as the first visitors this century." It was a simply furnished room, which
made it seem rather unreal in comparison to the other rooms in the mansion.
However, one thing caught Xanatos' and the Grandmaster's eyes at once. A large
table at the west wall, a young man with a metal hand sleeping on top of it
next to a chainsaw, a double-barreled shotgun and an old book that seemed to
be made out of some kind of skin.
    "Who's that?"
    Jason didn't even have to turn around to answer. "That's Ash, someone I
met in Europe centuries ago, he is the Eternal Guardian of the Necronomicon
Ex Mortis, and before you ask, yes, he had the boomstick and the chainsaw then.
He had been sucked through some demonic dimensional vortex linking our realm
to a realm of Demons, but he managed to miss a junction or something, and he,
his weapons and his dear oldsmobile dropped in on 1300 A.D. to fight the Evil
Dead. He told me the  entire story before he went to sleep, and as time went by,
I checked on him if he was safe. Back in '54 or '55, a small town was being built
where he slept, so I found it wisest to move him here. Thank Heavens he doesn't snore."
    "And that?" Xanatos pointed at a large glass cube with something inside.
    "Oh, that is his right hand, it turned bad. Just shake the cube, you'll se."
    Out of curiosity, Xanatos shook the cube a bit. The hand inside moved around
and showed him the finger.
    "Told you it was nasty." Jason smiled at the hand's futile attempts of escape. "Now
if you perhaps could let me get back to the main issue here, I'll swap the cups." Jason
went into a back room, then came back out with another cup in his hands.
    "I have what I came for. The real Grail. Grandmaster, feel free to explore
this room until I return, but do not touch anything. And DO NOT disturb Ash,
whatever you do. I've seen him break a perfectly good steel sword with his
bare artificial right hand. Xanatos, we leave."

    Jason and Xanatos dropped down on the balcony, Jason with an audible "Thump",
Xanatos with a loud "Clonk", both with a muffled "Unnnnnngh".
    As everyone rushed over to help them up, Xanatos looked sourly at Owen. "I am
positive I asked you to control the fuel gauge on my suit. Thank goodness I didn't run
out in midair."
    Owen looked apologetically at the two. "I'm terribly sorry, sir, I found nothing wrong.
This suit is going straight to the engineering facilities. By the way, did you get what you
left for?"
    Jason raised his hand triumphantly. "Behold the Holy Grail. Now, Owen, get me a
font of water, quickly. It shouldn't be a problem for such a man as yourself. Bring it to
Preston's room five minutes ago."
    Owen did not say as much as a single word, but got ahold of the requested item at once.
Jason quickly blessed the water, then filled the grail in it. The water in the Grail immediately
turned to blood, Jason said a short prayer over Preston, and made him drink a few

    A bright white light started shining between the Grail and Preston, illuminating the
entire room. As it grew stronger, everybody thought they saw a tall, white figure with
great white wings kneeling beside Jason, just before the light faded. Then lights were back
to normal, and Preston tried to get up.
    Robyn ran over. "Preston, darling, are you all right?"
    Preston looked carefully up at her. "Uh... Robyn? I'm okay, except I've got the mother
of all hangovers. Does anybody know what happened, we're supposed to have dinner in
an hour."

    During the day Jason and Xanatos had gone back to the mansion where the Holy
Grail had been returned to its rightful place, and Jason had caught the Grandmaster
eagerly examining some strange form of elongated skull, strangely reminding Xanatos of a
20th Century Fox blockbuster movie. The secret chamber was sealed off again, much to the Grandmasters dismay.
    Afterwards, Jason and Preston had filled each other in on their lives. Naturally, Jason's
story was the longer. As the Gargoyles awoke at sunset, Jason was ready to tell the
story of the Eight Stones.

    "I have known of these stones for 800 years, when I first started to gather
them..." At this, he pulled a silver necklace with seven black gems out of his
seemingly infinite pockets.
    "Twelve thousand years ago, the island of Atlantis was swallowed by the sea. The
knowledge I am about to divulge is truly restricted, I have even kept it out of the Illuminati
archives. The reason why Atlantis sank beneath the waves, I do not know, but it is likely to
have been related to their necromantic magiks. In the last year of Atlantis, the Eight Serpent
Stones were created by their most powerful necromancers. The gems were as black as the
hearts of their creators, and they all had an engraving. The image of Quadricomutus Serpens.
The image of Drakon, or Satan. Merlin's trapped spirit taught me how silver could indefinitely
contain the gems' evil magic, and so I have gathered seven of the eight stones, so that
they may all be destroyed at once. Now I know how to find the last one. Demona has it."
    They had all gathered around him as he spoke, mesmerized by his short speech.
    Lexington was the first to break the silence. "Say, how come your pockets can
contain all that stuff?"
    Jason looked up at him and smiled. "A blessing. It resembles what you will find in almost
any Lucasarts adventure game. You ought to see me pull up the lute. By the way, that
reminds me." He was swift to pull out a thick book, delicately hand-written. "Here's the
censored diary you desired. Make sure I get a copy. As much as I am a humble servant of God, I
do confess to enjoying the simple pleasures in life. A good book, some fine wine, watching
an Imp or a Cacodemon chew lead."
    As the book changed hands, Matt Bluestone and family arrived. Jason looked at them, his
gaze quickly growing rather distant. "Can it be? It _is_!"
    Matt and Edie looked at each other with slight concern. Jason quickly sobered up.
    "Sorry, detective. I believe we haven't met, but I know who you are, and I also know
who your dear Euridyce is. In fact, I also know who your son is... and who he is destined to
    Matt and Edie seemed puzzled. "Ummm... Elisa, who is this guy?"
    Lex and Aiden smirked, flipping through the diary, "He's just your average 12th century
Templar Knight, Matt."
    Matt looked at Jason, trying to make the pieces fit together. "He's... 800 years old? But...
but... hmmm... there's something here I don't quite fully understand."
    Jason looked at him, a warm smile covering his face. "Worry not, I won't bite. In fact,
your son is the One to end the Demon's Evil. Or translated into common English: He'll put an
end to Demona's human eradication program."
    Everybody looked at the little boy child who evidently was confused over all the attention
he suddenly received.
    "Really?" "Whoa." "Orpheus?" The voices were filling the room efficiently, yet quietly.
    Jason stood quiet for a moment, then pulled Xanatos and Matt over to a corner. "Xanatos,
Detective Bluestone, listen carefully, one of you must convey this message to the Grandmaster."
    He scratched down a small message and handed one copy to each. It said:


    The Lyre of Orpheus shall be given to the son of Detective Bluestone and
Euridyce when the time is right.

        Jason Evermore

    Jason picked up his necklace with the seven gems, and prepared to leave. "I must leave.
Demona must not be allowed to keep the eighth stone, no matter what. Then it's off to
Stonehenge, where Merlin will guide me to the destruction of the stones. I don't know if I will
survive, but if I do, I might visit again. For now, farewell."

    And so Jason Evermore, simple servant of God through 800 years, walked humbly
into the night, to face his destiny... or?